Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Fake President for a Fake World

This article by Mike Adams just about says it all with regards to the reality of our Brave New World Order.

Obama birth certificate is just as authentic as the money supply, the food supply and Obamacare

The Birthers just don’t know when to quit, do they? Now that the White House has released President Obama’s birth certificate, the case is now closed, but they just won’t stop ranting about it. Why are these birthers still complaining?

They claim the birth certificate document is a fake. Why does that matter? But of course the document is a fake. It’s not “merely” fake; it’s so fake that the whole thing has become an IQ test for figuring out how many people can be so easily fooled by a fake ( If I turned in a document like this as part of an effort to get a home loan, for example, and I assembled it layer by layer with obvious cutting and pasting of numbers from multiple sources in order to fake my reported income levels, I would be guilty of a felony crime. At the very least, I would be laughed out of the room. “Are you kidding me? This is your best attempt at falsifying an income statement?” they would say. Even a high school kid with a scanner and Photoshop knows how to make a more convincing forgery than this… (…)

For an explanation of why it’s all so obviously a fake, watch this:…

But I ask the far more important question: Does it matter that it’s a fake in the first place? Given that most of the U.S. government’s job statistics are fake, and that the U.S. dollar is being counterfeited on a daily basis by the Fed, and that virtually the entire U.S. economy is built on fake “abundance” that’s really just more debt spending… isn’t it is some way actually more authentic to have a President at the helm who faked his birth certificate?

It’s almost like he’s more qualified for the job, you see, running the fake economy with fake dollars while the mainstream media distributes all the fake news. And then in between the fake news bits, the advertisers come on and promote their fake foods, and fake pharmaceuticals which are approved based on faked science approved by FDA regulators who are faking it, too.

Couples are now artificially fertilized (fake conception!), and when their children are born, they feed them fake milk (infant formula). They grow up on fake sweeteners and fake (artificial) colors. In school, they’re taught fake U.S. history so that they have fake ideas of how the world really works. When they’re old enough, they get to participate in faked voting schemes where the winners are already determined.

And thanks to the internet, we live in a world of fake friends, fake emotions and fake sex. Football games are played on fake grass, and today’s “reality” TV shows are all faked, too. Professional wrestling is fake (but MMA isn’t), and most of the news consumed by the masses is entirely fabricated. Even the science behind most of modern medicine is faked, fabricated or twisted around in order to get the results the drug companies want to see.

And oh yeah, the drugs are faked, too, especially the antidepressants which appear to work only because of the Placebo Effect — which is real, even though it only exists in the mind.

We need more leaders who embrace fakery

For the most part, we are fake people living in a fake world engaged in fake interactions. So why shouldn’t we have a fake President with a fake birth certificate to top it all off?

I don’t know what the problem is here with the obviously fake birth certificate. Of course it’s a fake. But isn’t that what we vote for when we vote for any president? After all, presidential election campaigns are all about making fake promises uttered with fake smiles as part of faked speeches that are actually written by somebody else and read on the teleprompter.

In fact, I would argue that Obama’s faked birth certificate makes him more authentic than any other President in American history. It is precisely this mastery of fakery that has allowed Obama to deliver fake health care reform, faked world peace (new war on Libya!), and faked preparedness (radioactive fallout from Fukushima? Don’t prepare!)

It’s perfect for a nation of fake people who live in fake houses with the fake stonework plastered onto the front to make them look as if they were built out of stone. The people go get their cosmetic surgery and botox (faked youth!) so they can meet new fake people and pursue their fake relationships with faked orgasms. Their profiles on Facebook are completely faked; their resumes handed in at prospective employers are faked; and even their apparent “wealth” is faked because they’re neck-deep in debt on that luxury car parked in the driveway of the luxury house they can’t afford.

At work, they fake like they’re getting something done so that they can receive a paycheck that’s also largely faked because it’s denominated in fake dollars which are deposited in a fake (electronic) bank account so that the money can be multiplied and leveraged in order for the bank to keep creating more fake currency in the form of loans handed out to people who faked their credit history and lied on their loan applications. But who cares? As long as we all fake it together, the system works!

So we go shopping with our fake money and we buy fake “fashion” jeans with fake holes already pre-fabricated right into the pant legs, and we purchase our colognes and perfumes made with fake chemical fragrances that try to put a fake smell on our bodies so that we can meet other fake people who wear their own faked chemical smells to try to fool us into thinking they smell like fresh flowers and honey when, in reality, they stink like a country goat.

They use cosmetics to fake their skin health, and hair implants to fake their hair growth. Young girls are wearing fake contact lenses to fake their pupil dilation as fakes sign of faked sexual arousal. This is designed to get a rise out of their fake date partner who takes them to a fake restaurant to order fake food grown from fake (GMO) seeds and fertilizers with fake soils (made out of composted human sewage) which is contaminated with fake hormones (HRT drugs) and other drugs.

