Thursday, November 10, 2016

Best. Election. Ever.

Don't Worry Sheeple, Everything Will Be A-Okay!

So I guess it's the dawn of a new era to make America Inc. great again. If the exuberance of the Alt-Right blogomandrosphere is to be believed, the Fourth Reich of LiterallyHitler's triumphant ascendance to the Oval office heralds the ending of the century-long SJW-convergence of the nation and the beginnings of a great re-birth of the idealistic nation that represents the penultimate peak of western civilization..

Don't get me wrong, anytime an overtly evil, murderous communist-witch satanist and her flying monkey pedo-hordes are overtly rejected by a majority of the nation, it is a good sign that this country is not nearly as lost, fallen and degraded as our National Media and Entertainment-Propaganda complex likes to project...


...and the post-count shadenfreude spectacle alone makes this the best DuhMockRuhSee episode ever...pure, delectable, deliciousness in spades!

Speaking of which...

We now interrupt this irregularly scheduled deprogramming to bring you some of the best images ever captured in American politics in my lifetime:

"How can this be happening?!?! NOBODY I KNOW voted for Trump!"

"What will we tell our daughters?"

What is best in Life? To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

Unfortunately I think it's about to be all downhill from here. Hopefully I'm wrong, and just totally jaded and cynical due to having been thoroughly disillusioned with voting and elections since I last voted for Dubya in 2004. I haven't voted since.

But I sincerely hope The Donald proves me wrong. If he even accomplishes half of what he promised during the campaign, he will certainly restore some of the luster that has been lost since the Clintons first disgraced the Oval Office with their degenerate occupancy decades ago.

Hell, if he even halfway stems the tide of both legal and illegal immigration, repeals both Common Core and Obamacare, I'll consider that some serious swamp draining, and I'll finally get off my ass and re-register to vote and rejoin the ranks of Americans who exercise their voting privileges in 2020 to continue Mein TrumpenFuhrer's program to MAGA.

Will our glorious TrumpenFuhrer build the wall and kick all the illegals out like he promised? Maybe...but it appears that he's already walked that particular campaign issue back...but that doesn't mean much in my book. As I already said, I don't think building a wall is really the answer. Besides, there's still the other wall that is still being built by the establishment that needs dismantling if America can ever truly become great again....

Despite my cynical skepticism, I do have a tiny glimmer of hope that I'm dead wrong, and that this latest episode of American Democracy Theater signals a real beginning for authentic hope and change. When Trump cracked the following joke at the Catholic charity dinner the day after the final debate, he may have foreshadowed his real motivation for taking on the establishment and running for an office that pretty much guarantees a very large paycut for him:

"Everyone knows, of course, Hillary's belief that, 'It takes a village,' which only makes sense, after all, in places like Haiti, where she's taken a number of them."

At that event, that joke went over like a lead balloon. I didn't really get it either...but it's meaning seemed to become horrifically clear after Wikileaks 28 exposed ties to child trafficking by Clinton's cronies in the earthquake ravaged country.

Need more details? Best roundup I found so far: The Clinton Child Sex Trafficking Network: A Comprehensive Guide.

As the resident Whackaloon Conspiritard out on these fringes of the fever swamps of teh Interwebz, I've read my share of Conspiracy theorizing regarding Trumps true motivations for running for the Presidency during the past year. The theory's range from him being a Judas Goat for the Globalist Elite, who will lead us all into World War III to commence the long-planned culling of the sheeple herds to Maintain Humanity in Balance With Nature, to him wanting to have a great nation for his grandchildren to grow up this all being nothing more than a man who simply wants to feed his already enormous ego by becoming the leader of the most powerful country in the world as a sort of merit badge of achievement for personal aggrandizement.

Of all these various theories, the one I like best and hope for the most, is the one that supposes that while yes, he certainly is an "insider," the theory goes that he got close to the inner circles of power and discovered the evil filth of the degenerate scum that partake in deplorable events like "Spirit Cooking" are really the norm amongst the upper echelons of our political elite, and that his primary motivation to take the office of the Presidency is to put an end to this evil once and for all.

What Cooked Spirits Look Like

His joke about Haitian villages at the Catholic charity dinner seems to lend this particular theory some serious heft. It looks to me like he actually stood there and told Hillary to her face why he's REALLY running for office. While I still have my doubts, I still have my hopes. I hope he proves me wrong, and brings these evil elitist perverts and degenerates to justice. That would certainly go a long way towards Making America Inc. Great Again!


