Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Up Against the Wall

As a raving conspiritard that doesn't believe American Presidential politics is on the up and up from every and all angles, I stand all amused at the current cycle of Presidential campaigning. I already gave up voting long ago, so I am not invested in the victory or defeat of any of these candidates or political parties...in my opinion, it's all bullshit.

I don't believe any media productions that involve candidates, teleprompters, moderated debates or anything else made for tell-a-vision or radio. The Jackasses and Pachyderms and their featured demagogues of the current cycle of Democracy are all role actors playing their parts from the script THEY have written for their ages-old efforts of gaining total control of the world.

That being said, Trump has certainly brought the lulz to this electioneering cycle, and he's pissing off all the right people - SJWs and Cuckservatives alike. That alone might make it almost worth the time and effort to re-register and line up to vote for him come November.... almost.

American Inc.'s Theater of Democracy Charades hasn't been this entertaining since Ross Perot predicting the giant sucking sound that has already come to pass, or the hanging chads debacle that stole the Presidency from the inventor of teh Interwebz and delivered it to President MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Notwithstanding the sheer entertainment value, I am still cynical about the veracity of the Trump campaign. His message undoubtedly resonates with we the sheeple after decades of mass migration, the emergence of a burgeoning Police State, and regularly programmed Arab-phobia. He's saying all the right things for those of us who have been raging against the machine for years. If Trump is not a part of the elite - THEY - than no one is.

I mean, come on...it's one of the oldest tricks in the book. As Vladimir Lenin put it: "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." A billionaire Real Estate Developer and Reality Tell-A-Vision star is most assuredly well connected with the financial structure and all of the Bankster's 2Big2Fail that have shaped our current dystopian reality.

He's running as an outsider, but everything about this man's history clearly points to him being an insider.

He's Manchurian Candidate 2.0.

That is what this conspiritard suspects anyhow.

But while I got my tin foil hat firmly planted atop my head, I've been trying to think about what the NWO shadow Government is really trying to accomplish with a Trump presidency...

...and the only thing I can come up with is THE WALL.

The Wall is NOT the answer to stopping the Migrant invasion of the Southern border. What it is, is the manifestation of the synthesis THEY manufactured with the Heglian Dialectic....aka create a problem and offer the solution to achieve an intended consequence that on the surface merely appears unintended.

Consider why most migrants come to America...they are drawn to the American DreamTM of society wide material wealth and prosperity. They come for jobs and they come for the welfare. They come to gain citizenship through anchor babies, and they come to earn money to send back to their families still living in their impoverished homelands.

Crack down on all the companies hiring illegals, end all welfare for both natives and migrants alike (the only reason we even have "Jobs that Americans won't do"), and they will deport themselves. A wall is not necessary. No jobs for migrants, no welfare system, no free public schooling, no anchor babies and immediate deportation for any and all illegal migrants identified during mundane civic interactions like traffic stops, any sort of registrations and drivers licensing processes and all civil and traffic court appearances, would all be sufficient actions to dramatically change our nearly unbearable status quo that's behind Trump's meteoric rise to popularity.

I recently made my own appearance in traffic court to contest a ticket, and I watched in jaded bemusement as the Judge began each case that went before mine with a declaration that the defendant need not reveal his or her status as a citizen of the country during the proceedings.

This is officially sanctioned lunacy. The migrant invasion of all Western countries is officially enabled by US Governmental policy at nearly every level of the leviathan's bureaucracy.

Hell, barring nothing else, we could simply close down half America Inc.'s Empire Outposts Military Bases stationed around the world and re-deploy those troops on the border, and that alone would effectively keep illegal migrants out.

I believe this Wall that Trump is promising us,  is to put the final piece in place for completing the transformation of what was once the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, into an Orwellian police state with no escape. With troops patrolling the borders, the elite will always have to be worried of dissension and rebellion from factions of soldiers who realize they are being used to abrogate the Constitution and subjugate the nation. A Wall on the Southern border would require far less manpower to garrison and keep the sheeple contained.

It would be the final fortification for the sheeple of our managed feedlot.

Afterall, the Berlin Wall was not about keeping the West Germans from crossing into the East...it was built to keep the East Germans IN to have no escape from the Communist regime's totalitarian rule.

