Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Red Pill Reality Dispelling Blue Pill Delusions: Fluoride

An installment in a series: Red Pill Reality Dispelling Blue Pill Delusions

It's a common substance used by most people in America every single day when they brush their teeth. In many counties, the water supply has it deliberately added before it's piped to residences and buildings, so even if you're one of those people that hasn't swallowed the lies and propaganda regarding the so-called health benefits of this toxic poison, and you buy fluoride free toothpaste, and only drink purified water...you are still ingesting this substance whenever you take a shower.

Furthermore, many foods and drinks you buy also contains fluoride, by virtue of the fact that most food production requires water...and most food processing facilities use tap water - so if your food processing facility or factory farm feedlot is located in a fluoridated county, it can be nearly impossible to avoid ingesting fluoride.

So the question remains...if it's really so bad for you, than why do so many counties in the country deliberately poison their water supply?

The answer, as always, can be found, by simply following the money...more specifically, the corporations money in buying off government agencies and politicians.


Let's see what the American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA) has to say regarding Fluoridating American water supplies and in toothpaste:

Good scientific evidence supports the use of community water fluoridation and the use of fluoride dental products for preventing tooth decay for both children and adults.

Part of the reason I've decided to make this series of posts is because I've found that along with personal revelations regarding diet and the conventional wisdom as propagated by our mass media culture and educational institutions, I've begun to see patterns of deception whenever I encounter what appears to be "scientifically proven" ideas and "facts" that are usually presented by alphabet soup "non-profit" groups.

Note the wording of this particular phrase: "Good scientific evidence supports..."

For an idea that is supposedly "scientifically proven" why the qualifier? Why the adjectives?

The truth would be plain and not require either. It doesn't "support." Scientific FACT is proven, by double blind studies, using a control group.

Nevertheless, this can be a confusing issue...so lets get to the bottom of it.

As American Cancer Society notes:

Water fluoridation in the United States began in 1945, after scientists noted that people living in areas with higher water fluoride levels had fewer cavities.

Herein lies the deception...the scientists noted that the areas were their were higher water fluoride levels, were areas in which the water had higher levels of Calcium Fluorophosphate...a naturally occurring substance in certain geographic locations, that is indeed beneficial for human consumption.

But the fluoride being put into the water supplies of most major metropolis areas in the country? That's Sodium Fluoride...which is essentially a waste product from industrial aluminum production.


The fluoride in your toothpaste and in our county water supply is not the same fluoride that was first discovered to coincide with the better dental caries rates of the people living next to water rich in calcium fluoro-phosphate. It's a bait and switch!

While researching this topic, I've come across a letter written by a chemist named Charles Perkin...it's gone viral, and I am unable to find the original source of the letter, but the many iterations I've come across are all the exact same.

The following letter was received by the Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, Milwaukee Wisconsin, on 2 October 1954, from a research chemist by the name of Charles Perkins. He writes:

"I have your letter of September 29 asking for further documentation regarding a statement made in my book, "The Truth about Water Fluoridation", to the effect that the idea of water fluoridation was brought to England from Russia by the Russian Communist Kreminoff. In the 1930's Hitler and the German Nazis envisioned a world to be dominated and controlled by a Nazi philosophy of pan-Germanism. The German chemists worked out a very ingenious and far-reaching plan of mass-control which was submitted to and adopted by the German General Staff. This plan was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water supplies. By this method they could control the population in whole areas, reduce population by water medication that would produce sterility in women, and so on. In this scheme of mass-control, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.

"Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination, by slowly poisoning and narcotizing a certain area of the brain, thus making him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. [A convenient and cost-effective light lobotomy? --- Ott].

"The real reason behind water fluoridation is not to benefit children's teeth. If this were the real reason there are many ways in which it could be done that are much easier, cheaper, and far more effective. The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty."

"When the Nazis under Hitler decided to go to Poland, both the German General Staff and the Russian General Staff exchanged scientific and military ideas, plans, and personnel, and the scheme of mass control through water medication was seized upon by the Russian Communists because it fitted ideally into their plans to communize the world."

"I was told of this entire scheme by a German chemist who was an official of the great I.G. Farben chemical industries and was also prominent in the Nazi movement at the time. I say this with all the earnestness and sincerity of a scientist who has spent nearly 20 years' research into the chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine --- any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically."

Signed: CHARLES E. PERKINS, Chemist, 2 October, 1954.

Fluoride...the means of mass population control used by the Nazis. Somehow, I don't think the Nazi's cared about their conquered citizen's dental health...

Another viral letter:

This letter was written by a brilliant (and objectively honest) scientist named Dr. E.H. Bronner. Dr. Bronner was a nephew of the great Albert Einstein, served time in a WWII prison camp and wrote the following letter printed in the Catholic Mirror, Springfield, MA, January 1952:

"It appears that the citizens of Massachusetts are among the 'next' on the agenda of the water poisoners.

