Friday, December 2, 2016

How Far Down the Hole Can You Go?

Have you put those glasses on yet?

The more you "take the red pill" and see how far the rabbit hole goes, the higher up you climb the allegorical pyramid of "illuminated" knowledge that enables you to literally and metaphysically SEE the satanic paradigm that rules this world. The esoteric, the gnostic, the occult...secret societies, cabals, cartels and syndicates...shadow governments...all mere facets of the one conspiracy that rules them all:

The conspiracy of eternal revolution against God the Father and His Son.

Trying to really see the big picture can be mind-numbingly paralyzing when it overwhelms your formerly unquestioned conceptions of reality. Only by learning to question everything, will you be able to train yourself to discern anything that truly matters.

Don't believe it? Believe it.

There are so many aspects, side trips and penumbras that easily waylay and take the would-be truth seeker off the path and lost forever in the mind-swamp of beautiful lies covering up the ugly truths of life on this plane of existence. I've gotten lost more times than I can count. But in the end, I like to think I eventually found my way...because as He told us all, His is the only way.
And finding your way to Him is the only answer that will ever work.

For you see, the problems of this life really are quite simple to comprehend, once you accept the existence of Prime Evil as a very real force and not just the concoction of fairytale myths to scare us all for mere amusements in our mass media's regularly scheduled programming of Infotainment and Celebridolatry.

A man far wiser than I once said the you will know them by their fruits. But in this world shaped and controlled by the cultivators of the poisonous fruits of deceit, lies and delusional illusions, discerning which of the fruits are poisonous, and which are wholesome and nourishing are very difficult indeed. Many are those who gather up grapes of thorns and figs of thistle, and think they gather an abundance of wholesome and delicious nourishment. This is because we have all been taught that up is down, black is white, good is bad and evil is cool.

Most of the poisonous fruits that will destroy us, are hidden in plain site and we are too blinded to see, because we've been imbibing of these fruits of deceit and deception for our entire lives. In most cases, it wasn't even a choice we were offered, we were force fed this shit from birth and simply don't know otherwise.


The light bringer, the fallen angel cast out of heaven, the serpent cursed to crawl on his belly in the dust, the androgynous malevolent entity that offers the kingdom, power and glory of the world to those it would tempt...the lord of lies will offer it all, if you are willing to pay the price and sell your soul.

Which brings us to the very bottom of the rabbit hole, and this sucker is deep indeed.

For what does it mean to sell your soul? Does it involve scrawling occult symbols on a dirty floor, lighting up some candles and incense, and chanting gibberish incantations in a foreign tongue to summon an entity in which to bargain with? Do you cut yourself with a blade to seal your pact in blood? Or do you simply need to shake the devil's hand to seal the deal without all the elaborate trappings prescribed by those who publicly proclaim their allegiance?

The Church of Satan Carnival Show

Only those who have really done so, know the precise details of how such transactions are really made.One need not plumb the depths of occult practitioners writings or read the Satanic Bible or other tomes of demonology and devil worship...nor read the history of pagan worship in antiquity to understand what precisely goes on when humans sell their souls for worldly gain. You don't need to, because I already have, and I'm here to try and tell you in layman's terms what this is all about.

Christ showed us the only way to salvation and heavenly glory. The followers of the Anti-Christ have their own plans, and it involves indulging, debasing, corrupting and degrading anything and everything that Christ told us was our only path to salvation.

Ye shall know them by their fruits, and those fruits are foul indeed. All manner of sexual perversion, murder, and other extremely vile acts of evil like beastiality, cannibalism and necrophilia are the thorny fruits of those who have sold their souls. The price for worldly gain that the devil requires, is your participation in the debasement, corruption and destruction of all that represents purity and innocence.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. - John 8:44

As regular readers know, I've spent a few years now researching various topics that are tangentially related to what normie blue pill sheeple plugged into the matrix and trapped in the cave  immediately dismiss when they encounter the magic trigger words inculcated by our regularly scheduled programming: CONSPIRACY THEORY.

It's no theory. It's THE ETERNAL REVOLUTION of the father of lies against our Father in Heaven and the ultimate Truth.

And the key to understanding the primary act in carrying out this eternal revolution, is the foul act they consider to be their most sacred sacrament and rite in worship of their father of lies...that is the demonic act of pedophiliac sodomy. In the eternal revolution, sodomy is the tie that binds the conspirators together.

That is ultimately the price you are required to pay if you seek the Kingdom Power and Glory of this world.

