Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Women Bosses are More Sensitive?

MSNBC posts an article on how to cope with a boss who is a bully. It's an interesting article, but I found an interesting point where a person interviewed in the article points out the difference between the sexes...

For some employees who work for bullies, acceptance might also be an option, says Gini Graham Scott, author of “A Survival Guide to Working with Bad Bosses: Dealing with Bullies, Idiots, Back-Stabbers, and Other Managers from Hell.”

There might be some companies, she says, where people are just more intense and emotional because of cultural differences. “If you're part of a culture and everyone yells at everyone you have to learn to accept that, or maybe the job is not right for you,” she explains.

And don’t take it personally. “I think some women can be more sensitive and personalize these things, where men can have a stiffer upper lip. They all yell at each other and then go out and have a drink,” Graham Scott adds.

You don't say?

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