Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Adolescent Lust and Society's Double Standard

In Field Marshall Watkin's latest blog post, News Round up 2, he links to Coed Magazine's "Hot for Teacher: 18 Sexiest Sex Offenders" which highlights some of the more notorious cases of young, attractive (at least in most of these cases...Mary Kay Letourneau is pretty disgusting in my opinion,) public school teachers convicted of sexual relations with adolescent boys.

FMW, or course, makes a passing reference about the double standards of society:

The well known double standards between the application of the law (and the perception of the public) towards female criminals, especially sex offenders, continues with this article. I can’t see the title of ‘18 fittest male rapists’ being published somehow…

FMW is right, of course. But I think the double standards held by society with regards to adolescents having sex with adults regarding gender are the perfect example of the rank hypocrisy of feminist thinking - that the male gender is always at fault, while females are simply not ever held accountable. Young women are "exploited" while young men "get lucky."

When I was a 21 year old working construction and attending college, I was once hit on by my boss's 13 year old daughter...and it wasn't a coy, indirect attempt at seduction, but a straight up offer: "Wanna Fuck?" When I declined, she asked me incredulously " think I don't know how to fuck?!"

While I was quite taken aback by this young child's straight forward directness, I never forgot it, because that that very moment, this young girl shattered my preconceived notions about the supposed ideal of the "fairer sex" mindset that our feminist-corrupted society had conditioned me to think of with regards to the female gender.

Here was the inevitable result of feminist ideology expressed...a young lady taught to believe that casual sex was her path to empowerment, that sexual pleasure was her right as a female to take wherever and whenever she desired it.

Yet, had I taken her up on her offer, and we were discovered, I could have been arrested and publicly excoriated in the media as a "rapist." And "taking advantage of an innocent, young girl."

No doubt about it...many of the boys that ended up having sex with the teachers in the article FMW linked to looked at their attractive teachers and passionately lusted after them and no doubt felt like they won the lottery having the opportunity to experience the carnal knowledge of these women. And most people in our society look at these cases from the outside, and other than most mother's of teenage boys, no doubt snicker and think "lucky boys." Many men (and I can admit that myself included) bemusedly think to themselves "Now where were these teachers when I was in school?"

But a 21 year old man and a 13 year old girl? The default reaction is abject innocent young girl "despoiled...violated...taken advantage of."

I mean, when one thinks further on this topic, what is a man to do? Ask any attractive female who is propositioning them for I.D.? I knew my Boss's daughter was only 13, but I can honestly say she could have passed herself off as 18 had I not known better.

Does THESE young ladies look underage?

Or these?

Young ladies can be just as lust filled and active and willing participants in seeking out sexual adventure from older men as young men all fantasize about doing so with older women...yet society looks at the case where the female is older and knowingly snicker at what most young men consider "great fortune," while a reversal of genders is considered a "horrific crime."

Never again should you read a story in the media about "statutory rape" between an adolescent female and an adult male and automatically take the default position that the male is a "predator taking advantage of an innocent young girl." No doubt there are young girls who are exploited and taken advantage of...just as young boys are - but there are plenty of young girls who know exactly what they are doing, know exactly what they want, and in fact may very well be the one exploiting an unsuspecting male's natural sex drive by deceiving him about her true age.


Sociopathic Revelation said...

Your own story reminds me of something that happened to me in high school---while I was attracted to "older women" in their twenties as a teen, when I was seventeen a freshman girl, while not as brazen about her sexual desire in words, had definitely selected me as her alpha male of sorts at the time---even by openly touching where she thought my (physical) heart was located in my chest and exclaiming to the rest of the students around us---and there were many, "He's the one that I want!"

I never acted on her bold insistences like that---not to mention I already had another senior my age that was already in my sights (think actress Sherilyn Fenn if you know her---Kristi was her name---was that good looking at that time), but it's pretty clear to me that with all the feminist fervor over (alleged) older, "predatory" men supposedly taking advantage of younger women, there's the practically taboo side they don't want to address---adolescent, feral-minded girls that are quite aware of their sexual power that they will use over men, and even against them. There are men that will take advantage of younger women, but the converse is rarely discussed.

Even all but the most self-denial ridden feminists, as much as they resist admitting it, cannot separate this truth---a woman and her sexuality are bound together and it permeates everything she does, and even young teen girls are quite aware of it even if they use it unwisely and as a tool for manipulation.

That being said, I also remember as a sophomore finding that one of my social studies teachers was quite attractive. Did sexual thoughts about her cross my mind? Certainly. Would I have been equipped to deal with the ramifications of an encounter like that? Looking back I would say definitely not, even though many would have considered me hitting the jackpot if I had slept with her.

The double standards about statutory rape are sill evident; not to mention that the older woman involved, no matter what excuse they bring up, such as mental illness, are clearly trying to relive irresponsible and illicit youth through a student, no matter who it hurts around them . . . including the student himself.

Unknown said...

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