Friday, March 30, 2007

The Travesty of 35 Years of Feminism in NCAA Athletics

It's a matter of record that the feminst movement has been attempting social engineering by implementing their ideas into policies enforced by law in American institutions like the military, and the public school systems. One of those efforts has been the passage of Title IX legislation 35 years ago. This anniversary coincides with the NCAA "March Madness" Basketball tournament. 35 years later, one can see that like just about all feminist promoted legislation, it's sold as a means of "helping" woman achieve equality - when in reality, it's simply another case of feminists passing laws that help women by hurting and discriminating against men.

National Review's Carrie Lukas writes about it today:

Many members of the organizations sponsoring the conference recoil from any suggestion that innate differences between the sexes contribute to disparate outcomes, whether on a basketball court or in the workplace. “Discrimination” is the only acceptable explanation when men out-participate or out-perform women, while women’s triumphs ironically are ignored.

It’s hard to imagine, for example, the gender-obsessed handwringers pondering why women outnumber men in so much of academia during their conference breakout session “Title IX: It’s Not Just for Athletics.” Speakers from “The Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education” and “The National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity” will surely discuss achievement in the hard sciences (where men still outnumber women), but psychology and education (in which women earn about eight of ten bachelor’s degrees) undoubtedly will be overlooked. Few will lament the inherent “inequity” in women constituting 58 percent of college graduates.

Indeed, athletics is one of the few areas of schooling where men predominate. A survey of high school seniors found girls were more likely to participate in music and performing-arts activities, academic clubs, student council or government, and the newspaper or yearbook. The only extracurricular activity where boys out-participated girls was athletics.

Title IX enforcers seek to change this, but not just by encouraging more female participation in sports, which most everyone sees as laudable. Far from merely barring discrimination, activist administrators have interpreted Title IX as demanding equal outcomes. Colleges and universities must demonstrate “participation opportunities for male and female students are provided in numbers substantially proportionate to their respective enrollments.” Not surprisingly, schools eager to avoid costly lawsuits often make the numbers add up by reducing sports opportunities for men.

Mrs. Lukas goes on to cite examples of various Universities across the country that have cut Male athletic programs just to avoid sanctioning from the NCAA just because of the unequal amount of female interest or participation in athletic programs.

This is sheer travesty. On a basic level, the majority of female college students are just not CHOOSING to participate in athletics...but to "ensure an equal outcome" the school has to cut other male athletic programs. This is nothing but sheer, naked Marxist Socialism!!!

"Equality" is always held up as the ultimate ideal by the Socialist minded liberals...but they NEVER fail to recognize that TRUE equality is ONLY achievable by reducing EVERYONE to the lowest common denominator.

Mrs. Lukas finishes with a statement for which I whole-heartedly agree:

Title IX was sold as a way to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live up to his or her potential, not as a means to decimate male athletics. It’s time to reform Title IX and its enforcement so that male and female sports can both thrive.


julie said...

I was watching a documetary today on your country. Very sad to see the people have lost to American way and big business.

You must take ownership back of your land. We are all in this together. Great to see your articles.

Keoni Galt said...

Thanks Julie...glad to know some people are finding my little space in the MRA blogosphere.

I like your blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll...feel free to ad my own to yours if you'd like!


Landon Whitespear said...

Title IX decimated NCAA wrestling