Sunday, February 14, 2016

They Can't Hear You

There is only so much time in a day, and when you devote time for one endeavor, you are by default not doing something else. This is common sense....but like everything else in our Brave New World Order, good sense is no longer common, and this, of course, is by design.

"Whose design?" you may ask.

It doesn't matter. You only need know that a design does indeed exist, there certainly is a system of deliberate, institutionalized deception designed to enslave the minds of humanity, and all this truth seeking and "red pill" taking is nothing more than the process of reverse engineering the behavioral conditioning and regularly scheduled programming we've all been subjected to for all of our lives.

Once you grasp the enormity of it all, there is only one thing left to do. Take this knowledge that you've armed yourself with, and proceed to live the life you want to the best of your ability. I believe this is the ultimate end point of this thing called "the blogosphere." This is why most blogs end up getting abandoned  or deleted. The writer(s) hit the point where they realize the opportunity cost of blogging about something versus actually going out and doing something are getting too expensive.

The only people who have seriously made a dedicated track record of steady blogging over a long period of time, are those that have incorporated their blogging with their lifestyles to include some form of financial compensation for their blogging efforts. Good for them. For myself,  I've spent far too much of my life at a desk staring at a glowing screen and hacking away at a keyboard. You can't pay me enough now to commit making my living 8+ hours a day in a cubicle in front of a screen.

So I don't write like I used to, and I barely comment around the sphere at all anymore....but I still read. Always. It's my morning ritual with my first cup of unfair-third-world-slave-trade gluten-free non-GMO- certified-organic coffee of the day. While reading, I oft get the muse for another blog post...but I just don't have the time to do it, as I now have a pretty full plate in teh real worldz.

Nevertheless, I am still very much engaged with the fever swamps of the politically incorrect blogospheres on teh Interwebz as a voracious reader. I still read most everyone's output on my blogroll whenever they update with a new post, when I have the time to do so. But on days where I got a lot to do (like today...), I have to be selective in what I choose to read.

Very few bloggers and free thinkers are able to hold my dedicated daily reading loyalty over a long span of time. Many folks arrive into the sphere of my regular daily reading ritual with a splash of brilliance, but as I continue to read their output, I usually lose interest and only check up on them whenever a title for their latest post piques my interest. 

This is not a criticism nor a critique of anyones blogging quality, but rather just the realities of time getting shorter as more things to do offline limit me to either reading or writing. That being said, I have a very short list of what I consider MUST READS on teh Interwebz. Anytime they post anything new and I'm online, I'm reading it.

I've been doing this for a very long time.

Well I will tell you what has prompted me to log on today and write this here entry, despite having a number of things I probably should be doing with this time instead. I think I've just read the best blog post that sums up the entire zeitgeist of what we are all doing here out in these fringes of teh Interwebz. And the blogger who wrote this is not even one of my MUST READS (although he's definitely a "mostly read").

Here's one comment from a guy named Adam, responding to what I consider the ultimate distillation of the MAndrosphere zeitgeist in a single blog post:

The internet just amplifies and collects the proportionally tiny number of men who can think for themselves. Who want a different path. But you won't change the sheep. They can't hear you.

This place that I affectionately refer to as the fever swamps of the lunatic fringe of teh Interwebz, is a self-help medium. If you are not an auto-didact or an honest to goodness truthseeker, this place got nothing but lulz for you.

But if you are, I'm here to tell you now, that this post from Mike Cernovich really does encapsulate the essence of what this thing we call the red pill truly means. In his post The Look, he explains Why teh MAndrosphere? better than I ever did or could:

Those of you under 30 do not understand what a gift the Internet is.

Before the web young men had no idea what society had planned for them. 
Young men had no idea that they’d spend most of the rest of their lives as dead men.

What is essential “man knowledge”?

The odds are against you. The system wants you to live an unhappy life. It will take years of deprograming yourself of cultural conditioning to live life on your terms. It will then take daily effort to remain grounded.
No one will ever appreciate you. Deal with it. Men are viewed as pack mules. Working your ass off to support your family is simply what you are supposed to do. Meanwhile you’ll be expected to trip over yourself rushing to tell a woman how great she is for simply breathing.
People do not want to be happy, as becoming happy requires you to take action.

Miserable people won’t watch a sunset or volunteer at a soup kitchen, even though those activities are proven to increase happiness. Stressed out people aren’t going to meditate.
People love being “who they are,” as that requires them to take no effort to change. Avoid those people like the plague, as they are diseased of the mind.

90% of men are miserable. 99% of women are miserable.

Finding happy friends as a man will be a constant challenge. Finding a happy woman is even harder.

The best strategy to find quality people is to become one yourself while ruthlessly cutting out toxic people, users, and manipulators.

Ever hour you spend with a moron, unhappy man, or gossip-mongering woman is an hour you’re not spending living your life vision.

Women don’t complain because they want change. They complain because that’s what they like to do.

Relationship books tell you to listen to your woman’s complaints without doing any mansplaining (that is, helping her solve problems). That’s bullshit. Your woman has a mom and friends to gripe to. Do not lower your consciousness by listening to her complain about nonsense. (Better yet, do not allow a woman who complains about nonsense into your life at all.)

Gossip and drama are black holes you will not escape from. If your woman is a gossip or loves drama (95% of women), leave before you get sucked in.

A man’s prime isn’t until his 30s. A woman’s prime is in her mid-20s. Getting married while you’re young to a woman your own age has a 99% chance of causing you to lose your soul.

A ten year age gap is ideal for long-term relationships. Men and women age differently. Men age better.

It’s never too late to leave your crappy life for Thailand. Robin Williams killed himself after his ex-wife destroyed his mind. He could have taken some cash and lived a new life.

Fear is what’s stopping you from living the life you’ve always desired.