When you are first inducted into the conspiracy the eternal revolution, they get you to compromise yourself in little ways. They get you to bend your morality a little here and a little there. As you rise up in the ranks, you will be required to take oaths of secrecy before more of the "mysteries" are revealed. This should be a red flag right there if you join an organization that asks of you to take an oath to be a member....

 “Again you have heard that it was said to those of old, ‘You shall not swear falsely, but shall perform your oaths to the Lord.’ But I say to you, do not swear at all: neither by heaven, for it is God’s throne; nor by the earth, for it is His footstool; nor by Jerusalem, for it is the city of the great King. Nor shall you swear by your head, because you cannot make one hair white or black. But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ For whatever is more than these is from the evil one. - Matthew 5:33

At first, you're gradually seduced by relatively normal hetero-sex based temptations that will lead you to become compromised. The more you are compromised, the higher up the ranks you rise...for you cannot rise unless those on the higher levels have something over you to exert and control you with.

So they got pics and vids of you banging a hooker or participating in an orgy, and as you get initiated into the higher echelons of their power structure, you are made to realize that breaking your oath will result in your wife and your kids and all your friends getting the hard evidence of your infidelities you were seduced into committing. Now you are exactly where they want you, and you are now worthy to ascend to the higher levels of "knowledge and illumination."

Before you know it, you are witnessing pedophiliac sodomy, torture, murder and other vile acts of pure evil, and you are bound by your oaths as well as a very real fear of retribution on not just you, but anyone you hold close and love. So you keep your mouth shut, and that makes you an accomplice. At that point, your soul is now sold. It's only a small step further and a matter of time before you partake of the acts yourself.

Welcome to hell.

Those who have done the deal learn to revel in lust and gluttony as they wallow in their evil. They eventually come to take great delight in their depredations. They have given themselves over to their reprobate minds and devolved into literal beasts with their indulgence in the most vile of sins. What you also must realize, is that in the end, this is really what it is ALL about. THEY hide it in mystical sounding gobbledygook. They call it "gnosis" and "illumination" and "knowledge" and "enlightenment." Mysticism, occultism, gnosticism,'s all a bunch of fancy words used with flourish to use the allure of enigma to suck the susceptible in to their workings of their eternal revolution of ultimate damnation.

They talk about "illumination" by "opening the third eye" aka stimulating the Pineal gland in the brain through  "Kundalini serpent sex magik" or unlocking "cosmic life force" coiled in the Muladhara gland located at the sacral bone at the base of the spine. From the tailbone to the brain, this is the so-called the "Tree of Life" where the serpentine life force resides. By unlocking the life force coiled in the Muladhara gland, the third eye can thus be opened, causing 'illumination.'

Let not such fancy words and allusions of mystical magik fool you. This vile sickness is really quite simple when you state plainly what they are really doing.

They are all about the act of raping little children, even (ESPECIALLY) infants and toddlers, in the ass.

Hocus pocus...Abracadabra! Strip away the veneer of sorcery, incantations, wards, symbols, and all other dressings of mysticism and the like, and let us comprehend what these sickos are doing: they fuck children in the ass as their form of "worship."

Of course that is not all they do, but it is the primary act that they consider the "key to Illumination" and it creates "the tie that binds." That Muladhara gland at the base of the tailbone, and when it is traumatized by the physical act of violent sodomy, generates a nervous system shock that travels up the 33 vertebrae of the spine and into the pineal gland in the brain. The trauma induced by the physical violation reportedly causes the victim to experience brilliant flashes of bright light in their brain as they are being ritually sodomized. This is the "sex magik" they refer to. This is the "illumination" they seek to both experience and to pass on to victimized children. For those victims who are not tortured and sacrificed to death, of those who survive, they go on to create the next generation of sodomite satanist pedophiles.That is the only way these reprobates can reproduce.

This brutal torture on little children also causes "disassociation." The victims go "somewhere over the rainbow" or "through the looking glass" or some other mental place where they are unaware of the trauma they are undergoing. It is a simple survival mechanism for their minds to survive and hold on to some shred of sanity from the torturous violation of their body they are forced to endure. In the disassociated state, they are then susceptible to literal programming by these satanic sodomites from hell. In that state of disassociation, that is where multiple personalities are "created" for their various sick purposes.

Artwork from Kim Noble, survivor of sodomite pedophiliac programming.

One can read up on MK Ultra mind control programming, and delve into the symbology at places like The Vigilant Citizen. You can learn to decode all of the symbols and phrases and other assorted gobbledygook they employ to reference their most unholy of sacraments considered the ultimate rite of their worship. Most sources you find, will typically allude to "torture" and "trauma induced" mind control. Yes, these sick deviants certainly indulge in all manners of evil lusts, extreme torture, bloodletting, scatological corruptions and other twisted concoctions of bodily fluids for ritualistic consumption.

