Friday, February 29, 2008

Looking for Mr. Good Enough

There are a lot of women pundits,commentators,bloggers, and/or columnists who are against most of the goals of feminism - usually self-identified as pro-family, Conservative Republicans. Some of these ladies offer excellent insights and commentary and are some of the most valuable contributors to the war against feminism. Nancy Levant, Ann Coulter, Phillis Schafly are some of the most notable.

However I and other MRA bloggers have at times highlighted, reviewed and quoted from many of these influential women, there is another set of women who are anti-feminist -- at least politically -- but fail to connect the dots between the decline of Western Civilization and the advancement of feminism.

These ladies usually decry the horrors of abortion, advocate avoiding promiscuity, and write about the value the stay at home mother has for her family, her children and society at large.

Yet, they still speak of "the good things feminism has brought" and they still write and speak from the feminist's misandrist point of view with regards to men.

Take for example, this recent column by columnist, Suzanne Fields, and her recent column, Looking for Mr. Good Enough:

A bachelor acquaintance of mine, a prosperous man in his 40s, was new in town and wanted to meet the love of his life, to marry, and become a father and citizen (and voter). So, I organized a small cocktail party and invited several attractive women in their late 30s who are still looking for Mr. Right (and might be willing to settle for Mr. Good Enough). They're women with professional careers but want marriage and family, too.

They feel a mild panic that motherhood might pass them by. The single men they meet seem determined to remain bachelors. The men are having too much fun to give up their freedom.

Aaahhh...see the typical assumptions at work in this mindset. Men's reluctance to get married wouldn't have anything to do with the widespread disenfranchisement of men through no-fault divorce, female-biased family courts and the child-custody industry, now would it? Nah...the "child-man" is still having too much "fun."

Translation: Men no longer want to get married, it must be Men's fault!

It gets worse when she describes the caricature of a typical 20-something bachelor:

The Playboy of today is a beast of a different order, but a bit of a beast nevertheless. He's a young man in his 20s, refusing to grow up, with access to ATMs for instant money to spend on himself. You typically find him in the pages of Maxim magazine with movie heroes such as Ben Stiller, Jim Carey and Will Ferrell, indulging in grossed-out adolescent "Animal House" humor. He's uncultured, uncouth and unkempt, preferring beer to fine wine, skateboards to sports cars and teenage toys to higher status symbols of maturity. Kay Hymowitz calls him the "Child-Man in the Promised Land."

Sorry my dear, but the "status symbols of maturity" used to be a man defined by his family, his children, and most of all, his homemaker wife who proudly practiced her arts to create a happy home for her husband and kids. Thanks to the feminists and their war on the family, the majority of men that attempt to "grow up" and earn such "status symbols" nowadays are more likely than naught to find themselves in divorce court, ruined by child support,denied visitation,parental alienation of his children, alimony, false domestic violence accusations, etc.

There was a time when a man strove to become cultured, "couth" and "kempt," because this was the price of admission LADIES required to give men the status symbols of maturity - a family.

Women who complain about the "Child-man in the Promised Land" need to look in the mirror and face the reality that it was their precious "equality" and "liberation from the oppression of Patriarchy" that have given them the exact state of affairs they complain so bitterly about when they can no longer find "Mr. Good Enough."

Women wanted it all, and are bewildered when they find out "having it all" is impossible. Maybe one day they'll wake up and quit being surprised when they find out that "Mr. Good Enough" wants nothing to do with "Ms. Never Enough."


Kim said...

I loved this post, especially from "Sorry my dear" down.

I think we're seeing more and more women rejecting feminism (at least in words), but they're only rejecting the parts that have lessened their quality of life. They're angry that feminism killed chivalry and they want to be able to stay at home and not work, but they don't want to give up any of the benefits they've gained under feminism. They want the benefits of both worlds, not understanding that the two ideals are incapable of coexisting...but what can we expect from a group of people convinced that not only can they have it all...but they're entitled to it.

Anonymous said...

great post Hawaiian and an excellent comment Kim.

Sociopathic Revelation said...

Damn, HL, that last paragraph made me feel you took that directly from my keyboard here---it's my thoughts in summation about it. I was discussing that with another MGTOWer just tonight. Once the women that have had their illusions dashed and cannot cling to their safety net through daddy government and feminists, finding no prince charming to spirit them away (in the late hours of their life) into the sunset is the result of buying into the lie of having it all. Eventually, that's the hard truth they have to face.

Anonymous said...

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