Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Female Misogynist

Just a quick post...I check every MRA blog in my blogroll almost everyday, and I'm always happy to find out about new blogs dedicated to Men's Rights and/or against the feminist movement. thanks to the Counter-Feminist, I've found another interesting MRA/Anti-Feminist blogger I'm going to add to my blogroll, "Female Misogynist - How feminism and matriarchy are destroying civilization.."

Check it out, she is definitely worth the time to read!

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Fidelbogen said...

The interesting thing is, that MCW basically says "patriarchy is cool! Hurrah for patriarchy!"

Which is something it never occurred to ME to say, because I never felt the need to say it. I have never thought of myself as a "Quote: defender of patriarchy" - merely an attacker of feminism!

My philosophy has always been "smash the daylights out of feminism, and let the chips fall where they will!" I have always taken the line that "patriarchy" is a feminist construct - in other words, not real. And why bother defending or promoting something that is not real? That would be like telling the feminists that their analysis is actually correct. . .

But having WOMEN who openly come out and say "patriarchy is cool" is like a whole new class of weapon.

I think it could have an effect on feminism like the effect of kryptonite on Superman.

So, I would be very gratified indeed to see a cultural proliferation of women a la MCW!

Not because I have any thought concerning "patriarchy" per se, but that I anticipate the disastrous effect on feminism's political health if such people (as MCW) start popping up all over the social landscape in significant numbers!

Let's keep our eyes open and scan the horizon; I think there are more of them out there than we realize!