Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Female First

Proof that women can succeed in politics despite our sexist, misogynistic society!

With the ascension of MeinTrumpenFuhrer to the Oval Office, his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway has become the first Woman in American herstory to ever successfully manage a Presidential campaign to victory!

"Mein Fuhrer, don't forget to tell that joke about Hillary taking those Haitian villages at the Al Smith dinner!"

No feminists could be reached for comment about such a herstorical milestone being reached...most were otherwise occupied with wailing and gnashing their teeth.

November 8, 2016...a day that will live in infamy!

With the ever growing number of women who reject the label "feminist," perhaps it's about time the ladies of the long march to smash patriarchy civilization, begin to examine the possible reasons for why they are failing to appeal to the next generation of females to join their cause cult. After all, if it wasn't for the first and second waves of the feminist movement, Kellyanne Conway could not have reached the pinnacle of achievement in Presidential Campaign Management!

Because they marched then, we now have our first successful female Presidential Campaign Manager!

After they reckon the importance of their movement in giving women like Conway the opportunity for such success in our irredeemably sexist society, maybe they can also come to terms with their other previous failures in recognizing other notable women in American herstory as well.

It's time to give feminism it's just due!

I'm Keoni Galt, and I approve this message!

H/T Bob


Clay, Bill Clay said...

An extra post from KG. This week just gets better and better.

Clay, Bill Clay said...

An extra post from KG! This week just gets better and better.

Keoni Galt said...

An extra comment from Clay, Bill Clay! Thanks man!

I finally got some downtime and fully enjoying the spectacle of Democracy Theater.

Take The Red PIll said...

The ironic thing about Leftist/feminist women who want to "be able to have sex like men" (a fallacy in itself*) is that they predominately make the worst wives and mothers (if they can become mothers at all).
Between rejecting marriage and driving away 'Good Men' in their twenties (the same 'Good Men' whom they cry about not being able to find in their thirties) and contracting incurable STDs and STIs, they usually end up unable to emotionally bond with a man (which is necessary for a successful marriage), or being unable to bear healthy, mentally normal children (if they can bear children at all).
One of the credos that is found on the manosphere is how feminism has shown that the only thing that women have to offer men/society is children and sex (the very things that feminism denies); what feminism-influenced women have done is -- between incurable STDs and STIs and infertility -- show that they can't even offer THOSE.

* The only men that they 'want to have the same rights as' (the men that they 'want to have sex with') are the "10% - 20%": the same players, rich men, and "Bad Boys" that they have ALWAYS noticed; all other men are ignored, rejected, and forgotten (until these same women reach their thirties).

Bob's Blog said...

Thanks for the h/t. Your post is way better than mine was.

Anonymous said...

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FALPhil said...

Keoni, this is the best entry I have read on your blog.

You really need to get on and share your wisdom there, too.


Can't believe I'm just coming across this post. Where on earth have I been. Quite a herstoric milestone for womankind.

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