Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Expose on Corporate Fascism USA

It is the standard left wing/mainstream liberal media meme that much of our problems are the results of the failures of the "Free Market Capitalism."

The standard right wing/FoxNew/talk radio media meme is that our problems are the result of "Government Interventions in the Free Market" and that Government needs to leave "big business" alone.

Of course, both are wrong. Both contain some truth to them, but they both are based on dialectical straw men that keep us divided and squabbling over marginal half-truths while the real system of Corporate Fascism continues it's machinations unhindered and unaffected, no matter who runs the show in D.C. The right, or the left...both are part and parcel to the perpetuation status quo.

LewRockwell columnist, Jim Quinn, writes a review of a recently aired HBO special entitled Gasland, in which Quinn makes the connection between the actions of the big Natural Gas companies and their practice of "fracking" which is implicated in contaminating drinking water wells in communities across the country.

Quinn lays out the modus operandi of our corporate-fascist government State, and shows quite clearly how it all works the same, whether it's big gas companies contaminating water wells with their fracking process, or it's BP unleashing the biggest environmental catastrophe in the known history of mankind...

From Too Small to Matter:

As I watched the film, it was clear that there are many parallels to the BP disaster in the Gulf. Corporate fascism rules America. Corporations spend billions to generate legislation which benefits their bottom lines. Their lobbyists write the legislation and bribe the corrupt Washington politicians. The American people suffer. The documentary GASLAND leads me to the following conclusions:

1. Mega corporations are not inherently evil, immoral, or greedy. The men who run the Mega corporations are evil, immoral and greedy. EPS, profits, and bonuses are what drive corporate executives.

2. Mega corporations use their political connections, highly paid lobbyists, and vast financial resources to steer legislation in order to reap greater profits.

3. The people that Josh Fox profiles in his film are poor, uneducated, hard working, and helpless. They are no match for a big corporation. They don’t have the financial resources to fight a corporation with thousands of lawyers and billions of dollars.

4. Corporations see the "small people" as just another cost of doing business. The deaths of some uneducated country folk are inconsequential to the Harvard MBAs running corporate America.

5. The gas drilling companies have a checklist on how to rape and pillage the land.

* They low-ball the country bumpkins who occupy the land for the drilling rights.
* They promise that the fracking process is safe.
* When they contaminate the wells and people complain, they deny it was their fault.
* If the complaints persist, they agree to pay for the well water being cleaned.
* If this doesn’t work, they pay the occupants a lump sum of money and make them sign a legal document saying they can’t speak about the issue with anyone.
* When people begin to die, they put their high-powered legal teams into action fighting every charge until the victim gives up.

6. The Federal and State regulators of the gas industry have been instructed by their politician bosses that the benefit of the doubt should always be given to the corporations. They generate the tax revenue. They generate the jobs. They make the political contributions. The people drinking the contaminated water can’t have any impact on a politician’s re-election.

This is the framework for how our economy and system really work.


Will S. said...

Isn't it interesting how the faulty equipment BP used was made by Dick Cheney's company, Halliburton, yet no-one is focussing on that? Hmmm.

gallier2 said...

Clap, clap, clap, at least someone who gets it. Thank you Keoni for that insightful and well written piece.

An Unmarried Man said...

1. Mega corporations are not inherently evil, immoral, or greedy. The men who run the Mega corporations are evil, immoral and greedy. EPS, profits, and bonuses are what drive corporate executives.

Now I have had a different take on this...the nature of the corporation and its members.
I've long been formulating a "hive" thesis which essentially declares that the human race is condensing, "melding" towards the eventual state of a common consciousness which involves loss of individuality while simultaneously building and perpetuating a drone-like commitment to serving the needs of the Hive which we are part of to one degree or another. It's a rather grandiose theory and my definition of its workings is a bit rudimentary.

But one of the basic ingredients of this "Hive" is the corporation, which from its inception in the 19th century, has grown and multiplied at an exponential rate. Though we may hesitate to blame the corporation, and instead blame those who serve it in higher capacities, I do feel the corporation is to blame.

The corporation is a being. It is the conglomeration of all its constituent members, who unaware of the worker bee role they are playing, serve the needs of the Corporation, though individually they may appear as normal human beings.

There is nothing honorable or capitalistic about corporations. Corporations thrive on the subsuming of individuality.

I work for an international corporation and I see the workings of such a charter member of the Hive. Amusingly enough, one of the new corporate ideas they are trying to force down our throats is the concept of "one." We are a scattered global array of divisions and facilities and regional centers, but my corporation is actively seeking to reinforce Oneness.

TAS said...

I'm glad to see another libertarian who recognizes corporatism for what it really is. Too often, libertarians end up being corporate shills.