Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Final Judgement for McCartney Divorce

Here's the actual 58 page judgement written by the judge presiding over the Heather Mills & Paul McCartney's divorce.

I just spent a good portion of my morning reading the document in it's entirety, and I must say, it's quite instructive to read this and realize that the system of divorce in the UK is absolutely gender biased in favor of the female, and that females divorcing their husbands can act absolutely irresponsibly, unethically and dishonestly and still face no penalty for doing so.

In summary:

The judge writes that he basically believes that Heather Mills has repeatedly lied, exaggerated and slandered Paul McCartney in making false claims about their marriage, that he rejects most of her claims and accepts Paul's arguments for the most part in describing their marriage and it's eventual dissolution, and he basically calls her out for purposely spending Paul's money lavishly in an attempt to maximize the amount of money that could be ruled as her "accustomed lifestyle" award she was counting on in the pending divorce.

The judge essentially did everything but call her a gold digging liar.

The Judge expresses obvious disdain for Heather's conduct and motives, and directly disputes her lies...yet he STILL has to award her substantial alimony, properties, child support and assets to the tune of the widely reported 24+ million pounds.

TRANSLATION: Gold Digging is the official law of the land.


Anonymous said...


Heather Mills is now the AMBASSADOR to the Marriage Strike. Her example will scare off MILLIONS of young men from marrying.

Now the Marriage Strike will ACCELERATE.

I want to see if any man is dumb enough to marry her again.

Keoni Galt said...

Depends, tba. I wouldn't call a man that manages to pull a K-Fed on her "dumb!"


Anonymous said...

I don't think the matriarcy will ALLOW any woman to be K-Fedded again. K-Fed was a BIG WOUND to their ego and they are MAD AS HELL. Look at how he is scorned in the media. I know a couple of women who HATE K-Fed and feel sympathy for Britney.

And besides, men can't out-gold-dig women.

The ONLY type of man who would have a chance to K-fed Whore Mills is an Ashton Kutcher-type who makes her feel "young" and like a "cougar"- but even then the chances of him K'fedding Mills is slim- ESPECIALLY if the divorce judge were to be a female.

But regardless if any man would be dumb enough to marry that woman and be lucky enough to K-fed her, Heather "Whore" Mills is helping to accelerate the Marriage Strike.

Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)