This is what I fear Trump's Wall will become should he win and exercise his mandate.

If there's one thing most of the denizens of the fever swamps of the lunatic fringe on teh Interwebz all agree on, it's that an economic collapse is most likely coming in our lifetimes.

Trumps Wall that he says Mexico is going to pay for once he becomes President, will allow the shadow Government behind American Inc.'s Theater of Democracy Charade to emerge out into the open and transform the entire North American continent into one big FEMA camp of total population control.

Of all the possible answers to the mass migration problem, the Wall is the worst possible one for we the sheeple....which is probably why it is already a done deal.

I hope I'm wrong.


bct1 said...

Curious thing for him to say if you are correct...


Unknown said...

Intriguing. I never thought of looking at it that way. Of course Israel's wall keeps people out, not in, so there's that.

I suppose if we're charitable, we can say Trump is a traitor to his elite class. I am sure he's seen racial demographic changes in his lifetime, and he doesnt want his kids to travel in an armored rolls royce while mobs of mulattoes hurl rocks and bullets across the barbed wire favella fences.

Or you're right, and its all just one big show.

ltarmenia4ever@gmail.com said...

I've been skeptical of Trump myself. I love that he's not PC at all and that he won't apologize.

However, it still doesn't excuse the fact that, "You'll see!" isn't an actual policy or position. Just this month he told CNN he supports a mandate for health insurance while he told another group of people doesn't.

Trump may be a savy businessmen - which is arguable - but you are right about him being one hell of an insider. He's donated to many a democrat in his lifetime and he seems to be willing to use whatever means necessary - government included - to get the best for his businesses. (Eminent domain.)

Now do we need that same kind of resolve as a President? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

Your point here about the wall not solving the illegal immigration problem is key. The wall is probably meant to solve a different "problem".

Anonymous said...

Lucas Temple (a.k.a. Armenia4ever) said...
and he seems to be willing to use whatever means necessary - government included - to get the best for his businesses. (Eminent domain.)

when has Trump ever personally benefited from Eminent Domain? that wasn't even possible until the Kelo decision in 2005 and since then everything from Executive Orders to numerous state statutes have been implemented to prevent the Kelo abuse from happening again.


being in favor of "Eminent Domain" ( which has existed since before the nation was founded, at least since the 1600s ) is completely irrelevant to being in favor of Kelo.

Baloo said...

One should be skeptical of all politicians, and that includes Trump. But all of the others, ALL of them, have demonstrated that they are all for mass immigration and perpetual war abroad. Not including Bernie, who emphasizes giving in to Black Lives Matter.

So I support Trump as the only possibility for turning things around. And I'm persuaded by the support he's getting from people like Buchanan and Coulter, and other pretty dependable people.

I've put a lot of post up on my site about Trump.

August said...

I don't think it will just be one wall. It will be like a franchise, which is why the military industrial complex ought to support Trump. Nothing better than having a nice wall job in your local city in between the upper class whites and the various assortment of people upper class whites don't actually want to be around. Beats getting shot at by Russians.

This is based on an earlier idea I got from some progressives: gazafication. There's already a strong industry for this type of stuff and they seem to be getting contracts surrounding world events.

The media coverage of Ferguson had me looking at it as brilliant marketing for this sort of thing. Two messages marketed to two different demographics at the same time, increasing the likelihood of a more militarized police and- possibly- actual walls within American cities.

Dystopia Max said...

One thing you're forgetting-Trump actually has sons and a family fortune , rather than being one of the childless, gay, or daughter-only presidents who are much less likely to care about the state of the country they leave (not our problem, or that's their son-in-law's job, y'see.)

It's a good bet that his personality simply doesn't jibe with the other ruling billionaires, given that he spent most of his off time going to the WWE and hilariously roughing up Vince McMahon whenever possible. He knows how the Illuminati rule from behind the curtain, he's definitely done it, it just...doesn't appeal to anyone who maintained a normal testosterone level, and who remembers living in John Hughes' America.

Praise the Lord for last chances, and for people who grew up during the 80s and didn't forget how much better it was.

Anonymous said...

