Friday, March 23, 2007

"Feministicide" or Death by Matriarchy

I wish to bring attention to University of Hawaii Professor R.J. Rummel's blog, Democratic Peace.

He coined the term "Democide" which means:

"The murder of any person or people by a government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder".

For example, government-sponsored killings for political reasons would be considered democide. Democide can also include deaths arising from "intentionally or knowingly reckless and depraved disregard for life"; this brings into account many deaths arising through various neglects and abuses, such as forced mass starvation. Rummel explicitly excludes battle deaths in his definition. Capital punishment, actions taken against armed civilians during mob action or riot, and the deaths of noncombatants killed during attacks on military targets so long as the primary target is military, are not considered democide.
With that in mind, Rummel has devoted a large amount of time researching Democide, and has determined that the greatest cause of Democide in the 20th century was committed by Governments founded on Marxism...or Communism.

By my count (here) for 1900-1987, totalitarian regimes murdered about 138 million (communist regimes about 110 million out of 169 million overall for all governments. Electoral or procedural democracies murdered 2 million (149 thousand domestic, mainly due to the Spanish Civil War); liberal democracies murdered none of their citizens.

Some, mainly on the left, argue that my figures for communist systems are way too high, while being too low for democracies, especially like the United States. Okay, cut in half all my estimates for communist systems, and double those for democracies. That leaves the communist murdering 55 million versus 4 million for the democracies (almost all wartime democide against enemy civilians). We can even go further and do this again, and the conclusion remains the same--nondemocratic socialism is one of the great threats to human life. In other words, as far as democide is concerned, the major danger, by far, is from the nondemocratic far left.

Be clear, regimes on the right, such as the absolute monarchies and non-socialist fascists like Chiang's Nationalist government of China (10 million murdered) and Japan's WWII military government (6 million), also committed major democide, but overall much less than the Marxists. Truly, we can say of communism, it is death by Marxism.

Economically, Marxism has by and large failed...but only after millions upon millions of human beings lost their lives in the process. But where it has failed economically, it has certainly achieved total success in it's cultural invasion of the West.

Socialism is now a given in Western politics, and this was accomplished through feminism.

When one is aware of the communist underpinnings of feminst ideology, looking at our current state of affairs in the West and the continual advancement of the marxist agenda of the liberal Democrats in the US and the Pro-Socialist governments of Europe, one can only conclude that right now Rummel's Democide tally of Communism is going to be changing in the not-too-distant future - once the Patriarchy is totally dismantled and socialism takes complete dominance in Western society.

Now there's a study I'd like to see carried out by those with the time and resources to do so...let's see what is the total tally of a term I propose we call "Feministicide" which literally would mean "Death by Matriarchy."

The Feministicide tally would be the total number of deaths caused since the 1965 (the arguable starting point for feminist's cultural subversion in the West) by abortions, all of the murders committed by males raised in single parent homes, the suicides of all roleless males raised in the ghetto matriarch's as described by Amneus in his books The Garbage Generation and The Case for Father's Custody.

Though it won't probably reach the proportion of Rummel's research in Democide, I bet the figures would still be pretty high.


Fred X said...

Off topic- Just want to say I've just come across your interesting blog today- and have added you to my links

Keep it up comrade !


Anonymous said...

In your "feministicide" tally, you should add all the baby boys who've died from the effects of infant male circumcision -- blood loss, shock, etc. -- a statistic hidden under euphemisms like "crib death", etc. If Feminism is a religion, it has three sacramental rituals: abortion, circumcision and divorce.

See The Sexually Mutilated Child
Video of Circumcision