Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"Anna-Nicole Smith died of a sudden and massive injection of unearned wealth."

Here's a great article from TCS Daily: The Perils of Unearned Wealth.

Jerry Bowyer's article makes the point that:

The thing about wealth creation is that it requires certain virtues, like patience, thrift and diligence.
And he closes with the corollary point of:
Scarcity is a tutor and when it is no longer there to restrain our appetites, only character remains.
It's a pretty good read on the situation...but it pretty much beats around the bush over the topic of naming Anna for what she was - a gold digger.

Anna Nicolle's way is the way it's not supposed to be. Be born reasonably pretty and adopt a flexible attitude towards cosmetic surgery and public disrobement. Shake your tassels into the right face and viola, you're Mrs. Billionaire. Her husband poured his heart into oil; she poured silicone into her chest. He took almost a century getting there; she took less than a decade. He died in his nineties; she died in her thirties.
"The way it's not supposed to be" - in terms of how you build and successfully retain and live with wealth. But how Anna did it? For millions of women in the West, that is EXACTLY how it's "supposed to be." Why work, sacrifice, suffer through hard times and multiple failures before finally realizing success, when you can simply shake your silicone in an old man's face and end up rich beyond your wildest imaginations?

It's the "Get Rich Quick" entitlement mentality that has infected the West in epidemic proportions. Funny though...you almost never hear about such gold-diggers that end up happy and productive in life. A gold digger has a certain psychological make-up...one that justifies and rationalizes acting like a parasite. But I believe that deep down inside, women like Anna KNOW that they are acting like nothing more than a lowly parasite, and it gnaws at their soul, instilling a deep unhappiness for which they try and mask with rampant indulgences in hedonism.

If you go from the trailer park to unlimited wealth, chances are good that you will overdose on something - food, booze, or (in this unfortunate case) sleeping pills.

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