Know your worth, increase your standards.

I’m not anti-marriage, anti-kids, or anti-God. If your life vision is to be a Mormon with 14 kids, who am I to say otherwise?

Life is full of magnificent possibilities. I’ve met happily married Muslims, old men who couldn’t imagine ever marrying again and instead choose an expat life, and everyone in between.

I’ve met billionaires who are hen-pecked by unattractive women. Though feared in business, they sheepishly will tell you, “Hold on a second, I have to check in with the boss.”

Why does she deserve you?

You can tell what a man thinks of himself by looking at the women he dates. The more self-respect a man has, the higher standards he demands from women.

Men in the West are brain washed to serve women.

The real question you should be asking is, “Does she deserve me?”

If you settle, you’re dead.

That’s not a theory of mine that I came up with after reading a book.

I’ve seen the look in the eyes of thousands of men.

They are alive…and yet they aren’t.

The Look is easily recognizable to those of us who managed to avoid developing it. It is the look of defeat, despair, submission and resignation to a life of suffering in subservience and complete subjection to another's will. We can see it everywhere in this Brave New World Order of inverted gender roles, decimated families and general societal dysfunction.

While Mike's post is focused on The Look in the men he witnessed following their masters down the streets in South East Asia, I'm virtually certain their is a certain corresponding Look in the eyes of their women  masters leading them. It's a look worse than the living death witnessed in their emasculated men's is the look of the bitter, contemptuous and perpetually unhappy shrew. 

When women assume a leadership position over men, it hardens them. But the polarity of natural intersex attraction is based off of opposites complementing each other. Soft woman and hard man are the natural order. Hard woman and soft man is most unnatural...and the unnatural state is what causes the development of "The Look" in both sexes.

For rest assured, accompanying every man with The Look of living death, is a woman with The Look of "resting bitch-face."

If you're a newcomer to these parts, realize you've just stumbled across the only place in our present age of declining civilization that will give you the knowledge to avoid all of the traps and pitfalls of a system designed to enslave us all.

For what you need to understand most, is that the system is primarily based on making you believe, think and act in ways that enslave yourself without you even realizing it. In a myriad of ways and means, men are programmed by society's social engineers who control our mass media and institutionalized educational system to enslave ourselves to women, while the same programming exists to make women reject their God-ordained complementarian role as helpmeets and trick them into thinking they should be in charge, without realizing their being enslaved to their emotional whims, endless rationalizations and their eternal quest for validation.

When the man leads and the woman follows, both are much more likely to experience a happier life of fulfillment. But when the roles are flipped, they both develop THE LOOK.

 TL;DR - Don't be this guy....or this girl. It may be just a cartoon, but both depictions of their faces adequately illustrate "The Look" for both sexes.


Anonymous said...

I just bought a house and rented it out without my wife knowing anything. Smooth and fun process. I used to include her on my deals and it was always a mistake. She had nothing to contribute and would just make things difficult. My girlfriend is supportive though.

Anonymous said...

When I was in my early 20s (I'm 43 now) I used to joke with my female friends that we (men) were trying to be so lazy and incompetent that women would eventually take over and run the world. Then, us men could just chill one the couch watching football and whatever else.

Wow. I phucked up.

Richard said...

wow. Seriously excellent post.

Doug said...

You may not have many posts, but they are invariably great posts.

I always appreciate the work, as I keep trying to turn my life around.

Unknown said...

Cooper's Law: All machines are amplifiers.

I've written more than once the internet is a gigantic, world-spanning male brain.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of always looking for good advice, who are your MUST READ guys? I have a few of my own but I must confess you are in my "mostly read" list. TIA

Keoni G said...

@ Scarecrow & Doug - Thanks!

@ Uncle Bob - Yes, Cooper's Law certainly applies...perhaps more to teh Interwebz more than anything else. We have never seen narcissism and solipsism amplified amongst the masses like nothing else!

@ TIA - "I must confess you are in my "mostly read" list."

lzolzol no problem. I've posted so infrequently in the past year or so, I'm surprised I've still got any readers left everytime I make a new post.

" who are your MUST READ guys?"

I get around to reading just about everything people post on my blogroll...but when time is short and I only have a few minutes, a few bloggers are in the MUST READ category: Vox, Roissy, Dalrock, Ace at 80 Proof Oinomancy, Aurini at StaresAtTheWorld and Entropy Is My God.

Troy Lee Messer said...

This place that I affectionately refer to as the fever swamps of the lunatic fringe of teh Interwebz, is a self-help medium.

This is why I come here. I guess I am a fellow conspiritard idiot who thinks much of what is offered as reality is bullshit. It is kind of like elbowing the bloke next to you, pointing, and asking, "did you just see that?" and getting a "Yeah, I saw that."

Call it confirmation bias if you want. But what I want is the truth about reality. And if reading this blog helps me do that, then I consider it an asset to me and posterity.

Troy Lee Messer said...

This place that I affectionately refer to as the fever swamps of the lunatic fringe of teh Interwebz, is a self-help medium.

This is why I come here. I guess I am a fellow conspiritard idiot who thinks much of what is offered as reality is bullshit. It is kind of like elbowing the bloke next to you, pointing, and asking, "did you just see that?" and getting a "Yeah, I saw that."

Call it confirmation bias if you want. But what I want is the truth about reality. And if reading this blog helps me do that, then I consider it an asset to me and posterity.

Anonymous said...

Back here after several years and after a long-term relationship. I thought I had it figured out but I definitely regressed into NWO thinking a bit. You really can't stop fighting to retain the learned thinking, attitudes, roles, as they were really meant to be.

I'm honestly scared to see what type of women are out there, now; it's probably worse. But I'm hopeful.

Glad to see you're still writing, HL; and thank God for the manosphere.