If he wins, which I think he will, consider this: It’s almost impossible to build anything big today. The bureaucratic machine should delay the wall for years. Just the environmental impact studies could kill the project (see Keystone XL). Some rate turtle of toad or something will be a problem...

If the wall gets fast-tracked then, well, I don't know.

August said...

If either Trump or Sanders wins, the insider politicians will want to be uncooperative for the next four years. If the Fed stops propping up the stock market and allows all the bad stuff since 2008 (and further) to unravel, it could all be blamed on an outsider president.

So, if Trump gets his wall, it will likely be because those that buy Congress force these whiners to play ball with him. If the politicians have their way, they'll be running an "I told you so" themed campaign four years from now.

Dystopia Max said...

"If he wins, which I think he will, consider this: It’s almost impossible to build anything big today. The bureaucratic machine should delay the wall for years. Just the environmental impact studies could kill the project (see Keystone XL). Some rate turtle of toad or something will be a problem..."

The second biggest reason to vote Donald Trump, aside from his policies, is that "You're Fired" is his most popular tagline. He's already kicked the media to the curb, the next logical section of the Cathedral to hit will be the entrenched permanent civil service (the education system and professorial class probably needs someone more academically inclined to bullycide properly.)

Let not despair cause ye to miss obvious opportunities!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Just the environmental impact studies could kill the project (see Keystone XL)

environmental impact studies had nothing to do with Keystone getting killed. that was just the political pretext Obama threw up. had Obama wanted it, he'd have ignored them.

just like he ignores enviro concerns every time he starts bombing some middle Eastern country that wasn't bothering us at all.

once you realize that all of Obama's policies are DESIGNED to
1 - harm the US national interest
2 - harm Christians

all of his actions make sense.

Keystone would have been profitable to the US and helped to counter balance the trade deficit by being the main transport line between the Canadian tar sands / oil fields and the Gulf Coast refineries.

Obama couldn't have that.

you say that you think the immiviasion is a pretext to build a wall that will be used to keep Americans in.

okay. so what's the purpose of immivasion in Canada, Europe and Australia?

in some ways though, i do agree that this wall talk is over blown. somehow we run the Canadian border pretty tight and that border is longer than the Mexican one.

Keoni Galt said...

@ bob - you say that you think the immiviasion is a pretext to build a wall that will be used to keep Americans in.

okay. so what's the purpose of immivasion in Canada, Europe and Australia?

No, I'm not saying the immivasion (I like that term!) is not the pretext, the Trump candidacy is. The immivasion was instigated for several different reasons - but mostly White Genocide, war on Christian morality and a war on the middle class.

As I stated earlier, I believe Trump is an insider, running on an outsider platform.

I'm hypothesizing to what the real goal here is with a Trump presidency. As I noted, he's saying all the right things to appeal to most of us that have already walked away from the charade of two party politics - stop immigration, audit the fed, restore manufacturing, etc.

From my view, he knows what to say, because he's a part of the insiders who have been working towards doing all those things for decades (if not centuries), and THEY know exactly how to appeal to the disenfranchised and growing discontented by speaking to the problems THEY created in the first place.

By employing this formula, THEY can erect a demagogue to take the opposition exactly where they want it to go...and in this case, I'm thinking it's really this Wall.

As I said, it's all just an exercise in conspiracy theorizing at this point, and I truly do hope I'm wrong.

As for Trump, with all the the things he's been saying and promising, from my jaded, cynical perspective, he sounds too good to be true.

Keoni Galt said...

@ Anon - Read up on your executive orders. At the flourish of a pen stroke, the President can declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitutional rights of all, round up citizens and confine them into camps and all other sorts of wonderful changes to the fundamental nature of the nation. When that day comes, the problems of Mexico will look benign in comparison to the Police State the Executive Orders empower the President to kick off.

At the moment, everyone wants to get into the US. A collapsed economy and martial law will change that real quick.

Dystopia Max said...

Speaking of repentance, Carl Icahn seems to be doing the closest thing to it on TV at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Keoni Galt said...
No, I'm not saying the immivasion (I like that term!)

i don't know if he invented it, but i got it from Vox. if you google it, it gets a buttload of hits all over the place so whomever created the neologism, it's gone viral.

