Friday, October 2, 2015

Resistance is Personal

I awake with the first rays of the rising sun shining through the windows of my abode. Since I don't have scheduled work by my official employer, the alarm on my dumb flip-phone is not set, so as to enjoy sleeping through every last second of available pre-dawn darkness.

Upon arising, I take a three minute cold. Shockingly abrupt when I stick my head under the chilling spray, but deeply relaxing and soothing after the initial shock wears off. Positively energizing.

After toweling off, I grab my non-fluoridated, all natural toothpaste and give the pearly whites their daily scrubbing. Then I apply my all natural, cotton and baking soda-based underarm deodorant, before proceeding to get dressed.

Turning off my bedrooms incandescent bulb lighting,  I leave the bedroom to enter my kitchen.

There, I fill up my stainless steel tea kettle with purified reverse-osmosis filtered water from my ceramic water dispenser, then put it on the stove and turn it on to high.

As the water starts to bubble and hiss, I measure out my daily dosage of fresh-roasted, organic Sumatran coffee beans into the grinder and rinse out the french press in preparation for the water that is about to scream from the boiling kettle.

Once the coffee has been ground and the boiling water added and then pressed, I cautiously take that first glorious sip of unadulterated and potently-caffeinated, Arabican nirvana. As I savor that first cup of the day, I log on to teh Interwebz and commence the days reading of the news through the lense of the reactionary fever swamps of our little corner of the blogosphere.

As the old Chinese curse goes, we are all blessed to be living in interesting times.

After the first cup is done and the perusal of the fever swamps are completed, it's time to get cooking for the family.

I enter the kitchen and grab the coconut oil-coated, cast iron skillet from the overhead rack and begin heating it up on the stove top, and begin to prepare my planned breakfast for the day: uncured, free range pastured pork bacon; free range, grass fed all-beef keilbasa sausages; and fritata made from eggs, crimini mushrooms, hawaiian sweet onions and peppers, kerrygold grass-fed dairy butter, and then topped with Muenster and Asiago cheese and fresh ground pepper and hawaiian red-clay sea salt.

While the pan is heating up, I quickly head outside to throw some non-GMO, organic scratch to my chickens and check the egg box for the day's batch of fresh-laid eggs.

Once breakfast is complete, and I'm sufficiently fueled up for the days labor, I pack a cooler of glass-bottled water, some tin cans of coconut water and my pau hana micro-brew, and head outside to do the days planned projects. For even though I have a day off, country life out in the Hawaiian boondocks is one that always has some work that needs doing. Boredom and sloth is not an option...but I wouldn't have it any other way.

For most of us, we have a morning routine. This is mine, with the only difference being on a scheduled work day, it all takes place before the sun rises, so that I have time to commute through traffic hell to earn my share of usurious fiat company store scripts to keep my family fed, sheltered and to also pay my tolls and tariffs to our Babylon System's overlords.

While it is a routine, it wasn't always so, and when I used to live in upscale suburbia and lived my professional life as a desk jockey in the cubicle farms of encorporea, my routine was a much different affair with a much different mentality ascribed to it.

But rather than bore you with another listing of my old routine for comparison to my current one, here's a list of reasons why I came to this current routine, all thanks to my years of study at the University of the Autodidact:

* Arise with the sun to harmonize my Circadian Rhythm and get better sleep

* I use a flip phone to limit surveillance activity by our Brave New World Order's digital-driven Panopticon

* Cold water shower for benefits of thermogenic therapy on tired and sore muscles

* Avoiding fluoride ingestion from most common brands of toothpaste

* Avoiding aluminum silicate and other substances found in most common deodorants and anti-perspirants

* I stockpiled cases of incandescent bulbs when it was announced that they would be discontinued in favor of those mercury-laden, harmful-spectrum UV emmitting Compact Fluorescent Lights.

* Since coffee is some of the most pesticide dependent crops in the world, I pay extra for high quality, certified organic fresh roast.

