Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Conspiracy Theory for Dummies

The appearance of greatbooksformen at Roissy's has had a polarizing effect (to say the least!)...either you love him or hate him. Even though he writes like a spastic teen texting while overdosing on ritalin and aderall, some of us "get" him, because he makes references to various aspects of our current dystopian reality that only a person well versed in the ideas and theories of "conspiracy theory" would recognize readily.

Some people think he's merely parodying the Roissysphere. In Mala Fide commenter, Cauthon, ventured this explanation:

GBFM’s comments are a loose amalgamation of all the politics in the Roissysphere. I don’t think he even agrees with most of the stuff he says. He’s merely regurgitating the opinions of others, shrouded in the language of a 16-year-old, text crazy girl. It’s so ambiguous and nonsensical that you can read into it whatever meaning you want. And apparently a bunch of you are reading SERIOUS meaning into it. Shocking, really.

It's only ambiguous and nonsensical, if you don't understand the references he's making...which for the most part requires a bit of extensive reading and rumination to even begin to see the big picture.

I've been ridiculed, slandered and reviled for my blogging both here and on the Spearhead for my discussions of "conspiracy theory." I've been called a crackpot, a moron, and whenever I post a new article on the Spearhead that doesn't relate strictly to 'game' or 'feminism' some anonymous person(s) invariably logs on and complains that I should not be a contributor to the Spearhead.

Even some of my favorite bloggers like Talley and Alki over at Seasons of Tumult and Discord make humor at my expense. (Very funny guys...I really did Laugh Out Loud!)

PMAFT has dedicated several posts and extensive commentary both here and elsewhere to the topic...and while he has been for the most part civil and respectful (and I towards him), I can't help but detect the tone of condescension that imparts his attitude that I'm a blooming idiot for believing in some aspects of "Conspiracy Theory."

Part of this, is the conflating of the aspects of "Conspiracy Theory" that I take seriously with other aspects for which I consider to be misinformation, deliberately designed and promulgated to instill this knee jerk rejection of ALL conspiracy theory, without a second thought.

As if pointing out the role such people Rockefellers and their mega $$$ Foundation has had in socially engineering society through control of the Central Banking System, and their influence on the Government, media and educational system through their philanthropic Foundation's grant funding; I guess pointing these things out is just as outlandish and crazy as Reptilian alien UFO's landing at the Bohemian Grove to sacrifice the babies of brainwashed MK-ultra FEMA Camp internees.

Well folks...it's all good. For those of you that read my stuff and think I'm a total tinfoil-hat wearing loony toon...I doubt there is anything more I can say to make you think otherwise.

However...to people who might be curious as to what the hell this is really all about, I thought I'd try to simplify the concepts that GBFM continually refers to in his schtick.

First of all...what is GBFM talking about when he refers to "fiat masters?" And why does he always tie women embracing sexual promiscuity (butthexing) to transfer the wealth from men to the fiat masters?

They have ties to the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system. From The Origins of the Federal Reserve

The financial elites of this country, notably the Morgan, Rockefeller, and Kuhn, Loeb interests, were responsible for putting through the Federal Reserve System as a governmentally created and sanctioned cartel device to enable the nation's banks to inflate the money supply in a coordinated fashion, without suffering quick retribution from depositors or noteholders demanding cash.

You want the bloody details, you can read that extensive article by Rothbard yourself...or you can also read The Creature From Jekyll Island.

So...the same folks responsible for the creation of the Fed, the "fiat masters," how exactly did they "desoul woman by butthex" and "transferring the wealth from menz to the Fed?"

The connection is blatantly obvious when you look at what kind of things the Rockefeller Foundation has funded that was directly responsible for the proliferation of feminism and shaped society into the problems associated with it that we all deal with today.

They funded Albert Kinsey, the researcher oft credited as the beginning of the change of sexual mores in America.

They funded Margeret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, the foremost proponent of abortion.

They fund women's studies programs in most major colleges throughout the country.

They funded the various institutes that researched, and developed birth control.

In short, the founders of the Federal Reserve Central Banking System..i.e. the "fiat masters" funded every major element of the feminist movement and sexual revolution that has spawned all of the issues we all discuss, argue, debate and rail against in the MRA blogsphere.

Now, this, as the title of the post entails, is a super-simplified version of the "Conspiracy Theory," but there are many more contributors to these sorts of things - philanthropist foundations and the super-wealthy like the Carnegie, Ford, J.P. Morgan etc. have all extensive ties to the funding of the Eugenics movement...the forerunner to modern feminism.

