Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Discover the Networks

Here's a helpful guide that contains a lot of information about feminists, it's history and the major personalities of the movement...all written with a particular viewpoint, one critical of their feminist-lefitst-socialist agenda, rather than the typically hagiographic puff pieces you find in traditional mainstream media sources.

DiscoverTheNetworks.org: A Guide to the Political Left

Although it's not focused on feminists overall, it does have some good info about the feminist movement, as most of us know that just about all feminist groups and individuals are really just Marxist/Socialist leftwingers.

DiscoverTheNetworks.org - Individual Feminists

This section profiles individuals who profess a commitment to advancing the rights of women, but whose practical agendas are radical and politically left.

DiscoverTheNetworks.org - Feminist Groups

This section examines groups that profess a commitment to advancing the rights of women, but whose practical agendas are in fact radical and politically left. Some of the groups profiled here identify their principal issue as abortion rights, which is a moral issue that is not a hallmark of left or right. The pro-abortion groups listed here identify themselves as feminist organizations in the radical meaning of the term. They all embrace leftwing agendas that go well beyond the abortion issue, supporting race and gender preferences in the workplace and academia; quota hirings and promotions; socialized medicine ; federally financed and regulated day care; and "comparable worth" regulations that amount to government-imposed wage fixing.

DiscoverTheNetworks.org - Leftwing Gender Bigots

This section contains quotes that expose leading feminists as the hate-filled leftwing bigots that they are.

Discover the Networks is the brainchild of former leftist and founder of FrontpageMagazine, David Horowitz.

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