* I threw out all of my toxic, teflon-coated aluminium cookware and now use onlyl cast iron, ceramic and stainless steel cookware.

* All my dairy, eggs and meats are sourced from as much grass fed/free range/minimally processed foods as possible, while all the oils and fats used in cooking are saturated and abundant in fat soluble nutrients.

* I pack my drinking water in old glass whiskey bottles, as I try to avoid drinking plastic BPA-tainted bottles.

* Coconut water is THE ELIXIR OF THE GODS. When you sweat, your body excretes many trace vitamins and minerals that are vital for optimal function. Sports drinks simply replenish the water, sugar and sodium...along with giving you a dosage of a bunch of other synthetic, laboratory derived additives and ingredients like bright colors and calorie free sweeteners. Coconut water replenishes all that plus a whole host of other nutrients you lose from sweating - like magnesium, potassium, manganese, copper, etc. In the time before I discovered coconut water, I just don't know how I made it through another day of physical labor under the hot Hawaiian sun and humid climate.

Anyhow, the point here is that my daily routine is quite deliberate and there was initially a lot of thought behind every task I do. And this is just a small part of how I ended up figuring out what processes I needed to run and what processes I needed to delete, to ensure the best possible operation of my system in a world full of toxins and poisons designed to sap our will, destroy our health and render us enslaved to the programs THEY have designed for us.

As I've noted before, this is what it means to me to incorporate that which I have learned and distilled from all this time reading and writing on teh Interwebz: "Seek the truth. When you find it, order your life accordingly. This is the only path to emancipation from the systemic enslavement of our Brave New World Order."

Viva la resistance!


Unknown said...

First, this comment isn't meant to be insulting, but it should be - insulting in a constructive feedback way. I am.not a troll. I am someone who's worked in online advertising for two decades, and have the experience of modeling and reinforcing behaviors based on high ticket, high margin, low value consumables. After the anger passes (if I've not defused it with this lame intro), please spend time considering what I say here.

And Google me. Pull my paperwork. Ask around the sphere. I'm a little crazy, buy im legit. escape the consumer cum locust life that we are all taught to be the end game growing up, so that you can even more highly sought after grass chewing consumer? Spending five times as much for status symbol items? While there is some basis for some of your claims, you're describing the morning of the nobadfeels hipster silicon valley SNAG who will sip no coffee before its fair trade. His Prius runs on smug.

Your intentions may be noble. Of course they are. Every single bit of marketing used for these items reflect identity. The advertiser is the bard of the modern day, teaching you about who you should be. You've been sold a vision of you that is just as empty as before, only now, you are a source of higher profits.

In our crony banker owned world, one can never, ever change by purchasing or consuming. something.

Generally, I find your posts well worth reading and consideration. This've gazed into the eyes of the beast for too long.

The greatest conformist is always the non-conformist, the rebel, unique....just like everyone else. We cannot escape society, no matter what we try to tell ourselves. We can live better, but your status signaling ain't it.

Anonymous said...

I think Wayne Earl has missed HL's point.

HL seems to be saying that he has taken all the essential elements of his life and chosen them to reflect his values.

Wayne Earl seems to be saying that self-expression through consumer choices is always bad.

HL mentioned that he gets some of his food without money. He mentioned eggs laid fresh - presumably by his own chickens. If HL is a farmer to that degree, he is no longer a consumer in Wayne Earl's sense.

I think there are two conversations going on here, and Wayne Earl is talking past HL.

Keoni Galt said...

After the anger passes (if I've not defused it with this lame intro), please spend time considering what I say here.


No anger. I appreciate the critique. Perhaps my post was a bit tone deaf if it comes across as an attempt at status signaling-cum-new-age-rebel without-a-clue. This post is just an idea I've had for awhile now, whenever I go through my routine and stop to think just how much I've changed it and the things I consume and use on a daily basis in the last 6 years or so. escape the consumer cum locust life that we are all taught to be the end game growing up, so that you can even more highly sought after grass chewing consumer? Spending five times as much for status symbol items?

