Monday, June 14, 2010

Heeeeeeeeeeeee's BACK!

Rob Fedders has decided to resume his contributions to the MRM by blogging again...I guess he got bored with his career as a drive-by commenter in the MRM blogosphere.


Check out his first new blog posts since 2008:

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Good to see you back at it Mr. Fedrz!

Rob left a great comment in my Conspiracy Theory for Dummies post...regarding all of you folks that read some of the things I write about and instinctively write it off as paranoid ravings about reptilian illuminati:

Rob Fedders on Conspiracy Throughout History:

In many cases, key or pivotal decisions have been made without popular support, or even knowledge of the issues, that removed certain known pillars to society. And mockers, such as yourself, are ill able to explain "why" such things could happen, shrug your shoulders and carry on with your head buried in the sand.

Take the implementation of "No Fault Divorce," for example. This was not the result of a popular outcry from the masses to solve some horrific problem. It was implemented by a very small group of radicals manipulating the system.

It was no accident, and they knew what the results would be.

Now, every single little thing that happened as a result of such an action cannot be attributed to such groups, but, they did not need to manipulate every thing after that, all they needed to do was remove the "pin" that caused the further destruction. Much like if I loosened the lug-nuts on the tires of your car, I won't know exactly when or how it will happen, but I do know that I will be causing a lot of destruction to come your way in the near future.

There are examples of this in several key areas of our history that cannot be neatly explained away with the mocking attitudes of the Ostrich Heads - who are just as ridiculous as Illuminati Shreikers.

It's like you guys wish to deny that groups manipulating the system via conspiracies are unheard of in history, when historical fact illustrates that most significant historical changes are, indeed, the result of groups of peoples conspiring against others. Bismarck, for example, conspired to start the Franco-Prussian War by manipulating the German States into a frenzy of hatred against the French, by even going so far as to falsify letters and print them in newspapers. He succeeded, and Germany was born.

Et Tu, Brute?

So, I agree, Illuminati Reptillian Antarctican Dwellers meeting annually at the Bohemian Grove to have incestuous affairs with baby girls is complete hogwash.

But, the ostrich-heads who simply refuse to acknowledge the very existence of conspiracy all throughout the history of mankind, are not really all that much smarter.

Christ, the Founding Fathers of America were a conspiracy theory.

The majority of pivotal events in history have elements of conspiracy and deception behind them, and this is historical fact, not fiction.

What makes you think humans have evolved so much in the past century or so, that we have become so different than all the generations of humans who came before us?

What I'd like to see all of the "proto-Mra's" out there start doing, is backing up their assertions with some real research and fact, rather than just relying on their goddamn pontifications after a night of bong-hits, and then declaring their fantasies to be the "new" facts.


. said...

Thanks for the shout-out, HL.

Keoni Galt said...

My pleasure!

Thomas George said...

The world isn't run by reptiles living under Antarctica having incest with babies. That doesn't alter the fact that the Illuminati does exist. All your talk about a "mens rights movement" does nothing except to advance their goals.

I agree that the Illuminati aren't involved in pedophilia or incest. That does not mean that they all aren't sexual deviants. Look at PMAFT who we know is a high level Illuminati official. He leads men away from getting married to Christian women as THE LORD COMMANDS. Look at the filthy way he degrades women sexually. It's all on his blog!

Hestia said...

It's very nice to have him back. I should make sandwiches to celebrate. ;)

haha, my word verification is 'hammie'. Hmmm ham on said sandwiches?