Keoni Galt said...
and in this case, I'm thinking it's really this Wall.

i suppose that's possible.

but that still leaves the Canadian border 'open'. plus our massive amount of coastline. not that i have much faith in Canuckistan, but one would hope that many of them would be helpful to Americans in such an event.

of course, this border enforcement thing becomes a lot more feasible ( from a THEY perspective ) if you wait a couple of more years and just do it with weaponized drones.

Keoni Galt said...
As I noted, he's saying all the right things to appeal to most of us that have already walked away from the charade of two party politics - stop immigration, audit the fed, restore manufacturing, etc.


if they have THAT much control, then we have no hope whatsoever and we all need to emigrate to Costa Rica or Samoa or something. you'd need to find someplace out of the way that they're just not going to bother with much.

i agree that it would be really stupid to trust Trump too much. after all, he spent significant time in pro wrestling helping to do Kayfabe plays.

Jace said...

The thing i dont understand is why.

Why would THEY want to turn america into a shit hole concentration camp? It seems a bit self arrogant that America matters so much in the first place...I just don't see the point. The system as it stands is pretty much giving THEM all the money and power they can get..

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

Trump has shown himself to be too much of a chameleon for my taste. He's willing to pander to whatever room he happens to be standing in at any given moment, which is a brilliant strategy if you're a businessman, not so much a desired trait as a politician. Both pro and anti-Trump camps have their cases, and both only hear what they want to regarding the man and ignore the contradictions. I don't know if he'll actually do many of the things he's promising to voters, and that should scare people as much or more than Bernie and Hitlery's Commie-dy Hour.

Hearth said...

Oy. You think the court was dumb? Come visit me in Cali, where we issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants... where there are a bunch of guys standing around in parking lots, waiting for work... where there was posted a "help with immigration" flyer at the public school...

And you nailed it. The reason we have this is because the corporations (big ag) don't want to deal with the safety regs to employ US workers. If someone sprays pesticide on MY head while I'm in the field, I'm screaming bloody murder to a lawyer... if you spray it on the head of an illegal, um... well. They don't. They don't ask for common decency (water in the fields? A shady break area?), they just want work. Same thing for a lot of industries. (BTW, when the economy dropped, so did the number of illegals).

We *could* be sane and bring back the farmworker program, or *shock* employ enough gov't workers to sort the paperwork/do background checks to bring the folks here legally who are basically decent joes and janes. But if we did THAT, then when something went down, they might call the cops. Or OSHA. Or...

It's awful. And there ARE a lot of folks who would like that wall, because they have to live with the effects of having a class of people who won't call the cops and who are running under the radar. There is danger, because it's not just the decent joes and janes, it's drug runners (there are loads of well-lit tunnels under the border at TJ) and gangbangers and human smugglers, etc.

Dominos lined up in a row... it's not pretty now, it's going to be worse when they fall.

Anonymous said...

Eduardo the Magnificent said...
Trump has shown himself to be too much of a chameleon for my taste. He's willing to pander to whatever room he happens to be standing in at any given moment, which is a brilliant strategy if you're a businessman, not so much a desired trait as a politician.

uhhhh, that's practically the defining characteristic of the politician. Hillary pretends to be pro gun when it suits her. Obama claims to be pro-gun + he couldn't ban guns if he wanted too + the only people who dislike him are God clinging gun nuts. Shrub convinced us he was Conservative but ... "compassionate". as though compassion is antithetical to Conservatism? Bush promised no new taxes, then implemented them.

one of the few times i've seen a pol rebel against this was when Cruz was addressing a group of middle Eastern Christian immigrants ( who have been treated rather harshly by Israel over the years ) and wound up walking out on them because they weren't interested in hearing him keep sucking up to AIPAC.

Sanders would probably also refuse to run to the center for the general election. i do NOT consider this a good thing.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

bob k. mando said...
uhhhh, that's practically the defining characteristic of the politician.

No shit, Sherlock. You just proved my point. Everybody is gushing over him like he's some sort of anti-politician. Like he's going to blow up the establishment. Like he gives a damn about our country. Even smart people like Vox have fallen for it. However, if you really look, it doesn't seem that anyone can put a finger precisely on what he's doing, except for pissing off some media whores (which admittedly has been fun to watch). If he's just going to be a chameleon, how is he any different than every other candidate we've gotten over the last 150 years?

