Friday, March 28, 2008

An Irishman Against Feminism Hangs it Up

When I first discovered the MRA/MGTOW blogosphere, NHY's blog was one of the first ones I read...found from Duncan Idaho's original blog roll from the Eternal Bachelor.

He has now decided to hang it up, and he states his reasonings in his farewell post.

It's a frank admission by NHY, and one for which I commend him for having that much introspection into his own thoughts and motivations. Unlike him, I did not become an MRA blogger because of anger at the female gender...I became involved through witnessing how the feminist system has destroyed the families of both both friends and close family members.

And I could never be an active MGTOW, as I was already married for years upon discovering the MRA movement and what it was all about. Aside from that, one should be careful of embracing hatred and rage, lest it consume you the same way feminists have been consumed into their useful idiocy in destroying Patriarchal society.

But there is still much for which I have learned from the MRA/MGTOW movement, and I sought to share that with my farewell post to NHY at his blog...because it seems like he may regret his involvement in MRA/MGTOW blogging.

There is a certain satisfaction gained from indulging in MRA approved misogyny...but one could easily let it consume them to the point of becoming the inverse image of the zeitgeist of feminists irrational angst we seek to overturn in the first place.

However, the most important thing you should take away from your MRA experience is to never take ANY person, male or female (especially female) at face value...but to look at what they do, not what they say.

When I first discovered the MRA movement, I enjoyed the rantings of Duncan and Fred X as much as the next guy...but I never had trouble with dating females -- indeed I'm married and have been so for the past 10 years. In other words, the MRA movement is not dependent upon or driven solely by bitter men who have learned to hate the female gender because of the feminist movement. No, I found Fred's, Duncan's, your's and others rage to in fact be quite justified in the face of what the forces of feminism has done to Western Civilization...but I also recognized that letting yourself become obsessed with anger and rage is risking becoming that which caused that hate and rage in the first place.

But what I did get from discovering the world of the MRA and the MGTOW movements was recognition of the TRUTH. Why society is on the decline, and just how feminism has corrupted the building block of civilization: the nuclear family unit.

So though you may leave off your rage against the machine and sign off from your blog, you are still equipped with the ability to recognize feminist bullshit when you see it...because whether you are a MGYOW and shunning female relationships, or whether you take the risks and do get involved in them, the feminist influence is indeed ubiquitous. Recognizing it when it rears it's ugly head is necessary to cope with whatever challenges you encounter.

I used to cluelessly endure mindless misandry from my wife and her friends, thinking nothing of it. I too laughed at the caricatures of dumb men and laughed at misandrist jokes and most media manifestations of misandry.

Thanks to the MRA, I laugh no longer...because I now see that such things are REALLY NOT FUNNY.

They are designed to dehumanize the male gender and destroy the VERY NATURAL and BALANCED existence of the male/female relationship. I now confront the subversive influence whenever I encounter it...and it has made my relationships with the females in my life much easier for me to deal with as result.

In short, one does not have to be a dedicated bachelor to oppose feminism. Indeed, the biggest blow you can strike against feminism and the modern Matriarchy is to find a female for which you can successfully create a Patriarchal family unit with.

Though you may never blog again, I'm quite sure that at the very least, you will be able to a much more discerning and cautious entrant into a male/female relationship because you have been enlightened about the modern dynamics of life under the matriarchal model.

Good luck NHY!


Anonymous said...

I don't understand MRAs. To me they are just the flip side of feminist. They want you to join thier movement and fight feminism but it's just playing into the feminists hands. Feminism is a death cult. They will eventually die out. MRAs are burning up time and energy that could be better spent going thier own. Better yet find some nonfeminized woman that wants to be a wife and a mother of 12 kids. Feminist hate that.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with bubba which is why I try to minimize the use of terms such as MRA & Anti Feminist on my blog. IMO, life is way too short to waste it trying to fight feminism & feminists.

Having said that, when I was in my late teens, I certainly wish that there would have been a blog or forum or something that exposed WF for the way that they really are - it might have significantly shortened the learning curve.

