Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Solution to the Damage Feminists Have Caused

Thanks to Rob Fedders from No Ma'am for giving me the link to Amneus' follow up to The Garbage Generation, a much more detailed book and one that actually offers a solution to the crisis of marriage dissolution and the rising crime and social ills begat by the Feminist Matriarchy: The Case for Father's Custody.

Riveting reading...I'm still about 2/3rds of the way and I came across a paragraph that perfectly encapsulates that timeline of radical changes feminism has wrought:

There was another—albeit brief—feminine paradise during “the best years,” the postwar years of family values, the patriarchal years of 1945-65, when “never had so many people, anywhere, been so well off,” when there were likewise feminine figures and symbols everywhere. Women were placed on pedestals. These years created the Baby Boom and doubled the American industrial plant in two decades—accomplishments of an “essentially peaceful character,”22 and of a patriarchal character.

The disruptive feminism which followed, and reacted against this patriarchal prosperity, terminated the Baby Boom, exchanging it for a below-replacement level birthrate, thirty percent illegitimate, and with a sixty percent divorce rate—and millions of fatherless children. The feminist revolution convinced women that family values are not central to all aspects of life for women, but that women can establish their sexual autonomy by male-style achievement in the world of work.

The result has been swarms of females taking over male jobs—and expecting Affirmative Action benefits and special favors for their sex, lest they be discriminated against, lest they be supposed to need husbands. Result: income redistribution on a massive scale, male rolelessness and demoralization on a massive scale—and female unchastity on a massive scale, entrenched and now presumed to be a right—“the sexual revolution has transformed not only our behavior, but our deepest understanding of sex and its meaning in our lives,” to quote the dust wrapper of Re-Making Love.

The paradigm shift has been made, the damage has been done. Do we in the West go along with the continued descent into Matrilineal chaos or will we ever find the will to re-discover the civilizing influence of Patriarchy again?

Amneus ceratinly makes a strong case on HOW this can be done: Automatic, default custody of children to the Father in Divorce.


. said...

Yes, it's quite something, isn't it?

The fembots & the media have done a good job on us making us believe that men and women are equal in every regard, eh?

Gender is a social construct etc. etc. - what arrogance in the face of every religion, ancient legend & philosopher that has existed on this planet before us. We have truly been asking for it - it's not like we haven't been told.

This is only something that has happened in the past several decades, before that it was a given that men and women naturally played different roles - and that this was a very important part of society.

What animal species on earth does have the opposite genders playing exact identical roles? Not One!

I'm waiting to see what MRA Revolutionary comes up with in regard to his research on Plato - because the acknowledgement of men's & women's roles etc. & the strength of the family seems to long have been known to be the essential ingredient in a strong society. When morality & family decay began to happen, empires began to crumble... many of the other "causes" of fallen empires seem to be time and time again be attributed indirectly to the fall of family values.

It angers me that this has been suppressed from our general mindset as a society.

I have no sympathy for any of these people any more. This is truly evil... let the chips fall where they may. They are deliberately trying to destroy us from within - TREASON!

This concerted effort lately from the anti-family movement to have fathers declared "unneccessary" etc. - it just makes me blink in disbelief. All of those "scientists" doing psychological research... well, I'm speechless that people with Ph D's can be so brutally stupid.

I am certainly not averse to the idea of completely destroying the whole notion of academia. The internet is a greater invention for the development of mankind than the printing press... these people want a new society? I say that we have one without academic institutions pumping out endless idiots with fembot psychology degrees!

Grrr! It gets me really hopped up and motivated.

Lol! I have a sister with a Ph D in fembot psychology... and she just DESPISES me - I don't give a shit, I do my reading and her Ph D arguments are not that hard to deconstruct - drives her nuts that I won't shut up and respect her almighty Ph D...

Needless to say, we don't see eachother much anymore!

Keoni Galt said...

What I find especially interesting is how Amneus indirectly exposes the socialist creep scheme of the Marxists behind the entire movement...

In the name of "Women's Equality," destroy the foundation of society - the Patriarchal Nuclear Family - and than use the resulting fallout from that destruction to promote socialist government programs (aka expanding a strong, central Government's power) as the only way to fix the problems, appealing to emotions and class warfare to women voters.

And anyone who opposes the welfare state and attacks on the Matriarchy are than cast in the light of "not caring for the poor" and being "racist" for not wanting to redistribute income from the producers of society to the welfare queen matriarch's of the ghettos.

What I find amazing is that Amneus appears to have identified the one, absolute way in which all of the damage can be corrected within 1 or 2 generations...automatic custody to Fathers would reverse the divorce epidemic.

Of course, since it makes so much sense, and it would subvert the socialist/feminist revolution, and because we now have feminism's goals of woman in the workforce, college and free with their sexuality as the pervasive paradigm of mainstream culture, I don't think Amneaus' solution really has a chance in hell of ever being passed into law.

So, our once great society and culture of Western enlightenment and progress are still doomed to hell in the feminists/socialist handbasket.

Landon Whitespear said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm in a sci-fi movie, but the reality is that this shit has happened before, and is happening again. I don't know whether to have a melt down or to just laugh. Knowledge is power. The American dream I was sold is just a government inc. slogan anymore to keep me docile. I have to laugh. Jesus. What a fuckin world.