Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Rotten to the Common Core

One of first times I ever dipped my toes into the fever swamps of conspiritard-land on teh Interwebz, was from reading the writings of Nancy Levant, Joan Veon, Alan Stang and a number of other columnists and authors over at NewsWithViews. That was my first encounter with what I thought at the time was the most ludicrous idea I had ever encountered at that time in my life: that the end goal of the NWO and the system of public education in the USA Inc., was to comfortably merge the USA and the USSR.

Almost a decade later, I now consider it a core truth of our Brave New World Order. The merging of all nations into our present dystopia proceeds apace!

There's a damn good reason I've really minimized my online time and blogging here these past few months...for I've come to the realization that all of the knowledge I've accumulated, read and wrote about out here in the fever swamps of the reactionary blogosphere, has to be put into action so that I can make the best of what I can for me and mine in our crazy train of a derailing society. To create an oasis of sanity in a desert of lunacy for my offspring.

The biggest part of trying to accomplish that, is taking on the greatest task that is now commonly outsourced by most Parents, to the leviathan-Borg that has wrapped it's tentacles around everything that we as humans hold dear: educating the minds of the next generation, and teaching them HOW to think.

In short, the effort to avoid inculcating my offspring's minds with the Brave New World Order's conformity programming to effect the manufactured assembly line of sheeple production, has taken over a lot of the free time I used to spend reading and blogging.

I have no choice. I know THEY are going after our children and trying to get to their minds at the youngest possible age THEY can, so as to suck them into it's vortex of corruption of base depravity indulgences, unquestioned belief in the fiat reality-weaving by our mass media, and the deliberately engineered arresting of the development of the human mind, body and soul. 

Of course, it's been going on for decades now, as any parent knows...that is any parent who has studied the difference between phonics and "whole language" protocols for teaching kids how to read.

Those early attempts to dumb down we the sheeple had some success, but there were still far too many sheeple that overcame these first attempts at degrading the average level of literacy amongst the masses, so they've had to step up their efforts and wield the iron fist of top-down bureaucracy of the Federal Government, and impose common core curriculum on every corner of the USA Inc.

Having searched for appropriate curriculum to use for my own homeschooling efforts, I have gone through a number of resources, including a number of new textbooks based on Common Core Standards. A standardized curriculum to prepare kids to take standardized tests so as to standardize their minds throughout the entire standard process.

I call it SJW programming 2.0.

Oh those devious bastards. THEY are developing new and improved ways to fuck up our children's minds. They create an entire curriculum designed to frustrate the parent trying to teach their children with a legion of mind-numbing and stultifying "exercises" and "activities" all designed to steer parents away from teaching the old tried and true pedagogical educational methods of rote memorization mathematics and phonics-based literacy. Only they've figured out that enough parents have heard of their deliberate dumbing-down curriculum, so they've co-opted the tried and true methods of classical education and subtly inserted their programming into a multitude of  home school curriculum plans.

For instance, instead of "A - Apple - Ah" it's now: PHONICS ARE FUN! Workbook page after workbook page of colorful illustrations with "phonics" exercises such as: CIRCLE ALL THE OBJECTS THAT BEGIN WITH THE 'Ah' SOUND. NEXT, CIRCLE ALL THE ANIMALS THAT DON'T HAVE THE 'Ah' SOUND.

Woe to the parent who unknowingly thinks they are giving their kids that 'phonics-based' education they heard so many good things about, while ignorantly administering such stultifying garbage to their progeny.

And the math? I felt myself getting dumber just for reviewing it.

Of course, whether it's reading, writing or math, the most common features of this "common core" based "homeschool" curriculum is the adherence to the holy script of SJW vibrant diversity on every page. All examples and illustrations of humans, families and relationships always have rainbow inflected depictions of vibrant tokenism.

"Manuel Hernandez Camacho has 6 candy bars, Shaniqua Abdul-Ahman has 4 candy bars and Chen Li Wong has 2 candy many candy bars should they have the police man take from Michael James Thompson to make sure the world is fair, the environment is conserved and people of the same gender who love each other can get married?"

Yes, I'm exaggerating for polemic effect here....but not by much. Hey, it's a small world afterall!

Kindergarten 'history' includes tales of evil whitey selling sacred hyphenated Americans at the slavery auction block, while 'science' courses include stirring sermons on the sanctity of vaccinations throughout the history of managing our healthcare. Environmentalism, feminism, consumerism, materialism, equality, conformity, mindless obedience to's all there.

No, I will not name any names nor brands nor publishers. Do YOUR homework if you are that serious about educating your own children. Common core is nothing new, it's the same old conformity brainwashing indoctrination under a new veneer. Need proof of my assertions? Just do what you always need to do when trying to seek out the truth of any matter: follow the moolah.

Be aware that  you can't avoid it simply by homeschooling....unless you learn to discern the same infiltration of home school curriculum with the exact same SJW programming 2.0 that is the real core of what THEY are trying to accomplish. THEY have figured out how to outsource their institutionalized brainwashing operations from the public school institutions to the homeschool parents themselves.

Don't fall for it.


Unknown said...

If they think this is fun, wait until they try to keep anything working with these students when the graduate. Those shovel ready jobs are going to be the people who came up with this. Its all fun and games until the food runs out, then the fine young cannibals throw you and your family into a big pot. What do you call intellectuals in the Brave New World? Soylent Green.

7man said...

Have your read Crimes of the Educators?

