Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools...the Jokes on US

Since I live in Hawaii, it was still March 31st for me when I noticed some April Fools joke posts started appearing in the blogosphere last night. Frost's declaration that he was getting married was particularly clever.

The worst April Fools post so far, is the tired, lame-ass schtick that PMAFT just keeps repeating over and over again. The old "Reptilian Alien Illuminati" meme that is used to misdirect any reference to any actual evidence pointing out conspiracy facts.

PMAFT regularly dismisses any references to the Rockefellers and Rothschilds as ridiculous syfy lunacy. He should just stick to posts about proposing threesomes to his girlfriends and how feminism has ruined science fiction, because his attempts to discredit all NWO-related discussions is not even worth a chuckle anymore.

But I'm glad he put the idea of April Fools jokes and mentioning the banker elitist oligarch's like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds into one post, as it gave me an idea for a post I had meant to do awhile ago but never got around to.

See, the biggest joke ever pulled on the US, was the private banking cartel set up in this country that has systematically raped this country for over a century now...the Federal Reserve. By setting up a system owned by Charter Banks, the very real financial elites were able to gain control of the reins of power.

Whenever someone is in debt to someone else, that person who holds the debt, is the person who has the power in that relationship. And the Federal Reserve System most certainly has the power right now in it's relationship with our US Government's insurmountable debt.

Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws. - Mayer Amschel Rothschild

The Rothschild Bankster Oligarchy has played our entire country for fools. And there is no need to site Conspiracy Theorist loonies blathering on about Reptilian Alien Pedophiles to prove that the Rothschild's and their American associates like the Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs et al actually own the Federal Reserve and actually are the true power in the US...the de facto "Shadow Government."

The ownership of the Federal Reserve as exposed by Congressional Committee 1976



No Reptilian Illuminati Satanist Pedophile lunacy here. Just the facts.

The jokes on US.

Happy Fool's Day.


Anonymous said...

Great Post.

Have you have seen Ed Griffin's Google Video lecture on the Federal Reserve?

It might make a good addendum to that post as he's great at explaining technical stuff to a general audience.

Keoni Galt said...


BTW, one of the first guys I ever discovered in revealing the NWO conspiracy was David Icke. He explained so many things that made sense...his explanation of fiat currency, fractional reserve banking, and the tri-lateral commission and the structure of the NWO's regions were the first introductions to the topics I encountered.

...and then he went and got into the Reptilian Alien crap, flushing all of the great expose's he did right down the toilet and gave guys like PMAFT the ammo they needed to marginalize and dismiss all evidence of global conspiracy.

Makes one wonder about the theory of "controlled" opposition. Have an agent discuss 90% truth...than inject some lunacy so as to give the means of discrediting everything.

In this way, the truth can be hidden in plain sight.

Anonymous said...


"Hidden in plain sight" is the favourite globalist Modus Operandi.

Most of the conspiracy is a matter of public record.

Anonymous said...

I think controlled opposition is all over the conspiracy theorist community. David Icke and his reptilians are one part of that. Alex Jones and Henry Makow think everything is about Bohemian Grove pedos possibly with actual demons involved. Jesse Ventura seriously promoted that the world is going to end in 2012. Anyone who can write a book, make a TV program, or sell a DVD they made should be suspect of being controlled opposition. I have not seen one example of a well known conspiracy theorist who didn't say something insane like reptilians, Jesus is going to save us, Atlantis crap, or the world is going to end in 2012 until I found your blog, Keoni Galt.

I have noticed that PMAFT guy likes to hammer reptilians over and over again too. He doesn't stop there. How many times has he hammered the example of Henry Makow was talking about the size of former Vice President Cheney's genitals? What PMAFT is doing is transparent but why did Henry Makow even say such a thing for guys like PMAFT to use? Because Henry Makow is controlled opposition. That's why he was allowed to publish a book.

Keoni Galt, before I found your blog I thought I was the only one seeing what was really going on without all the religion and insanity. I'm surprised the elite hasn't done more to stop you.

Anonymous said...

does ne1 else have trouble loading

Century of the Self said...

No need for conspiracy theories when the real truth IS being exposed and in plain sight for anyone who wishes to know. Watch the 4 hour BBC documentary Century of the Self on Youtube to see what our government, media and pop culture has been up to since WWI.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 said: "Keoni Galt, before I found your blog I thought I was the only one seeing what was really going on without all the religion and insanity. I'm surprised the elite hasn't done more to stop you"

Well the religion part is not insanity, if you look closely the elites have been busy trying to destroy every remnant of Christianity (Catholicism) throughout the 19th and 20th and sadly they have almost suceeded completely with the acquiescence of millions for all those years. Why do you think the churches are so feminized and so afraid to talk about metaphysical things instead of ranting about so called social injustice?

You might think whatever you want about the Church but remember that most of the things you are most likely to hear (religion is to blame for every ill, catholicism opressed women and the rest of the bullshit) has been promoted and taught as dogma by the very elites you are complaining against.

Century of the Self said...

Ultimately, religion is amoral. It can, and is and always has been, used for good or evil ends, depending on in who's hands it is.

That goes for ALL religions by the way.

Rollory said...

If there was a conspiracy competent enough to get and keep control, they would be competent enough not to let everything ruin itself the way it is doing. A farmer doesn't deliberately drive his herd to crisis and collapse, he keeps them fat and happy and oblivious. The actions of the Federal Reserve are self-destructive. The control money exerts is vastly magnified the more central money is to a society - and a prosperous trade-centered society with a lot of globalized trade is the obvious goal to attain and maintain in such a case. That's exactly what is being endangered right now.

In short, you're nuts.

Keoni Galt said...