But never forget the primary act used to create mind controlled slaves is the ritual sodomy that traumatizes the brain through the spinal column from the violation of the anus to creates the conditions to program fractured, multiple personalities in the victims. Sodomy is the tie that binds the inter-generational conspiracy since antiquity.  

This of course, is the sick, twisted stuff of nightmares that finally got some serious exposure with the revelations from WikiLeaks that we now know of as "Pizza Gate." Most people in teh Real World that I know, have only heard of WikiLeaks from controlled narrative outlets (both left and right), and at worst, they only are aware of financial dealings, shady money laundering schemes of the Clinton Foundation etc.

During a brief moment in time just prior to the election of Trump as the next President, a large number of folks jumped on the bandwagon of amateur internet sleuthing and research, and a crowd-sourced big picture quickly emerged, exposing the elite international ring of pedophiliac sodomite pornographers and child traffickers embedded in the highest echelons of power in the government and media. The eternal revolution was exposed on numerous social media platforms.

As soon as it began to gain traction and awareness began percolating through social media and the alt-right on teh Interwebz, the "powers that be" - those bound by their oaths of collusion and most likely themselves participate in this eternal revolution of damnation - closed ranks and censored, expunged and attempted to bury the revelations of their methods on teh Interwebz. Twitter, Facebook, 4Chan, Reddit and Wikipedia in conjunction with a number of old media entities like the NYT, colluded to promulgate the meme that "PizzaGate" was nothing more than "Conspiracy Theory" promoted by "fake media."

Fortunately, the veterans of other cyber campaigns like GamerGate that have experienced such censorship movements in the past were ready this time. Everything got backed up, archived and is now found at the new, un-converged hub for exposing the vile sodomite satanists and their unholy appetites for the most deviant of vices in worship of their lord of lies. Most of the work done has been saved and can be seen over at Voat's sub thread:  #Pizzagate: Investigating corruption, child trafficking and abuse uncovered in the wikileaks podesta emails.

Even more importantly, to those who have taken to the real time and effort to research and understand this all, we now have a solid means of identifying the corporations and organizations who are no doubt involved in this all as well..."Ye shall know them by their fruits."

Vox offered a great example of this collusion by Big Social Media by comparing the Infogalactic entry and the Wikipedia entry regarding Pizzagate:


Pizzagate may refer to:

Pizzagate, pizza thrown at former football manager and player Sir Alex Ferguson by an Arsenal Football Club player in the 2004 "Battle of the Buffet"
Pizzagate, a 2016 conspiracy theory falsely claiming the existence of a child trafficking ring involving the Washington, D.C. restaurant Comet Ping Pong


Pizzagate is a crowdsourced investigation by citizen journalists into an alleged connection between child trafficking and people closely associated with Hillary Clinton. The investigation began in October 2016 after Wikileaks released the Podesta emails, which contain 58,660 emails[1] from the Gmail account of John Podesta, who was the chairman of Clinton's 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. Investigators exchanged information online via Twitter, Gab, 4chan, Reddit, and Voat.[2][3]

The commisars of the controlled narrative have spoken! Nothing to see here sheeple, move along....go back to sleep!

But to those who seek the Truth, you shouldn't be surprised at the latest findings of the crowd sourced investigation at Voat have uncovered...behold: Jimmy Wales CEO of Wikipedia is Covering Up Pizzagate. Jimmy Was a Porn King!

Did you know that Jimmy Wales was a porn king who sold online pornography before launching Wikipedia? Wikipedia Knowingly Distributed Child Pornography before in the past and dealt with the FBI.

Here is a good article I found:

10 Facts About Wikipedia Founder That Will Shock The Hell Out Of You

Some suspicious Wikipedia editors on pizzagate and background on them:
  1. Richard Arthur Norton
    This guy was the first to say pizzagate on wikipedia is a "debunked conspiracy theory". This guy is very suspicious and may even be involved with Aaron Swartz death! His profile shows he has access to New York Times and JSTOR. New York times is behind the fake news pysop and please read the following links below to better understand Aarons death and JSTOR.

    You can see his badges on his profile or view them here
  2. Ian Thomson
    Ian claims to be part of the occult on his profile

    "A debunked[1] 2016 conspiracy theory started by an Alt-right Twitter account and spread by 4chan users,[2] regarding a Washington, D.C. restaurant and concert venue Comet Ping Pong"

    "'I'm aware that disambig pages normally don't have references, but a lack of citations is going to encourage alt-right trolls and those gullible enough to fall for their fantasies."