August said...

A glimmer of hope here too, along with constant doses of schadenfreude. The decades of bad government probably mean the next four years are horrible. Consequences are supposed to happen at some point. But since this guy is somewhat unpredictable, there's a slightly higher chance he'll do something good, whereas everybody else is predictably bad.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

We need to hold Trump's feet to the fire. It was the work of the Alt-Right that got him into power. That was only phase 1. Next, he has to do his job, and the libtards are going to fight him/us every inch of the way. We need to have his six: for his protection, and to keep him moving forward instead of retreating. We worked for him the last 12 months. He works for us now.

Anonymous said...

I've seen several people in the alt-right sphere try to claim that Trump's Haiti village comment was somehow alluding to child trafficking/evil occult ritual conspiracy theories.

However, the real explanation is that he was simply referencing accusations of the Clinton foundation mishandling aid to Haiti in a way that benefitted their donors rather than the suffering Haitians.

see here:

As for Trump himself, I'm still optimistic. Let's be honest, merely dodging the awful SJW bullet that is a Hillary presidency and supreme court is something to celebrate.

Rex Little said...

Let's not get overconfident about Trump's mandate. He did lose the popular vote, or at best won by a tiny margin if you factor in reasonable assumptions about voter fraud. The media will be on him like stink on shit, from day 1. SJWs are PISSED, and motivated. And some on the alt-right are bound to get complacent.

Carnivore said...

Although I did vote (first time in decades)and did vote for Trump, I too remain doubtful about how much he can overturn and restore, even assuming the intent is there. The Deep State is just that - deep. The man at the top can only go a few levels down with new appointments. After decades of sailing to the left, it's impossible to turn the Titanic on a dime in 4 years without firing people on a massive scale at the Federal level. For that matter, it's illegal to dump Federal employees for 'political' reasons. That's why I still believe America's problems won't be solved at the ballot box. Trump might slow down the inevitable but can't avert tragedy completely. With the popular vote at 50-50, the nation will eventually be violently rent.

Talleyrand said...

"Let's not get overconfident about Trump's mandate. He did lose the popular vote, or at best won by a tiny margin if you factor in reasonable assumptions about voter fraud. The media will be on him like stink on shit, from day 1. SJWs are PISSED, and motivated. And some on the alt-right are bound to get complacent."

He did not lose the popular vote... Subtract about 3-5% off of Hillary's total, that's the margin of cheating by the democrats that they can safely get away with.

The more the SJWs are pissed, the more they double down the better, the more they will drive the rest of the country to the right. They are the minority, they are insane, they are evil and the more that shines through the more hope there is for the world.

It is the first time in years I have felt a glimmer of hope. Bad things are coming, but at least the United States isn't just going to meekly accept it.

Anonymous said...

And he isn't even in office yet and TPP is dead, Mexico and Canada both said they will renegotiate NAFTA with him and Putin has a bounty on Soros, dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

I think he is already back peddling on some of promises on Dodd-Frank and O-Care. Like, HL, I am very skeptical about the future and wonder if anything will really change.

Anonymous said...

The wife and I went and waved a MAGA sign at the Waikiki protest on Sunday. The best part was when three hale college kids called my wife (native Hawaiian) a racist.

There used to be a word for making snap judgement, and labeling people in the absence of information - it will come to me sooner or later...

Troy Lee Messer said...

As Keoni, I am pretty cynical. I happen to think the Republic is dead. But maybe the Trump can do some CPR to geta its heart beating again. Likewise I have a small glimmer of hope. I think we will know pretty soon. Say by the end if next summer. I think what gave me hope was last spring or summer during the first "assasination" attempt where some dumbass tried to run the stage. Trump said said "I dont need this.". And I thought he doesnt. Je has everything a man could want. He doesnt need or fame. Has plenty of both. And running for president is a major pain in the ass. So maybe he is for real. Unlime Obama, I do believe that he truly loves his country. Guess well see.

Troy Lee Messer said...

Money or fame.....

Troy Lee Messer said...

One more comment... I used to be pretty skeptical about conspiracies. But Keoni and others' have some pretty perspicasious analysis that made me think. Now after the release of all those wikileaks,. I am no longer a skeptic. Eyes Wide Shut was a documentary.

Eastside School said...

We have generations of work ahead, and Glorious Leader is an awesome start. Now, we start working on the next Alt-Right president. Where is he today?