Anger, rage and righteous indignation are all necessary parts of MGTOW. The key is not to wallow in them. I had stopped reading NHY's blog sometime last year because I got tired of the sloppiness of his posts (which I see hasn't really changed) but judging by the content of his last & 3rd to last post, it seems like he's ready to take the next step. I wish him well.

Uzem & Luzem

NHY said...

Thanks man, appreicate this, I again wish you all the best in the future.

Uzem & Luzem: Yeah, I admit my post style is indeed a bit sloppy. There were just more ramblings from the top of my head than anything else. At least I used paragraphs and didn't use 1337! ;)

Good luck to you too.


Anonymous said...

When I was younger and in highschool and in college. No woman would give me a first look or the time of day it seemed. If they did look at me it was to yell some vulgarity at me (and these where generally people who I knew since being 7 or 8 years old in my neighborhood when I was growing up, something they obviously didn't do) Needless to say I found myself confronting childhood nemesises who where now only children in adult bodies. They subscribed to feminism since from what I gathered their mothers did too. Their BS was of varing levels of viciousness but when all was said and done, I wanted precious little to do with american women. The veil of being a "loser" that was cast over me was coming off. I started not caring what labels some cunt gave me or society tried to place on me because of cunts. What is special about a woman whose first lie in a marriage is wearing a white dress when she clearly fucked her way through the whole high school and college foot ball teams anyhow? A man can get a more honest and feminine woman from another country who would actually appreciate him, these women could never hold a candle to that ever. No wonder they pitched a bitch in the 80s to have men labeled losers for marrying foriegn women. Who wants to marry one of these used up lying immature bratty bitches we have?

Anyhow, about the high school girls, the ones that I went through highschool with are all now divorced. No suprise there, why be in a marriage that has an original lie to begin with? Never mind the superficial self centered bitchiness women now a days have that nothing is good enough for them. Do they honestly think their used ford pinto snatch is that good? Have they ever bothered to ask themselves what are they bringing to the table of marriage or to any relationship? Or do they go to the mirror and say mirror mirror on the wall whose the most superficial bitch of them all. And get an ego boost when they are the bitchiest? Yes, I have a dislike for some women, but not all. I'll vocalize my dislike for some women once I see the tell tale traits of a self centered harpie from hell.

I'm mid 30's now btw, so it's been a while since college or high school. But my observations are just that my observations over time. I did waste some of it trying to earn something that wasn't worth the time and effort put forth. It should have been them earning respect from me. I can't change what happened in the past only learn and pass it on to someone else. Word of mouth and blog can be more helpful than blind anger. Women are good for that men should not be. Blind anger is something that is tell tale of a feminist woman or a woman in general, not a man and shouldn't be.

Anonymous said...

>>Having said that, when I was in my late teens, I certainly wish that there would have been a blog or forum or something that exposed WF for the way that they really are - it might have significantly shortened the learning curve.

Exactly what MRA rants are intended to accomplish, though the ubiquitous critics then accuse us of being negative. Which is true. Marriage plans today are negative events.

I believe strongly in MGTOW, but do not see that it means universal bachelorhood. I was married in 1975, and by 1985 when it became apparent that only fools married under current laws, I had been married ten years. It made no sense to divorce to avoid divorce. We are coming on 33 years. Even at age 66, I get it several times a month, and though some have described s*x with an older woman as boinking pudding, it is MY pudding, and it is disease free and at times awfully enthusiastic. Benjamin Franklin was a smart man...

We are under discussion how to 'baptize' the roof of our house here in Mexico when there is a full moon, which is kind of tricky considering the roof of a house on a mountain side has a large potential viewing audience, especially during a full moon. We may have to cheat and bring my Eureka Timberline tent. Most rooms have already been baptized. The roof and the view and the full moon is an especial attraction.

As much as I think marrying anywhere in the Anglosphere, to me, Men Going Their Own Way by definition must include marrying or staying married.

The minute we say MGTOW means only bachelorhood, we are telling men which way to go, which is contradictory.

Anonymous age 66