    On his profile he claims to have rewrote "this article about some conspiracy theorist garbage." Which links to David Dukes book Jewish_Supremacism.

  3. clpo13
    This user made sure to make sure it says "falsely" after one user corrected it saying "(removed word "falsely". That is only the opinion of the writer, the conspiracy theory has neither been proven nor disproven)" clpo13 changed it back right away. He was able to do so because he has some special twinkle privilege that is for "vandalism".
    13 is an occult number.
    clpo13 also changed comet ping pong wiki to made sure it said falsely
I am sure there may be more stuff. We really need to dig into these editors who are trying to manipulate the pizzagate wikipedia.

The first reply to that voat thread about Wikipedia CEO reveals just how converged Wikipedia has become with sodomite pedophiles and their enablers.

I made a whole thread about Wikipedia's connections to pedophilia a few days ago. But here are the highlights:

- Erik Möller, No. 2 at Wikipedia, a defender of pedophilia -

- Wikipedia leader Erik Möller: "Children are pornography" -

- Why Sue Gardner hired a pedophilia supporter to run Wikipedia -

- The Wikimedia Foundation’s Erik Moller problem -

- Wikipedia founder tries to remove alleged kiddie porn, then gives up editorial privileges -

    Ye shall know them by their fruits. With the "mainstream" mass media has been running stories of "fake news" to try and cover the revelations of the sodomites and their conspiracy of sickness and depravity, we now have a clear picture of exactly who they are and what organizations they are in control of by watching their blatant dishonesty employed to cover up the practicing of their abominable evil.

    For those of us who have looked into this, and know precisely what we are seeing, it can be quite difficult to try and enlighten others as to just what the hell is really going on here. The information found at voat is a great resource and continues to grow as the crowd sourced investigations continues. But how to wake up the normies who may be open to accepting the ugly truths? We who are woke, cannot let this story die.

    A good place to start would be the following infographic produced by one of the voat Pizzagate researchers, which you can download here, after the jump:

    Infographic: PizzaGate - Just the Facts

    Click to Enlarge


    Unknown said...

    Now it makes sense -- why they tried SO HARD to sabatoge, steal, and secure the election. There must be evidence all over Washington. I sure hope and pray to GOD that He protects Trump (please don't tell me he's also part of this evil). Even if he persecutes though. . .how deep does that rabbit hole REALLY go. I don't want to know -- maybe it's at a point where GOD MUST intervene.

    MichaelJMaier said...

    I don't know, til the End Times, I think we're on our own on this twisted planet. I don't mean totally, I know beyond any doubt that prayers can work. But I think confronting this evil is all on us for now.

    I wish it was all in the open but the shadows is where these bastards thrive.

    I hope Trump is going to confront all this but I cannot put my full faith in any mortal man. We're all weak and corrupt in some ways.

    And compromise the way they get you in DC.

    Anonymous said...

    Amen, Keoni, Amen. I really and truly wonder how people who aren't Christian (and that's the vast, vast majority) live in this world without Him.

    Anonymous said...

    There are FBI agents who know about this.

    There are FBI agents who regard this as actionable.

    The grand question is: will the high-ranking FBI shut those agents down, or will those agents be allowed to do their jobs?

    I read the chan sites. Many people claiming to be FBI post there anonymously. Some of the might be actual FBI (others are certainly posers).

    People claiming to be FBI post on chan sites, and leak little bits to stir up attention.

    However, public outrage is not enough. The actual FBI has to investigate Comet Pizza and related places.

    Ideally, I would like to see the FBI act within the first year of Trump's presidency. But if they go four years without trying to prosecute Comet Pizza, then it will be time to give up on them.

    Hearth said...

    You can find information on ritual sexual abuse even in secular, not conspiracy theoryesque sources. It's really out there, and really a problem. Of course, the prevalence of non-ritual child sex abuse is shocking.

    That said, I would guess that most folks on the wide path down to Hell are more Laodicean than demonic. Why not? As CS Lewis said in the Screwtape Letters, it's much easier to get the "patient" to Hell if he doesn't notice the slippery slope away from our Savior.

    If you're going digging in the swamp, I'd recommend a good scrub up when you get home. Bondage Breaker is a good book and that ministry has done good service to me and mine (and my family) for decades. Church uses it as well.

    Hope T. said...

