Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All Anna, All the Time

The American mainstream media has just spent yesterday devoted to the closing chapter of one of the greatest orgies of oversaturated media stories since OJ Simpson hacked his wife to death...the death of America's greatest Gold Digger of all time, Anna Nicole Smith. Her autopsy report merely confirmed what most reasonable, common sense person thought when they first heard the news of her passing...drug overdose.

Well Duh.

Now many people constantly criticize the American media for it's sensationalist, over-saturated stories on pop culture and the cult of celebrity...but the reason why they do so is because their is a STRONG demand for such mindless dreck masquerading as "news."

In short, TV has been feminized, and such coverage of usually mildly interesting yet not really important celeb-info-tainment stories like Anna Nicole Smith is just one aspect of the feminization of American Television.

So are we REALLY surprised that the media found a ratings bonanza in the All Anna, All the Time coverage we've endured since America's foremost gold-digger overdosed on a cocktail of painkillers and anti-depressants? It's not as if the news story was actually SHOCKING.

The ratings have been sky-high, because even though Anna Nicole has been the source of gold digger jokes and snide remarks by comedians and late-night TV talkshow hosts for the past decade or so, Anna Nicole represented what millions of me-first American Matriarch's aspire too as the ultimate "independant" woman: find the gullible, 90 year old billionaire, marry him, and wait out the few years until he kicks the bucket and voila: INDEPENDANCE!

So while millions of women laughed at the jokes told about her, and millions of others said nasty, snide remarks about her to deny their jealousy of the opportunity she had to live out the "dream," the fascination with her death was real, because American matriarchy-minded-me-first skanks and hos were deep down, in their heart of hearts, mourning the loss of their ultimate role model.

Sadly, the overall lesson to be learned from the fiasco known as Anna Nicole Smith's life - that abundant materialism like the kind Anna married, is no guarantee for a happy life - is lost on the majority of American women who aspire to achieve the same "success."

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