Monday, April 2, 2007

7 Things to Keep in Mind

Vox Day has written an article for WND, entitled: The Wrath of Women.

In it, he makes 7 points you should keep in mind when you are dealing with a female in your life who is chronically angry...

  1. She is responsible for her feelings. You are responsible for your actions. These two things are not identical and in most circumstances are not even related.

  2. If she is angry no matter what you do, then her anger is unrelated to your actions and there is nothing you can do to resolve it.

  3. If she gets angry over crazy and petty things, she is using her anger to control you.

  4. Women despise men who allow themselves to be controlled.

  5. A no-win position is actually a can't-lose situation. If she puts you in a position where you cannot win regardless of what you do, then you are completely free to do whatever you want without taking her feelings into account at all. Enjoy the freedom.

  6. Life is too short to waste it with the angry. You're going to spending a lot of time in avoidance anyhow, so you'd do better to avoid the entire relationship from the start.

  7. If a woman is always angry with her work, her family or her friends, she will always be angry with you as soon as you become a part of her life.
Number 7 is probably the most important consideration one should bear in mind when you are in the early stages of ANY kind of voluntary relationship with a person of either gender: a miserable person will make you miserable if you let them draw you into their miserable world.

If you do notice the other person in a new relationship is constantly angry, it would be best to remember Vox's tip No. 6. Once you've known a person long enough to evaluate their "anger" levels, cut the perpetually disgruntled from your life before you become just as miserable and angry they are.

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