In Mala Fide commenter, White & Nerdy, took me to task for not focusing on what they believe is the problem: WOMEN!

Women have more power than the Federal Reserve by several orders of magnitude. The divorce laws, sexual harassment laws, the DV system, false rape system, etc. have no economic constraint so the Federal Reserve doesn’t matter. Women are the primary problem.

Who do you think financed the lobbyists, the mass media campaigns to normalize feminist propaganda to pass those laws, create the DV system?

GBFM was right...(with gratuitous typos corrected by myself.)

"it’s not a fucking conspiracy theory you fucks...it’s happening right out in front of your fucking faces!"

You just have to open your eyes.


Alkibiades said...

It was all done out of love man!

Talleyrand said...

Here's the thing about The Question, he's right there is a big conspiracy a huge one about world domination and everyone thinks he's a nut job (except maybe Batman), but they're the ones that are mistaken.

Thomas George said...

That 'White & Nerdy' is pathetic. He needs to MAN UP and become a REAL CHRISTIAN MAN. PMAFT is a high level Illuminati-NWO official that wants to destroy families and Christianity. The way to defeat him is by becoming REAL CHRISTIAN MEN, creating CHRISTIAN FAMILIES BY GETTING MARRIED and RAISING AS MANY GODLY CHILDREN AS POSSIBLE.

This is what 'White & Nerdy' or any other overgrown boy following PMAFT and his 'men's rights' needs to do.

1. Stop masturbating to the porn
2. Put down the xbox controller and throw out all of your video games
3. Stop blaming women for your failure to be a REAL CHRISTIAN MAN
4. Stop whining about 'rights' and recognize the problem is your failure to live up to the responsibilities the Lord has required of you

I know it's hard HawaiianLibertarian but keep up the good fight. By creating Christian families through getting married to Christian women and raising GODLY CHILDREN we will defeat PMAFT and his Illuminati-NWO. By following the Lord's plan for our lives we can stop PMAFT's anti-Christ agenda.

Anonymous said...

If you don't have this, you should get it:


Conan the Cimmerian said...

Great post.

It is not a "CONSPIRACY",
it is right and front of you and you refuse to look.

That is the perfect summation. They do not hide their agenda, it is out there for all to see. You just have to look. He that has eyes to see, let him see.

Anonymous said...


to the fucktard above syaing be a christain man and marry a chirstian womenz lzozlzlzlzll

don't ya know that

Study: Christian Divorce Rate Identical to National Average

christains are supposed to care about their brotehrs and sisters and thus they woudl do something about teh divorce rate if they were true chirstains, rather than just commpaninding men 2 marry and get assraped lzozlzlzlzlzl

assraping is not a christian virtue lo9zllzlzl

Anonymous said...

Great post Dave. You're getting closer and closer to converting me. This crap is scary.

Thomas George said...

Anonymous, yes I know the Christian divorce rate is the same as the national average. That's because the failure of masculinity in wider society has infected the Church too. I have seen many divorces in the Church. All of them had the same thing in common, overgrown boys that refused to take up their responsibilities as men as the Lord commands them.

Women have not caused divorce. Women are just trying to manage the pieces best they can. Overgrown boys who refuse to become REAL CHRISTIAN MEN are the ones at fault not women. Women have done nothing wrong. PMAFT and his Illuminati-NWO brethren have infected the Church just like wider society with their message of shirking responsibility.

Even in the Church its so rare to meet another REAL CHRISTIAN MAN under 40. Lots of overgrown boys go to Church but they don't worship the Lord and man up to take the responsibilities that the Lord demands of them. Instead the overgrown boys worship the twisted Satanic ideals that PMAFT and his Illuminati-NWO have tempted them with.

Keoni Galt said...

Hey Thomas - I'll agree with you that Christian men desiring to be a Man of their household should and do need to "man up," I still think you cannot sit here and absolve all women in their role in emasculating men and failing to be submissive...especially so-called religious women. Rather than accept the word of God as it is written, they come up with reasons to avoid, or ignore God's command to submit to their husbands.

Many of these "religious" women full-well espouse secular feminist ideals of "equality" and come up with ways of rationalizing or justifying how their actions are "correct" even if they are not submitting to their husbands...and the church leaders back them up.

In the eyes of God, Men are certainly responsible to be the head of their family.

Women are just as responsible to submit to their husbands! Putting all of the blame on the men is doing the exact same thing Feminists do in blaming everything on Men.

