Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Eumaios from Riding with the King posted a glossary of terms to understand just what the hell greatbooksformen is talking about over at Roissy's.

A few of them, I think, needed a little more expansion/clarification, which I've added in { } brackets .

Well done, Eumaios.

Ben Bernanke: a symbol for central banks. Particularly, the rotating cabal of figureheads for the central banks.

Tucker Max: a symbol for the kind of asshole alpha women lust for, lose their innocence to, and in GBFM’s piquant phrasing, invite in for a good asscocking.

Charlotte Allen: a symbol for ostensibly good, virtuous, conservative women, especially the older ones who should know better. {But still cheerlead for the likes of Tucker Max, despite claiming conservative credentials}

Jonah Goldberg: neocon hypocrisy and crypto-feminism.

“Women tame men”: the rope neocons sell men

“conservatism after being taken over by the fiat masters.” In Moldbuggian terminology, the portion of the Outer Party that has been fully and willingly co-opted by the Quakers.

butthex: sodomy, as pronounced by Barney Fag. Also, a “metaphor for what the fed does to a currency and a country.”

butthex matrix: the Western system of debt-slavery. Government of the people, for the bankers, and by the eliteclasses. Implemented by universal butthex, otherwise known as fiat money.

asscocking: butthex

tucker max is six feet tall: this peculiarly gnomic mantra, even for GBFM, illustrates the tendency of the Cathedral to glorify those who perpetrate butthex.

fiat money, fiat cash: Pieces of paper, or worse, magnetic disparities on heavily guarded platters that are asserted to have value by despotic governments. {And the primary feature of fiat money is that it has no real is counterfeit, which is to say, created out of thin air. This is the key as to why the fiat masters are able to wield the power that they do.}

Secretive tapings of butthex without the girls’ consent: a symbol for the exploitation of the corrupt populace by the elite. The graphic image is that of exculpation for any acts an alpha chooses to perform as he engages in butthex.

fiat masters: those who exert power by means of their control of the “money” supply.

fiat lies: propaganda, goodthink. Polite discourse.

fiat: generally applied as a modifier where only one opinion is allowed in the naked public square.

desouling of women: Arguably, GBFM uses this phrase in its literal sense.

bernankified: e.g. “bernankified chick”. Refers to the habits of self-degradation enabled by the existence of apparently free money. The grasshopper, had the ants not demurred at supporting him over the winter.

bernankenomics: “transferring all the risk to the worker, inventor, creator, honest man, soldier; butthexing the common people who do all the physical work and labor; and inflating and deflating bubbles purposely to win friends in congress.” {transferring the risks to the worker, inventor, creator, honest man, soldier, while the fiat masters reap all of the rewards.}

weekly standard: respectable mainstream neo-conservatism engaged in the legitimization of depravity.

unbuttplugged: going off grid {Taking the red pill and seeing the matrix of deception that is our popular culture and false perceptions of the mass media image of society.}

vampire: usually a more or less oblique reference to Twilight’s Edward Cullen, and to the depravity in the hearts of women that allows them to lust over dangerous, yet effeminate men.

fat, cherubic faces: a physical trait of neocons who volunteer our armed forces for tough jobs, esp. Jonah Goldberg

lzozl (and variations): Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure GBFM is actually a parody of the commenters on Roissy's blog. He doesn't beleive any of the stuff. It's just satire.

greenlander said...

I don't know why some people seem to like GBFM. I think he's annoying and I always skip reading his posts.

Christian Prophet said...

Silly stuff. I wonder what valuable purpose it serves. By the way, have you seen the "Robin Hood Oath?"

Keoni Galt said...

Anon and both couldn't be more wrong. GBFM has a method to his madness, but the things he's referring to are very real. Simplified...but when you understand exactly how the Federal Reserve operates, and how the elites have socially engineered society to create the current dystopia we inhabit, you would understand precisely what GBFM is talking about.

Christian, I just looked at it. I like it. :-)

greenlander said...

Keoni, I understand that he's making some valid points. Feminism, the Federal Reserve, government ponzi schemes, etc. destroying this country. I read The Economist cover to cover every single week. I get it.

I'm just saying that his PRESENTATION is annoying. Why can't he make his points in proper English and sentence structure like the rest of the civilized world?

Anonymous said...

I instantly skip GBFM's posts because they are a chore to wade through. There's already more top-quality readable info on the internet than I can handle, so I'm not going to machete my way through GBFM's prose.