"There is a sinister network of subversive agents, Godless intellectual parasites, working in our country today whose ramifications grow more extensive, more successful and more alarming each new year and whose true objective is to demoralize, paralyze and destroy our great Republic ---- from within if they can, according to their plan --- for their own possession."

"The tragic success they have already attained in their long siege to destroy the moral fiber of American life is now one of their most potent footholds towards their own ultimate victory over us."

"Fluoridation of our community water systems can well become their most subtle weapon for our sure physical and mental deterioration. As a research chemist of established standing, I built within the past 22 years 3 American chemical plants and licensed 6 of my 53 patents. Based on my years of practical experience in the health food and chemical field, let me warn: fluoridation of drinking water is criminal insanity, sure national suicide. DON'T DO IT!!"

"Even in very small quantities, sodium fluoride is a deadly poison to which no effective antidote has been found. Every exterminator knows that it is the most effective rat-killer. Sodium Fluoride is entirely different from organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies and provided by nature, in God's great providence and love, to build and strengthen our bones and our teeth. This organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate, derived from proper foods, is an edible organic salt, insoluble in water and assimilable by the human body; whereas the non-organic sodium fluoride used in fluoridating water is instant poison to the body and fully water soluble. The body refuses to assimilate it."

"Careful, bonafide laboratory experimentation by conscientious, patriotic research chemists, and actual medical experience, have both revealed that instead of preserving or promoting 'dental health', fluoridated drinking water destroys teeth before adulthood and after, by the destructive mottling and other pathological conditions it actually causes in them, and also creates many other very grave pathological conditions in the internal organisms of bodies consuming it. How then can it be called a 'health plan'? What's behind it?"

"That any so-called 'Doctors' would persuade a civilized nation to add voluntarily a deadly poison to its drinking water systems is unbelievable. It is the height of criminal insanity!"

"No wonder Hitler and Stalin fully believed and agreed from 1939 to 1941 that, quoting from both Lenin's 'Last Will' and Hitler's Mein Kampf: "America we shall demoralize, divide, and destroy from within."

"Are our Civil Defense organizations and agencies awake to the perils of water poisoning by fluoridation? Its use has been recorded in other countries. Sodium Fluoride water solutions are the cheapest and most effective rat killers known to chemists: colorless, odorless, tasteless; no antidote, no remedy, no hope: Instant and complete extermination of rats."

"Fluoridation of water systems can be slow national suicide, or quick national liquidation. It is criminal insanity ------- treason!!"

Signed: Dr. E.H. Bronner, Research Chemist, Los Angeles

Now, a skeptical person reading this blog may think, "yeah, right...two letters reprinted all over the internet, making claims about a substance I use every single day...there's nothing wrong with me! Why Should I belive this?"

I merely re-posted these letters, because they simplify the entire issue...but if you require much further validation before you bother trying to avoid ingesting this poison...here's where you can start:

The Fluoride Deception

The Devil's Poison: How Fluoride is Killing You

Fluoride, The Aging Factor, by Dr. John Yiamouyiannis

I found references to this last book from a web page entitled The Toxic Effects of Fluoride which also goes into the history of who exactly was behind the movement to fluoridate the American water supplies...and of course, being the conspiracy theorist that I am, am hardly surprised to find a connection to a name familiar with anyone that has looked into the NWO...

In the 1930s, H. Trendly Dean of the U.S. Public Health Service conducted extensive surveys which showed that as fluoride levels in the water increased, so did the incidence of dental fluorosis. Then Dr. Gerald Cox, on the staff of the Mellon Institute (the Mellons owned ALCOA Aluminum, a fluoride-polluting industry), claimed that if some fluoride was bad for teeth, a smaller amount was good and should be added to the water. In the late 1930s, Dean started publishing purposely skewed data to show that fluoride caused reduction in tooth decay. The USPHS was under the jurisdiction of Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon, founder of ALCOA.

Dr. Cox convinced a Wisconsin dentist, J. J. Frisch, to promote the addition of fluoride to the water supply. This was the beginning of the infiltration into the ADA & the AMA all to find an outlet for the by-product fluoride from the phosphate fertilizer and the aluminum industries. The rest of the conspiracy is too long and involved to present here, but you are referred to the book which is the basis of this report.

Conspiracy theory skeptics, rest assured, the NWO conspiracy theory could be nothing more than paranoid fantasy (PMAFT & Hestia, I'm thinking of you)...but that doesn't nullify the fact that the giant aluminum manufacturers like Alcoa used to have to PAY to get rid of their toxic, sodium sodium fluoride by-product....but thanks to skewed studies and mass media lies and propaganda, the aluminum manufacturing giants now SELL their toxic waste by-products to toothpaste manufacturers and to city and county Water Departments to poison our drinking water. No other "conspiracy" other than massive profits for giant corporations is necessary for you to understand, and act upon this.