And the next morning they’ll wake up and share a bowl of faked blueberries in their faked breakfast cereals. Those have been faked, too, as shown in my video, “The Blueberry Deception.” (

Authentic leaders would fail

In fact, the whole matrix in which we live today is so universally faked and fabricated that I’m not sure that an authentic, genuine human being would even have a chance at leading the nation. We need fake Presidents to lead our fake nation into fake economic abundance, so all those “birthers” screaming about the faked birth certificate should frankly just shut up and eat their fake ham sandwiches made with that faked processed cheese food-like substance squeezed between two pieces of fake white bread.

Stop complaining and watch your fake “reality” TV shows, listen to the fake news, work at your fake government job and keep swallowing fake food so that you can become a highly-profitable patient in our faked health care system based on faked science and run by fake researchers. This is how the system works today. Reality has nothing to do with it, and you should abandon any such bizarre ideas. They’re unpatriotic.

In fact, the release of Obama’s birth certificate, with all its layers and Photoshop edits and mismatched numbers that were obviously assembled from multiple sources is not an admission of fakery — it’s a proud statement of authenticity! It says that our President is perfectly in tune with the faked society over which he presides. That’s what we need in America today; a genuine man of the People.

After all, only a true fake can achieve the level of fakery required in our world to be embraced as authentic.

And today, I bow down to the master of fakery; the man who is so authentic in his fakiness that he has released the world’s first authentic counterfeit birth certificate, proudly assembled from layers that would be widely considered faked by anyone who wasn’t sufficiently psychologically invested in the real world, by which I mean our faked society.

From here forward, I think we should all just start faking it. Reality, after all, is overrated.


Paige said...
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Grim said...

And thus Cypher cried: woe unto me reality sucks ass. Give me the blue pill and put me back in the matrix!

Paige said...

I used the wrong userinfo in the previous comment. Would you mind deleting it?

I just wanted to say good post!

*** ******** said...

"presidential election campaigns are all about making fake promises uttered with fake smiles as part of faked speeches that are actually written by somebody else and read on the teleprompter."
- insert joke about Obama without a teleprompter and juxtapose it with quotes about how great a public speaker he is.

Simon Rierdon said...

Great post Keoni, the correlations you have made here with the faked birth certificate and our fake society were profound.

Enigmático e Realístico said...

Dude AMAZING post!

Serious, incredible!

I have a brazillian MRA blog (well is not exactly MRA because i dont engage in political causes, but i dont have a better definition at the moment) and in a near future i want to adaptate your text to my blog (if you dont mind of course). I wont talk about obama because here we are with Dilma Roussef as president, but anyway she is so fake as him birth certificate

If you want, you can check my blog. On the top of the blog i have a translator tool, and i checked and works fine. Of course have a little mess with some words, but you can understand the primary idea of the text. I will feel glad if you leave a comment on my blog


Default User said...

You know, I had not given this much thought until the release of the full certificate. Now I am suspicious.

I heard one of those "that puts it to rest" reports on the radio, but wondered why no one asked the question "why now?" After all this time fighting against its release why now release it. If it had contained some mildly embarrassing detail (such as "white" for race) I could understand, but the document presented is a nothing that should have caused no reason to hold it back.

When the "birther" issue first came up, before the election of 2008, I assumed that the Democrats would let the Republicans burn up gas sitting on the runway worrying about this, and then, in a tada moment, release the document just before the election.

After all their stalling, when they finally release the document, and the press remains as uninquisitive as ever, I become more suspicious.

jonw said...

I have looked closely at the pdf as well. I do a lot of document scanning, and this pattern occurs often with text recognition (OCR) processing. The software tries to pick out words and letters from the image, and stores them so they can be searched. The non-text portions of the document are handled separately, then the whole thing is pasted together. The same issues would happen if I scanned my own kid's Hawaii birth certificate. The White House should have released a high-resolution photograph of the document, rather than a scanned text pdf.

But really, does it even matter? There are people who would not be satisfied even if we went downtown to DOH and watched somebody pull the paper out of a drawer, in order. If you want to see a conspiracy you will. Personally, I take the pdf bungling as a sign of authenticity. If there really was an organized powerful group behind all this, don't you think they could have produced a white kid with a normal name and American parents? Don't you think they could at least have produced a convincing fake document? This is a non-issue that has deliberately been whipped up to take attention away from real problems. Keoni, you're smarter than this. You have posted some issues that reflect real crimes and conspiracies, and affect millions of Americans. The birth certificate "manufactured controversy" doesn't deserve a place in that list.


Roy said...

Fakery, thy name is Obama.
Enough said.
Excellent post though - nothing fake in it.

*** ******** said...

what a coincidence. within a week of releasing a document he could have years ago (but still won't release his college transcripts btw), he also finds, kills, and DUMPS IN THE OCEAN (NOT IN THE MUSLIM TRADITION REGARDLESS OF WHAT MEDIA IS PURPORTING) the body of the most wanted fugitive on the planet.

what a joke. wake up people.

. said...

Lol! HL, you rock!

I think this one of your best posts.

If it wasn't so based on fakery, LOL!

I laughed the whole way through.

J.B. said...

Have you read the book FAKERS, its a 1990s print on the how fake society is today (in the 90s) and although I have only read a few pages I think its up their with my confucius collection.

I'll try and find the exact book if your interested

J.B. said...

Or it might be called FAKING?

Monica R. said...

This is one of the best things I've read in a while.