Finally, disagree with PMAFT all you want (I certainly do), but you have no proof that he is an Illuminati agent.

He's merely expressed cynical skepticism about the existence of conspiracy theory...that doesn't make him an active conspirator.

Just a skeptic.

Thomas George said...

Keoni, women are not emasculating men. Women were designed by the Lord to respond to men working as He designed. Men have turned into overgrown boys. You can't blame women for expecting men to act like the Lord designed them to be not like overgrown boys.

Church leaders should back up women. I have seen lots of overgrown boys demand that Church leaders tell women to submit to them when they fail to show proper servant-leadership. Men have responsibility to women as commanded by the Lord. Women have not failed to submit because a woman can't submit to an overgrown boy.

Feminists are irrelevant. Feminists are nothing but a boogeyman that overgrown boys use to justify their refusal to MAN UP and GROW UP.

I know PMAFT is an Illuminati-NWO agent. So called "mens rights" are part of the Illuminati-NWO depopulation agenda. When overgrown boys listen to a PMAFT they don't MAN UP, GET MARRIED TO A CHRISTIAN WOMAN, and RAISE GODLY CHRISTIAN CHILDREN. PMAFT convinces men to become overgrown boys.

Keoni you understand what is going on. I don't understand why you bother with The Spearhead. I'm sure PMAFT was responsible for its creation in some way likely by bankrolling it. Right after The Spearhead starts PMAFT gets lots of attention for The Spearhead making it a major force on the internet. That is no coincidence. PMAFT is a master of psychological manipulation that can only be found working for the Illuminati-NWO. Have you read about his "experiment"? He's lying about at least one thing. I can't believe anyone is taken in by his story that he was a 30 year old virgin that suddenly became a dream man for women. Either he uses his knowledge of psychological manipulation on women that he learned from the Illuminati-NWO or he was lying about being a 30 year old virgin. It doesn't matter what the case is because both point to being an Illuminati-NWO agent. He has proven that he is willing to use women for every one of his filthy UNGODLY desires. PMAFT does not respect women. Do you know what PMAFT claims to do for a living? He works for some corporate-military nexus which is where the Illuminati-NWO would be for control.

Keoni if none of that convinces you about PMAFT what about his blog? He has no ads and his blog is self hosted. He has the resources of the Illuminati-NWO so he can afford to run a self hosted no ad blog. Many corporations can't do that.

Anonymous said...

Don't feed the troll, chaps.

Keoni Galt said...

Keoni if none of that convinces you about PMAFT what about his blog? He has no ads and his blog is self hosted.

Dude, you can host your own website without ad revenue for $5 a month. That's hardly an indicator of Illuminati financing.

And in my opinion, the Church leadership, if they are a Christian denomination, should be supporting what the Bible says - WIVES SUBMIT TO YOUR HUSBANDS.

I have seen lots of overgrown boys demand that Church leaders tell women to submit to them when they fail to show proper servant-leadership.

This is because a man trying to assert his authority, will have his wife "appeal to authority" to resist his attempts. So if he goes to the leadership to back up his attempt to assert his authority...and the church leadership backs the WOMAN up...well, what the hell do you call that?

That's a catch-22, and it undermines the man's authority even worse.

Thomas George said...

Keoni you have opened your eyes up to so much why can't you open them a little more? Even if hosting really was that cheap look at how professional PMAFT's blog looks.

Don't even bother when the look of the blog. Read what PMAFT says. PMAFT has said he works in some sort of corporate-military nexus of the military-industrial complex. He couldn't say he is Illuminati-NWO any louder with a bullhorn.

PMAFT's "experiment" is a lie. There is no way he could have gone from 30 year old virgin loser who could not find a woman to marry to 30 year old depraved playboy. Either he lied about being a virgin or he lied about how he became a playboy. There is no other way that he could have gone from virgin to depraved playboy except by learning Illuminati advanced psychological manipulation.

If you read between the lines of PMAFT's blog you can tell that he thinks women should worship his genitalia. Recently he talked about how his genitalia made him superior to women. He talks about the size of his genitalia like a depraved Illuminati agent would.

I'm part of the leadership at my Church and I know of what I speak when I say that men are failing to provide CHRISTIAN SERVANT-LEADERSHIP. You would not believe the women we have had come to us to ask us for help. The abused women are heartbreaking. What really annoys me are the men who claim that through their leadership they can order their women to work while they play xbox all day. Or the so called men that demand depraved sex acts from their wives. The worst comes from the youngest couples. Those males are filled with Illuminati-NWO indoctrination.

