Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Create As I Speak

In the time before writing, and then the advent of technologically enhanced communications allowing mass media, when someone wanted to manipulate others, they had to convince them to fall prey to their racket with only their words.

The original racket of manipulation and sheeple herding through oral communication, is clearly described in the New Testament of the Bible, when analyzing Jesus Christ's critique and condemnation of the Pharisees and their practice of Priestcraft. Based on the "Traditions of the Elders" in which the Pharisees claimed divinely granted powers through oral transmission of the laws from God to Moses, the Pharisees set themselves up with one heck of a racket for power to dictate and control the behavior of their followers, as well as giving them their own authority for taxing the wealth of their subjects. THEY claimed their power as lawgivers was invested into their class by the spoken word of God. This is the traditions of the elders that was then transmitted through the ages by an oral tradition amongst the Pharisees.

Thus, by claiming a divine source of oral tradition for their laws directly from God, they created the original "Matrix" of artificial and abstract construct of reality to set themselves up as the Theocratic rulers of society. In other words, by claiming God told the progenitors of their Priest Class an oral law, THEY were able to construct an entire social order and cultural hierarchy, setting themselves up at the top, to receive the tributes, indulgences, tithes and other offerings from the masses below who were seeking redemption for their sins....and those sins were defined by the words of the Pharisees themselves, citing their "Traditions of the Elders" as their sole authority to rule society.

THEY spoke. The sheeple listened and obeyed, accepting their oral claims of God's authority, thereby submitting to the creation of the Pharisee's system of Priestcraft hierarchy to enable their authoritarian control and exploitation of the masses.

This is their "magik" and it's the same name of the game as it ever was today as it was thousands of years ago. The answer to it then, is the answer as it is now: the Truth that will set us free... free from the rule and control of THEY who defile all of mankind by speaking the evils of their heart to rule and control we the sheeple through the propagation of their lies and deceit to create our current dystopia.


I've often written off the value of the higher education I attained while attending five years of institutionalized indoctrination in the hallowed halls of academentia at my State University, as mostly a giant wast of time. I largely credit all my graduate studies at the University of the Autodidact as the most influential and meaningful on my present condition in this life as a raving conspiritard in our Brave New World Order.

But it was the years I spent in Business School majoring in Marketing that is probably most responsible for  eventually helping me to open my eyes to the reality of our world and how our rulers use mass media and transhumanist technological "progress" to socially engineer we the sheeple. For in retrospect, I realize that all of those classes on Marketing were nothing more than a study of the oldest tactic employed by THEY who sought power and control over their fellow human beings: divide and conquer. And the best way to divide and conquer, is to get we the sheeple to divide ourselves by categorizing and segmenting ourselves based on both objective and subjective differences they create for us out of thin air.

The study of Marketing in undergrad Business school is nothing more than studying the art of psy-ops and propaganda to get the viewers and consumers to divide and conquer themselves so as to allow the marketer to capture the targeted segment of consumers in order to convert them into cash cows that can be continuously milked until dry.

In one of my classes, we spent well over a month worth of classes analyzing "Generations" and the generalizations that define each era so as to forge your message to more effectively reach your targeted market. We studied the various stereotypes, generalized habits and attitudes of the Silent Generation, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and at that time, the emerging Generation Y. We also dedicated some classroom discussion time on speculating about the generation that came to be known as the Millennials. Over at the Dusk in Autumn blog, agnostic has got a lot of insightful posts regarding the differences between the various Generations. But if you really want to see the differences, look at the interactions of the mostly Generation X dread ilk over at Vox Popoli and the Boomers anytime Vox Day makes a post on the topic.

It would be insane to try and argue that there are in fact no differences between the various generations of the 20th and 21st centuries...but I have a different contention to make on the topic. Prior to the advent of mass mind control enabled by mass media technology, there was no real substantial differences between generations...at least not the sort that so thoroughly and contentiously divided us for the past century. Culture was far more static and slow changing, and influenced much more by religion and cultural traditions and norms.

But the advent of the tell-a-vision, radio broadcasting, the consolidation of print media and the popular music industry all gave those with the same agenda of societal control as the Pharisees of old, the means to "Speak" to the mass audience so as to create such artificially imposed divisions as "generations." THEY told each different generation that the older generations were "uncool" and "old-fashioned." With mass media and commercial consumerism, THEY were able to institute a continuous, dynamic change in music, dance, fashion, clothing, hairstyles, slang and lingo, and ultimately an ethos and moral code for each generation of youth entering their young adult years, so that THEY successfully severed the connections between generations to divide and conquer we the sheeple.

Just for one example of this, we need only look at the differences in marriage and family between the different generations. Our Grandparents were for the most part the last generation that followed the patterns of multiple generations that preceded them. They mostly dated, got married, had sex, then had children. Our parents dated, got married, had sex, had children, got divorced, dated, re-married, had more kids and often got divorced again. We (GenX) dated, had sex, had children, then got married, then divorced, then remarried. The younger generation don't date, they hook up and have sex with a multitude of partners (or they're incel and resort to teh Pr0n, or gay or transgendered or whatevers). Marriage is mostly out of the question, whether they have kids, use birth control, or have abortions or not.

The common cultural ethos and paradigm that drove the changes in mating patterns and family formation (and disintegration) trends are all different for each generation, and it was this artificially created division causing each successive generation to reject the former generations morality that lead to this cultural devolution and attitudes towards family over the span of a few decades.

The entire story of the 20th century, is one of mass culture-driven generational division, so that we have now reached the stage where we are nearly conquered and subjugated to the worldwide Brave New World Order they have been inexorably working towards for aeons.

THEY are only as successful as they are, because we give them and their 'magik' its power when THEY speak and we listen. The only way to break the spell THEY have over us, is to stop listening.


black said...

Interesting. I've considered this before, but haven't seen it articulated so well.

Jed Mask said...

Thank you Keoni Galt for this well-written article. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Unplug! The only way to win is to not play. More on the same topic: https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/

Unknown said...

The best and foremost expert on propaganda was probably Dr. Goebbels of the NSDAP. He said something that explains why the narrative has now crumbled. In order for propaganda to be effective it has to be true. The great thing about the enemy is they are compulsive liars. Their mantra of repeating a lie over and over again making it become the truth probably came from a jew named Bernays. This guy was such a quack he even made Freud and his wild oedipus fantasies seem plausible. If telling a lie over and over again was effective, you could get people to believe anything and samizdat would not have been a joke in The Soviet Union where they found out this didn't work at all. But you know with them, if they fail 108 times, do the same thing again.

Anonymous said...


Understand and agree but you are looking at it the wrong way. When the lights go out we aren't locked with them, they are locked in with us.