Not a thing in this post was meant to be portrayed as a status symbol, or a signal of my higher awareness and enlightenmen...but after reading your critique and re-reading this post, I can see how it comes across this way.

All these things I mention, are based on my status as a CONSPIRITARD. I truly do believe THEY are out to get us, to poison we the sheeple and to actively profit off our ill health that results from the pesticides they put in our food and drink; from the aluminum and other toxic substances in our toiletries and hygiene products; to the fluoride in our drinking water and toothpaste; to the GMO crops fed to CAFO animals that are the majority of the animal food we consume; to the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the CFLs and potential mercury poisoning hazards if they happen to break; to the teflon and aluminum cookware that are common and ubiquitous, to the BPA linings in canned foods and bottled water.

We exist in a literal environment of active slow-motion poisoning, and this post represents my attempted adaptations to understanding this reality.

you're describing the morning of the nobadfeels hipster silicon valley SNAG who will sip no coffee before its fair trade. His Prius runs on smug.

Thanks for the laugh! I do see what you're saying.

I could give a shit about "fair trade" coffee..but I do care about the poisons used to farm them and if they are GMO sourced or not. And I certainly wish grass fed, pastured animal food products were not so expensive.

Fact is, I'm "working poor" and barely scrape by on a monthly basis. But what little money I do have, I spend carefully, trying to maximize the quality of nourishment from the food I buy, and minimize and eliminate the amount of toxic substances found in most common, every day consumables we all use. Oh, and by the way, most of the grass fed beef I consume? It's from the manager's special 50% bin at my local supermarket - the meat that is just on the edge of spoiling and either must be cooked that day, or frozen. If I'm putting forth an image of a high status, consumer conscious elitist while blowing smug out of my ass, I thank you for pointing it out. That was not my intent, but I see what your saying.

This post was my attempt to portray how I see myself navigating the minefield of modern day consumer culture. I was also trying to show how many of these choices I made were all a part of a deliberate and conscientious decision making process that eventually become automatic and routine. But I do take this as a deadly serious subject matter.

THEY are actively seeking to poison us all...of this I have no doubt whatsoever. I consider this my attempt at a personalized survival guide - not a I ONLY SHOP AT WHOLE FOODS social media status update whoring for likes. But you're right, your critique is well received and I thank you for it. Most people only bother with an ad hominem or a curt dismissal discounting my sanity. lozlzolzol


Anonymous said...


I did not take Keoni's post in the way you did. As way of analogy, look at the parable of the Pharisee and the Publican (Luke 18:9-14). Both claim to be Christians, both fast, both tithe, both pray. Outwardly, they look the same. But the Pharisee's heart is boastful (look at how I fast! look at how I pray!), while the Publican's heart is humble (Lord, have mercy on me).

I believe, and read, that Keoni's heart was much more Publican than Pharisee. Certainly he could have not written the post and simply lived his purified and purifying life. But then you and I wouldn't get the benefit of his teaching.

Keoni is living (or attempting to live) what I call the greater Caveman diet. He is certainly showing much greater discipline than I. The GCD is simply: monitor and govern your intake on all five (or more ;-) senses. Of course food is one input channel. But so is sound. So is urban vs rural living. So is choosing less or more advertising.

I do a LOT of outdoor work. Some work needs hearing protection. My choice of protected sound is silence, or some form of sound: talk, music, etc. Even during times of no hearing protection, these choices are present. I have been choosing the sounds of wind, rain, leaves, over informative or entertaining sounds more and more. Furthermore, to live in the city is to be utterly deprived of these "silent" sounds.

My point is simple. Keoni was conveying his sentiments with sincerity. And his posts help and encourage me. So K, keep it up. And thanks.


ray said...

That's a lot about food. Given your careful methods, I'm sure before each meal that you include the most important preparation -- thanking the Lord for his generosity in providing for us.