Sanders and Hitlery are pure evil; that's easy to see. I suspect Trump might be a wolf in sheep's clothing. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think anybody knows for certain. It is easier to face danger head-on than have it sneak up on you. I love Trump's bravado, but I don't know who the hell he is, besides fantastically wealthy, which doesn't tell us much.

Dystopia Max said...

Steve Sailer could tell you. And his positions are up at donaldjtrump.com , and he does seem to be hitting them and their themes pretty consistently.

One thing's for sure, he has never REinvented himself.

Unknown said...

Trump is somewhat different. He says he wants to build a wall, but he can see the wall. This dessicated bloated corpse of Murkawitz is about to hit the wall. You can argue with me, but math is straight numbers. You can change the date, but you can't change the math. The Federal Reserve has no money or net worth. They only issue debt, just like the other phony Rothschild counterfeiters. Depression is when they hit the wall. This time, there ain't no coming back boys. No England or America to rebuild the stupid. The Soviet Empire all fell down, and this Murkawitz is due for its Humpty Dumpty end right here and right now.Its the end of the World as you know it, and I feel fine. Long foretold, its finally here. The nWo is not ready to get up and run. These dumb fucks just don't know how these things work. It takes someone who knows to make this Empire thing run, and its me not them.

Black Poison Soul said...

To put it in old-timey American slang: "Trump sure talks purdy don't he."

Insider sounds highly likely. Especially given the track-record of every single president going back on their word.

But then, the sheeple never have been good at connecting the dots.

So it is with a bit of sadness and regret that I watch a once-great empire, tottering, falling to it's knees, brought down by it's own parasites. Parasites that it - or somebody inside - willingly and knowingly created.

And I raise a small glass of Grand Marnier to you, Keoni, as we watch the giant stumble and fall.

Dystopia Max said...

I think it's probably safe to say that certain blogging peers disagree with you tremendously:

"He drew us in by promising to repeal and replace the Republican orthodoxy with something much, much better -- you're gonna get to keep your common sense, you won't be denied for a pre-existing empathy, and we're gonna get rid of all the monopolistic lines around the issues, so that many different points of view can compete.

And do the shills who wasted so many millions of dollars on "opposition research" really think we were so naive that we assumed a billionaire, who made his fortune in Manhattan real estate, beauty pageants, casinos, and mass entertainment, had absolutely zero blemishes? And the best they could find was him hiring some Polish illegals way back in the early 1980s? That's nothing compared to Trump's peers on the class pyramid who hire millions of Mexican illegals right now.

We're not voting for the next candidate for canonization -- we're voting for the best candidate to turn around our great big fat mess of a country, and stabilize what has been falling apart. That's his forte -- turning around failing enterprises, where "buy low and sell high" comes from his improvements of what started out as garbage, not from luckily timing a speculative bubble like the stock market gamblers.

So, despite what you'll hear from the clueless pundits, nothing at all changed tonight in the attacks on Trump. They're still going after him for not being an Israel-first libertarian warhawk, and for not being a saint. All that's changed is the intensity of these attacks.

This far along into the primary season, the cuck candidates and their (bare)backers still don't realize that we're in a qualitatively different environment in 2016. Doing what worked 5, 10, 20 years ago does not work this time around. If anything, it may harm rather than help. Likewise, doing what would have been suicidal 5, 10, 20 years ago will if anything help out in 2016.

In their minds, the first mistake was ignoring Trump as a real threat. So then they turned to attacking him -- but on the outmoded factors of neocon orthodoxy and "the personal is political" purity tests. That didn't work, so they figured the mistake was quantitative (instead of qualitative), and would fix that by dialing up the intensity of the outmoded attacks. That will still fail, and Trump is going to come out of Super Tuesday with many times the number of delegates as either of the spaz crew.

They still haven't learned that we're moving away from elitism to populism, and from globalism to nationalism, and that the culture war is dead -- we want real results now, not empty symbolic grandstanding. It's all to the good for the Trump movement, since it means our main enemies can't even tell which way their gun is pointing. Like a cargo cult, they're just going through the same old motions, blindly believing that they'll produce the same effects."

