Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Yes, the Truth DOES hurt...

Heather Mills breaks down over "gold-digger" jibes.

"I could have gone down that path of lowering myself to everyone else's level ... and proven my innocence," she said, referring to the media coverage following her split with McCartney in May last year.

"All I did was fall in love with somebody -- madly -- and give up my life for seven years, you know.... and then to be vilified for it? I'm actually quite shocked."

Notice the language here. That's code-speak for "You owe me millions of dollars (or Pounds as in her case) for MY SACRIFICE!"

What about Sir Paul? He sacrificed having seven years for which he could have had any other woman he wanted? Or does Ms. Mills think that for seven years she could have pursued her career to the point of success that would have equalled the wealth, status, stature and jet-set luxury she enjoyed while leeching off of Sir McCartney?

What exactly did she "give up?"


. said...

This whole "sacrifice my life for marriage" BS argument is just insanity.

I REALLY don't know why other women aren't stepping up and jumping down women's throats when they say mindless drivel like this.

Hmmm..., I wonder who buys "Bride" Magazine, or watches "Bride" TV?

How many girls have sat up late at night yacking to their friends about when they get married?

And when some Gold Digger comes out with some story like this, 99.9% of the OTHER women act like they haven't got a clue what society means when they say that women are the ones WHO WANT to get married.

Sorry ladies, it's either multiple-personality disorder, female amorality - OR SMARTEN UP AND BRING THESE OTHER LADIES IN LINE!

I really wish women would stop proving the old misogynists right about female mentality - and they could do it quickly by putting a stop to OTHER women talking like this.

Jeez, I call my buddies on fishing lies.

Keoni Galt said...

Exactly Rob. This quote reveals her feminist, self-centered, entitlement princess mentality.

What's funny is that especially for a multi-billionaire rock god idol like McCartney, HE is the one that "gives up" a whole lot of things he could have had while being married for 7 years....