Friday, March 14, 2008

Like Flies to a Pile of...

Isn't the Matriarchal welfare state wonderful! The sense of entitlement that it promotes caters to the lowest common denominator of humanity and subsidizes the creation of more and more poor people dependent on the government for subsistence.

This is exactly what Matriarchy looks like!

Just look what happens when a Section 8 Housing Authority in Florida announced a government hand out for "housing subsidy vouchers" (translation: taking money via taxes from the producers of society, and giving it to non-producing single mothers who are raising the next generation of criminals, deadbeats and losers, perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty.)

Then an official came out of the housing authority building and announced through a megaphone that disabled people should come forward.

Instead, the entire crowd surged forward. People fell down and were close to being trampled, witnesses said.

A more accurate sentence would have been:

"...disabled people should come forward.

Naturally, the entire crowd surged forward."

I say naturally, because ALL of these people shown in the slide show and video are ALL disabled by a mentality of entitlement, that they deserve to receive something for nothing, and that the Government has a responsibility to take care of their most basic needs.

These people are disabled because they are unable to be productive because they have learned no other behavior than the soul corrupting one of dependence.

They are disabled because they are unable to provide for themselves.

They are disabled because they have doomed themselves to a lifetime of poverty by following the collectivist mindset that is a primary feature of a Matriarchal society structure.

I came to this story via the Neal Boortz blog. Neal puts it best when he linked to it with the following comments:

They were handing out welfare housing vouchers in Palm Beach earlier this week. Take a look at this story from the Palm Beach Post...and be sure to click on the link for the "special video report". Watch the video. Look for a woman of normal weight. Look for a father. Have fun.

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Anonymous said...

"they have learned no other behavior than the soul corrupting one of dependence."
Good job, Public Schools of America!

If you create an underclass that is totally dependent on you, they will forever vote you into office. Their is really no difference between the Democrats or Republicans on this issue. Just different rhetoric but when the rubber hits the road, both know it is political suicide to dismantle the drug that is government handouts.