I'm Against Ideology for this one. Trump the Man shows no signs of being an avatar of Establishment, the class. He alone among the candidates followed the Dave Ramsey financial independence guidelines, hence only he could say the things he said and get away with them, while everyone else might like to but couldn't get their donors to go along.

Our enemies once were mere principalities and powers, but the rule of influence, mental tricks, and narratives only works when people are asleep. Trump woke up everyone, or at least a non-trivial proportion. And now our enemies are seen for the mere men they always were.

Of course, men can still be dangerous, but only to the degree that they're actually masculine.

Keoni G said...

@ Hearthie - "Dominos lined up in a row... it's not pretty now, it's going to be worse when they fall."

Prepare for the worst, hope and pray for the best!

@ BPS - "And I raise a small glass of Grand Marnier to you, Keoni, as we watch the giant stumble and fall." And I raise a dram of Glenfiddich to you, good sir. Cheers!

@ Dystopia Max - I think it's probably safe to say that certain blogging peers disagree with you tremendously:

As far as I can tell, most of the folks in the MAndrosphere/Orthosphere/NeoRx/Dark Enlightenment etc., all disagree with me. Trump seems to have taken these fringes of teh Interwebz by storm. That's fine...I simply have a perspective in which I don't believe in the legitimacy of Federal elections. I think it's all a rigged game and has been for some time. While this latest election has certainly been quite entertaining, I don't believe voting for Trump versus any other politician is going to make a difference as to where we are going as a nation...

Dystopia Max said...

Most of the Dark Enlightenment-type supporters don't believe in the legitimacy of federal elections either. They would have been ready and willing to turn this Weimar Republic into a formal techno-dictatorship. The fact that Trump is also democratically popular is a happy accident.

Trump, for them, is the one most likely to use his executive authority like an actual executive-a CEO actually governing like the CEO of America, versus an effete managerialist being the policy marketing cheerleader/religious figurehead a la Obama.

Trump does not, to me, have the eyes, demeanor, or style of a man owned by his handlers. And those people in the business of extracting large sums of money from presidents who need handlers are much more easily identified, unmasked, and vilified than at any time previously. You aren't the only one who knows the game is rigged.

And the number of people who know the game is rigged is large enough, extensive enough, and dedicated to constitute an irregular army at this point. The recent third-party electoral shenanigans now receive top billing among them and their affiliates.

The difference between now and the previous elections is that both the voting public and the minority of people interested in motivating the voting public on the conservative side are now very much awake, very much less inclined to tolerate the type of backroom deals you could get away with previously, and have a multi-year head start on the sort of useful knowledge of their constituencies that was lacking among the party elite previously. We haven't had a real populist since Reagan, and Trump is unlikely to make the same mistakes he did.

Jana Murray said...

It's discouraging and shocking to see sooo many Ron Paul supporters fall for this game, AGAIN! People need to get in touch with reality, there are ZERO candidates available via mainstream. The only candidate I can support is Steven D Kelley, who is not afraid to confront the pedophilia problem in the highest levels of our government.

Troy Lee Messer said...

Dear Raving Conspiritards:

I pretty much agree with the analysis presented here by our perspicacious author. I too start with the premise that elections, the government (at all levels from county to the fed), the banking system, all of it is complete bullshit.

I find Trump entertaining. And I have reveled in a good amount of schadenfreude at wathing Trump give the MSM, the republican establishment, and progressive a bad case of the vapors. A lot of people are placing their faith in him in the manospehre/Al right. I too find that faith misplaced. A dude with 9 billion dollars or so. Who has been in the New York media for 40 something years is the epitome of an insider. Having said that, as an avid Vox reader, many are just saying the all the other candidates will do nothing to change the system. Trump represents someone who might....MIGHT... change the system, but no one is going to be holding their breath.

What I think the most important thing that Trump represents is that there is a lot of anger out there in fly over country. Maybe, just maybe, men are putting down their mobile affirmation devices, turning off the NASCAR, the Netflix, standing in line for the new Galaxy S7, and starting to grok at how fucked up thinks are and maybe doing something about it. Trump represents a focal point for this anger.