Anonymous said...

Is there any evidence that elites are avoiding fluoride - in drinking and bathing water?

Hughman said...



(the first link you may not be able to access as it's off my PubMed account - part of the abstract: "The American Dietetic Association strongly reaffirms its endorsement of the use of systemic and topical fluorides, including water fluoridation, at appropriate levels of intake, as an important public health measure. However, clients should be cautioned that experimental use of high intakes of fluoride should be avoided unless they are participating in clinical trials.")

Just some evidence fluride works. I could spam research all day at you HL. Typing 'water fluridation' into PubMed (with filters for systemic reviews and clinical trials) produces over 5000 results.

Then again, I am medical student, guess this is package and parcel of what I have to accept (/sarcasm)

What next, vaccines and dental fillings are toxic because they contain mercury? Oh, wait, people already shat themselves over that, for absolutely no reason.

As to the first comment - perhaps, the elites like bottled water and water filter machines in their homes, but I doubt it is for that reason (more like a fashion statement and the 'taste')

Anonymous said...

Is it even possible to avoid fluoride if you wanted to?

Another question - are there any countries that do NOT fluoridate their water, and do we have any evidence that these countries are, as a result, healthier than the countries that do?

Hestia said...

Fluoride in the water is a conspiracy against feminine beauty and good coffee/tea. The chemicals ruin long pretty hair and make those oh so important drinks taste awful. See, I have a little conspiracy theorist in me. ;)

Is it even possible to avoid fluoride if you wanted to?
Not all fluoride, but you can avoid much by using specialized water filtration systems, shower heads and crunchy hippie toothpaste if you so choose.

Anonymous said...

Yes4CleanWater.Org compiled a list of countries that do not add fluorides to their water as of 2000:

Keoni Galt said...

lol @ HEstia.

We had a concerted effort by the ADA and some politicians to fluoridate Hawaii's water...but luckily too many folks here recognize that we have some of the best tap water in the world. All of our water comes from natural aquifiers deep in the island that our rain water gets naturally filtered through our volcanic soil over the years.

You could literally fill up bottles at most Hawaii taps and sell it as "purified" bottle water and most people couldn't tell the difference.

Thank god enough people opposed it that it never passed here.

Anonymous said...

The truth would be plain and not require either. It doesn't "support." Scientific FACT is proven, by double blind studies, using a control group.

Not really. It is nearly impossible to prove anything using human subjects. Even something as simple as whacking your leg with a hammer Proves that such a method will break your bones is really only a single observations that it happened THIS time.

So in all cases the term, "evidence supports..." is more honest and more accurate. I would reject any claim that something "causes" some other thing out of hand.

Example: Some people smoke cigarettes all their lives and do not get cancer. Yet it is commonly held that smoking causes cancer. Why? Because the Surgeon General said so. Not because it was ever scientifically proven. Further, the state anti-tobacco court cases required in the settlement that the tobacco companies admit that smoking tobacco causes cancer. They wanted that as part of the settlement because they could not scientifically prove it. But in court, you only have to convince 12 people not prove it scientifically. 12 dim-witted people. Still I believe that most people who smoke will get some of the cancers and lung diseases that are associated with it. Or to put it scientifically, studies suggest a link between tobacco smoking and certain types of cancer.

Keoni Galt said...

Good point Professor - I'm just off put by things I've learned are deliberate false hoods couched in weasel words to promote lies under the mantle of "science."

Like a "plant-based diet MAY prevent cancer."

Hestia said...

You could literally fill up bottles at most Hawaii taps and sell it as "purified" bottle water and most people couldn't tell the difference.
You're giving me water envy! My husband spent some time in Hawaii and is not fond of the state, making me terrified about the tiny chance he should ever get stationed there. Now I can rest assured, should we ever get sent there, that at least the water is good. ;)

Washington State has decent water too. The water here in North Carolina is wretched after drinking the water out west. The water filter hardly helps. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Southern California water is largely undrinkable. Worst I've had, anywhere.

I don't see why people focus on the conspiracy side of this. The far more basic argument is whether or not the government has any right to forcibly medicate us. Whether it's beneficial, harmful, fraudulent, or legitimate, is merely an interesting footnote. A free man has the right to make his own choice.

Anonymous said...

For those who have been exposed to large amounts of fluoride, boron helps remove it from the body.

DJ dds said...

First of all-THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD DOES NOT PROVE ANYTHING. IT CAN ONLY DISPROVE. Double -blind , repeatable clinical trials are the benchmark for scientific research. There has been a large amount of scientific research concerning the efficacy of fluoride, the majority of which supports the idea that the proper use of fluoride is beneficial in reducing tooth decay.

CaseyD said...

Boric acid is a cheap way to supplement boron, (and hopefully counteract flouride ingestion) never mind that it is marketed as roach poison. A couple $ will last years. Look up the borax conspiracy.