Keoni you have opened you eyes so much. Open them a little more to see how "mens rights" are part of the Illuminati-NWO plans. We know their goal is depopulation. They have us confused by thinking it will be done through war or economic collapse. That is not how it will happen. The Illuminati-NWO are more dangerous than that. They invented feminism which is more concept than reality to scare men. Then they created "mens rights" to cause the scared men to think women are demons out to get them. That is what PMAFT is all about. He encourages men to use women only for sex or have nothing to do with women. PMAFT uses his psychological manipulation skills to convince men to not marry. Even man that PMAFT convinces is a man and a woman too without children and grandchildren. This is the Illuminati-NWO depopulation agenda working. Keoni it is happening right in front of you on a blog that is in your links.

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech said...

HL, if you're wondering why people are reflexively against conspiracy theory, one reason is that conspiracy theorists sound much more like Thomas George than you especially when it comes to men's rights, MGTOW, and game.

Also, be sure to leave Thomas George's comments up even though they attack me. I am getting lots of enjoyment out of them.

Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Tech said...

And Thomas I'm going to use my Illuminati powers tonight to spend a night of depraved sexual debauchery with my girlfriend.

. said...


Most of us understand that Illuminati shreikers are doing a great dis-service.

But so are those with your mocking attitude, while never really examining the facts. In many cases, key or pivotal decisions have been made without popular support, or even knowledge of the issues, that removed certain known pillars to society. And mockers, such as yourself, are ill able to explain "why" such things could happen, shrug your shoulders and carry on with your head buried in the sand.

Take the implementation of "No Fault Divorce," for example. This was not the result of a popular outcry from the masses to solve some horrific problem. It was implemented by a very small group of radicals manipulating the system.

It was no accident, and they knew what the results would be.

Now, every single little thing that happened as a result of such an action cannot be attributed to such groups, but, they did not need to manipulate every thing after that, all they needed to do was remove the "pin" that caused the further destruction. Much like if I loosened the lug-nuts on the tires of your car, I won't know exactly when or how it will happen, but I do know that I will be causing a lot of destruction to come your way in the near future.

There are examples of this in several key areas of our history that cannot be neatly explained away with the mocking attitudes of the Ostrich Heads - who are just as ridiculous as Illuminati Shreikers.

It's like you guys wish to deny that groups manipulating the system via conspiracies are unheard of in history, when historical fact illustrates that most significant historical changes are, indeed, the result of groups of peoples conspiring against others. Bismarck, for example, conspired to start the Franco-Prussian War by manipulating the German States into a frenzy of hatred against the French, by even going so far as to falsify letters and print them in newspapers. He succeeded, and Germany was born.

Et Tu, Brute?

So, I agree, Illuminati Reptillian Antarctican Dwellers meeting annually at the Bohemian Grove to have incestuous affairs with baby girls is complete hogwash.

But, the ostrich-heads who simply refuse to acknowledge the very existence of conspiracy all throughout the history of mankind, are not really all that much smarter.

Christ, the Founding Fathers of America were a conspiracy theory.

The majority of pivotal events in history have elements of conspiracy and deception behind them, and this is historical fact, not fiction.

What makes you think humans have evolved so much in the past century or so, that we have become so different than all the generations of humans who came before us?

What I'd like to see all of the "proto-Mra's" out there start doing, is backing up their assertions with some real research and fact, rather than just relying on their goddam pontifications after a night of bong-hits, and then declaring their fantasies to be the "new" facts.

God, I miss the Real MRM, of which HL was a respected member.

. said...


Be sure to leave your comments here up, as well as the ones on your blog.

I am starting up my blog again, and will not be feeling shy of attacking the "proto-MRM crowd" when they pull dumbass shit like this.

Why don't you attack Zed, or Angry Harry? They both believe quite similar things to HL.

As do I.

B said...

I'm having Occam's Razor-related issues buying the Rockefeller theory. To wit, what is the advantage in undermining the society that you already run (in the best way, with zero responsibility)? Also, wouldn't the descendants of Rockefeller be immune to the effect of his devious plan, as evidenced by 1913-level birthrates? Please explain.

PS The captcha, that oracle of our time, suggests "crorees" as the answer. Crores being an Indian currency, I'm not sure where it's going with all this.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I was doing some of my own reading and thought you might find this interesting. This is an excerpt from a talk given by the prophet our prophet in the 70's. I know your experience with Mormons hasn't been the best, but we're supposed to be more like you than we really are.