I don't think Trump is going to make the slightest bit of difference. The catherdral is a heavy machine, like a train, and it has a lot of velocity. The catherdral will not brook change. The only thing I think is going change things is a great economic reset. And I too agree that is going to happen. The question is just when.

Anonymous said...

Eduardo the Magnificent said...
No shit, Sherlock. You just proved my point.

well then, perhaps you need to practice your English because that's NOT what you said.

Eduardo the Magnificent said...
Even smart people like Vox have fallen for it.

is English your 2nd or 3rd language or something?

Vox states openly almost every other day that he does NOT trust Trump. all that he says is that all of the other options ( except Cruz ) are openly for legalization. and that Cruz has himself been part of the "legalize" crowd earlier in his career when he was with Shrub.

so for you to assert such a stupid lie as "Vox [has] fallen for it" disqualifies your opinion in all matters.

Troy Lee Messer said...
turning off the NASCAR

HEY now, that's getting a bit too extreme for me. i want to watch Danica wreck some more cars.

D - does
A - anyone
N - notice
I - I
C - crash
A - alot

Dystopia Max said...

"The catherdral is a heavy machine, like a train, and it has a lot of velocity. The catherdral will not brook change. The only thing I think is going change things is a great economic reset. And I too agree that is going to happen. The question is just when."

The traditional Cathedral operation goes: Universities come up with the ideas, media popularizes them, government enforces the result.

But universities have lost a great deal of influence since the policy of MOAR EDUCATION IS BETTER FOR EVERYBODY, and most of the thought leadership that they used to give has been redistributed to independent entities operating outside the university system. And these 'genius' celebrities now means that the media has to pull double duty as both popularizer and ideologizer, and it's really not all that good at the second one.

If the universities still effectively ruled us Trump wouldn't have a chance. Fortunately, they hire mostly administrators and managers now, so even the reddest of red-diaper intellegentsia on the campus is forced to get popular on their own or shut up if they want any real influence.

As for the permanent civil service, it's more and more openly a set of goons for whoever's in power, and thus has the quality of personnel that matches those ambitions. Turf wars over stupid things are likely to get even more popular.

In short, those in power have weakened themselves considerably for lack of practice, which is part of the lack of motivation, which is part of the spiritual malaise that hits all leftists, which also evinces itself as a physical malaise that tells any Bernie supporter that they can take over that microphone if they want.

Hope you read your Moldbug and internalized all that nrx stuff about 'becoming worthy' and 'personal government' and 'building institutions,' because the opportunities are going to be legion in the new admin! Succumbing to despair only means that you miss your chance to strike when the collapse happens!

Eduardo the Magnificent said...

Yes, Bob, you proved what I said. Trump is no different than any other politician out there, despite the flowery rhetoric he gets in these parts. That is precisely the point I made, and you parroted it right back to me by saying Hitlery, Obama, etc. do the same shit he does. We said the Exact. Same. Thing. Is that a problem for you, or are you just looking for something to be pissed off and argue about? Vox is a Trump fanboi who is all over every Trump victory or Cruz/Rubio/Jeb! faceplant. Not just that, he gloats. Whatever his reasons, he's caught up in the Trump hurricane. He's on board with a Trump presidency. If that isn't 'falling for it' I don't know what is or what blog you're reading. I don't know what crawled up your ass, Bob, and I don't really care. I'm not your enemy, I didn't contradict you or lie. So take your "your opinion is now disqualified" bullshit rhetoric somewhere else if the best you can do is insult.

IMGrody said...


have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

Eduardo the Magnificent said...
So take your "your opinion is now disqualified" bullshit rhetoric somewhere else if the best you can do is insult.

i'll take my rhetoric somewhere else AFTER you figure out how to dialectic.

thus far, your only complaint about Trump is that he is also a politician ... who lies. which is the same as all the other candidates.

well, if that's the case, if it's kayfabe all the way down, then you may as well cheer for the most amusing lying politician. and Yeb! / Narco Lubio / Cruz certainly are too low energy to be that.

Conan the Cimmerian said...


I was listening to a podcast and you got mentioned:


Somewhere arouind the 2:05 to 2:06 area (hour:minute).

It's a small world after all (Disney brainwashing worked).

Keoni G said...

Thanks for the tip, my Cimmerian friend...that was a rather interesting podcast to listen to.