I highly recommend this book, which touches on same education issues you mention.

Anonymous said...

Teach them as Moloch would teach them. Let them learn subservience and appeasement of lusts. The harvest comes.

Keoni Galt said...

Joshua - The Killing Fields redux? SJWs are cultural Marxists. As the Cambodians found out, it's the intellectuals that are first up for the firing squads when they come to power.

7man - thanks for the link, I shall check it out when I have the time. I got a backlog of reading at this point.

Entropy - Best new blog in the fever swamps 2015, hands down.
Surely you will work Ishtar and Mammon into the pagan pantheon of entropic deities for your blogfodder?

Individual said...

Long time reader here. Thank you for your excellent writing.
May I suggest that you have a look at:
...for some enlightened writing on Common Core.

c0pperheaded said...


If you don't mind me asking, what style of homeschooling did you decide on? I have 4 boys under the age of 8 that we are homeschooling and I always like to see what other like-minded homeschoolers are doing.

Anonymous said...

Ishtar has heard your request. You have been added to the Moloch's roll.

Anonymous said...

Keoni, can you at least recommend good sources, or give advice on how to recognize if it's common core infiltrated? Pit'so easy to tell by the math sections with their bs way of doing simple algebra and geometry. But what about the other subjects? Can you only detect it when SJW talking points show up?

Keoni Galt said...

Copperheaded and Durandel - At this point, I'm doing it myself... phonics and rote mathematics, but my students are all under the age of 9, so I'm not worried about finding a pre-packaged curriculum yet. But I have been looking at various textbooks and curriculum for the near future.

Matt said...

They should call Common Core "Lowest Common Denominator".

I got a gig about a year ago that involved making a commercial for a dying school district. The district is so shitty that they needed to hire a marketing company just to keep parents from sending their kids to other schools. I got to observe elementary/junior high/high school kids for a day.

Pretty scary.

I hadn't set foot in a public school system since I was in high school about 15 years ago. they aren't even bothering to hide the fact that public schools are nothing but SJW/leftist indoctrination camps.

I sat in on a high school class about "internet awareness", which basically involved an overweight, disconnected 25 year old teacher droning on and on about how great government surveillance is.

The kids had a look on their faces that could only be described as a combination of "bovine" and "zombified". Only one kid in the whole class was shaking his head at the utter bullshit spewing out of the teacher's mouth. I caught eyes with him and gave him a head nod to acknowledge we were on the same page.

School was bad enough in the 90s. Putting a kid through public education these days is basically torture.

Stingray said...

When we first started homeschooling we would give a yearly standardized test. My daughter would struggle with the easiest of questions because they were worded like your example above. It would use foreign names and whatnot and she had no idea what the rest of the problem was talking about.

We scrapped it.

For those asking, we've found that The Well Trained Mind is good. She gives lots of suggestions for curriculum, not all perfect but mostly very good. As the kids get older, we've moved to a lot of original sources and/or purchased used out of print workbooks.

Your mind gets rather trained at picking out the BS Keoni talks about here and you learn to explain to your kids what BS it is (and avoid it when necessary). Then they quickly pick it up and point it out as well.

It's fun too, and I'll tell you that around the table conversation is wonderful when you teach your kids how to think.

Anonymous said...

If you're serious about educating your children, I cannot recommend the following sites enough: Ambleside Online, Simply Charlotte Mason, and The CiRCE Institute. Look around at their offerings. It's more than just the Three R's, more than just technique issues like whole language vs. phonics. No, the whole purpose of education was hijacked by these clowns over a hundred years ago. Technique follows and is downstream from purpose. I speak as a long term veteran homeschooler, Grad School instructor, and recovering/repenting professional government propagandist.

Leahn Novash said...

Vox Day is creating a homeschool curriculum with the help of the dread ilk. I think it might be a suitable alternative to whatever else is out there.

Anonymous said...

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. My baby is still only a toddler but I would like to eventually supplement the education he receives at school with learning at home. I live in a country where homeschooling is not as easy as in the United States. Thankfully, we have found a school that generally reflects our values but I feel as though the curriculum needs to supplemented because, like everywhere it seems, the teaching doesn't go "deep enough."

I have already looked at all of your suggestions and I will be spending more time studying them.

7man said...

Good sources for home schooling:

Saxon Math - buy 2nd editions text books and home study manuals (answers) from ebay. These are the best editions and were published in the late 1990s.

Use Alpha Phonics.

Research the Robinson Curriculum.

Search YouTube for John Saxon, Samuel Blumenfeld, and Art Robinson to find videos of these men in order evaluate them. If you like what they say, then you have your answer to what to use for home schooling.

7man said...

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and Common Core

Tony Lawless said...

Great about helping your children. But please "it's" means "it is". When you use "its" as a possessive, as in "I am interested in its effects on our children", you do not put an apostrophe between the "t" and the "s".

Keoni Galt said...

@ 7Man - Thanks for the links! I'll check 'em out when I get some free time. As of late, that's been a very limited commodity for me.

@ Tony Lawless - I know about the distinction between its and it's, just understand that 90% of my blog posts here are stream-of-conscious prose with very little if no editing or re-writing done on my part. This blog is my hobby, one for which I've had very little time for as of late, and it's something for which I make zero money at, so I do not put the effort into it that I would if I were.

Frankly, if I were to take the time to really hone my prose, I'd be more concerned with my tendency to write extensive run-ons, rather than focusing on simple grammatical errors. :-)