    Something I am curious about.....the premise that this is a rebellion against "God the Father and His Son". I was wondering if you could comment or blog about the origin of that idea and what makes you believe it to be the case. I ask because in the next paragraph you mention that EVERYTHING should be questioned in order to see the true picture of how things are. If so, shouldn't the story of God the Father and His Son, a story which is conveniently an ideal method of controlling vast swathes of the population, also be rigorously questioned? A story so advantageous to furthering the machinations of the elite, is not necessarily untrue, but I would think the burden of proof would be extremely high. What sources have you used to settle the question in your own mind?

    (I realize that this question is slightly off-topic so I do want to also mention that I admire your tenacity in researching and blogging about the horrific scandal of ritual abuse perpetrated and covered up by those in high places. My question is in no way meant to detract from that.)

    Jace said...

    It is quite interesting stuff. I had the thought a while ago regarding this. It was triggered by the exposure of Jimmy saville in the UK. i believe quite a few MP's from Thatchers era are related, and possibly includes members of the royal family, but who knows.

    Some of the information that has come out of the Royal commission into child abuse here in Australia is fucking heart breaking. These bastards were using boys homes like brothels. The catholic cardinal here, george pell, is involved and worked at alot fo the places where known paedophiles were, whilst he was there, but ofcourse he denied knowledge, im almost certain he himself was involved. I dont understand why, if there are any good honest people, dont they just come out and say whats going on.

    Its all so unbelieveable.

    Anonymous said...

    Before jumping into any conclusion please read this thoroughly...

    Raising Kundalini

    ...(very interesting)

    Black Poison Soul said...

    @Sean Carnegie

    We non-religious are on the whole "lost".

    I believe that I've mentioned a couple of times on my blog that I'm glad I was an ugly kid. Lapsed Roman Catholic - and damned glad of it. The stuff that happened to some of the prettier kids of both sexes. Ugly.

    This was in podunk New Zealand, too. Nothing organized like pizzagate. A lot can be hidden in cities - it's why some people go off the rails. The anonymity of a million faces gives certain types an easier time hiding. Hell, it even allows relatively normal people to slut it up with minimal social repercussions. Just go into a bar and look at the clientele of both sexes.

    I consider myself a fairly nasty type. Basically a sinner. Yet when you look at the world deeper, you start to realize: there are blacker things out there than in your nightmares. I realized that there are many things out there that on the surface don't look like much - but even dipping a toe into them will stain you. The personal change from doing it is irreversible. There is no way in heaven or hell of cleaning that filth off.

    If you're lucky, or smart, or have a strong sense of self-preservation, you will never go into those waters. Degrading yourself, destroying all that's good in yourself, deliberately crushing all personal joy and hope and light in your life.

    How do people who have to sort out the aftermath of that - who have to witness it - deal? How bad does it screw them up as well? How does it affect the Police and FBI and (insert acronym organization of your choice)? How warped do they become?

    Regarding the Muladhara gland: very interesting. Is this why the modern fascination for anal sex? The (more adult) recipient also becoming disassociated and debased in turn by this trauma? While at the same time being told that they're actually being "liberated" and "self-actualizing" women. A lot of pornography includes anal.

    For those so inclined (so-called conspironuts) you may want to examine the potential connections between: pedophilia, the adult industry, the fashion industry, feminism, the destruction of family, the rise in divorce, single motherhood, the rise of crime, criminals being raped in jail, career criminals, and the rise of slut-culture (including the development of PUA feeding back into some of the above).

    It is something to think about. Hopefully not to dwell on too much - hope is thin enough as-is.

    Keoni Galt said...

    @ gaikokumaniakku - "Ideally, I would like to see the FBI act within the first year of Trump's presidency,"

    I think this will end up being the litmus test for just how much of an "outsider" Trump really is. What he does with this when he takes office will be truly illuminating!

    @ Hearth - "If you're going digging in the swamp, I'd recommend a good scrub up when you get home." Good idea. I've already had some real nightmares this past week after spending hours researching this.

    @ HopeT - "Something I am curious about.....the premise that this is a rebellion against "God the Father and His Son". I was wondering if you could comment or blog about the origin of that idea and what makes you believe it to be the case."

    I never truly understood Christ until I gained a real understanding of Anti-Christ. When you have read and researched all of the things I have, the conclusion you have to reach is the only one possible. If that doesn't make sense, I apologize, for my reasoning on this can't be encapsulated in a single comment or even blog post.

    @ Anonymous - I'm sure there are legitimate, non-Sodomite practices by other cultures who seek the power of kundalini. But in terms of all the imagery, esoteric and exoteric claims of "illumination" by the Sodomite conspiracy, ass rape trauma to "open the 3rd eye" is what it's all about.

    tokugawa7 said...

    shortly after one of my favorite websites synchromysticism forum was discussing pizzagate it was hacked and shut down. the end.