Monday, January 6, 2014

The Outsourcing of Motherhood for Havingitall

There's no care like daycare!

The feminist movement built the American daycare industry, which, in every state in the nation, is FULL OF MINIMUM WAGE FEMALE WORKERS, who perform the job of MOTHER to America’s children for MINIMUM WAGE. - Nancy Levant

This post has been sitting in my draft folder for awhile...I had almost forgot I had even started it. But Dalrock's post about what makes feminists ugly reminded me about the topic. Sunshinemary's latest post also reminded me of it, as she referred to a term I often use (tell-a-vision), that I picked up from an author who's book and columns I read when I first "took the red pill" back in '06. After first discovering her via Outcast Superstar's review of the book, I ordered the book and read it in a single sitting as soon as it arrived.

Nancy Levant spent 13+ years as a Daycare provider, and by observing the thoughts and behaviors of the women dropping off their progeny for her to raise for minimum wage babysit their kids while they were in pursuit of havingitall, she gained a unique perspective on the state of American Womanhood and the family. She turned years of such observations into a book,  The Cultural Devastation of American Women. That book is chock full of thought-provoking content, but for this post, I focus on excerpts from the first chapter, Today's Moms:
As a childcare provider, and in observation of and conversation with nearly 1,000 women, men and children, five days a week, for many y ears, I can report the following givens for most moms of all ages:

1) They are too tired
2) They are not cooking
3) They are self absorbed

Why are they too tired? They are too busy trying to "have it all."  By focusing on careers and/or consumerist driven status whoring, they are too tired to actually nurture and care for their families.

For example, when she states "They are not cooking" she speaks from personal observation:

And speaking of food, meals are fast leaving the consciousness of the American female. This is of particular concern to me because for every group of children I've cared for in the past 13 years, half (yes 1/2) of those children are too hungry and underfed or overfed with drive-thru food. I've seen hundreds of children who have never eaten vegetables and hundres more who eat pizza, Taco Bell, McDonalds, and mac and cheese each and every night for dinner.
I have had one and two-years-olds arrive at seven o’clock in the morning holding zip-lock baggies full of chips, Cheetos, M&M’s, sugar pencils, Skittles, potato sticks, cream pies, brownies and Reese’s Pieces. I’ve had at least 200 children come in the morning with fries from the previous night’s dinners and sweet rolls and mini donuts from gas station mini marts. I’ve had two and three-year-olds arrive with Coke, Mountain Dew, and root beer in baby bottles and sippy cups. I’ve had hundreds of children arrive with fast food breakfasts.

Obesity epidemic? ADD, ADHD and ODD? Couldn't possibly have to do with the fast food-ification mentality programming we the sheeple are inundated with via mass media broadcasting?

I began asking children who were old enough to respond, "What did you have for dinner last night?" And the answers, 90% of the times were, "Pizza, Taco Bell, McDonalds or macaroni and cheese."

Of course, career women havingitall are just too busy or tired to actually cook real food, so they buy pre-made, processed, fast and convenient, microwavable or drive-thru FEED for their families. This is now what we can call the Standard American Diet.

So many women don't realize what they are missing. They don't know about the womanly arts, how it feels to give good, nutritious food to children, as many women now rebel against the notion of mom as family cook.... ...but cooking also takes time and unselfishness, which leads me to another subject - beauty and self-absorption.

Indeed, this is precisely the reasoning behind Dalrock's observation about what makes feminists ugly. At it's core, feminism is the gyno-centric philosophy of selfishism. Cooking and cleaning for other people? That's slavery...even if they are your own family!

To many, many women beauty has become a very expensive, weekly, and time consuming task.

Nancy then compiles a list of common services many Mother's are regularly paying small fortunes on a yearly basis for the sake of appearances. Hair, nails, tans, make-up, botox, liposuction, implants and lifts, teeth bleaching, veneers, personal trainers and gym memberships...

On and on - hours spent, family money spent - literally fortunes each and every year....

...How, you may ask, does that equate to my daycare business? Actually, in many, many ways – first and foremost, the message to female children is, frankly repulsive. Secondly, the message to our male children about females is significantly repulsive and, thirdly the fact that average, middle class women have bought into Hollywood-style looks and grooming is shallow, dangerous, financially irresponsible, and makes American women look like shallow twits to the rest of the hungry world...
...So, after I've had a child for 10 to12 hours, a mother calls and asks if she may stop on the way home from work to get her nails done, or her make-up re-applied, or a comb-out, or a tan, or to stop by the gym for an hour. Now there's a message for the tired and hungry child who has been away from home for 10 hours! But mom will eventually come with drive-thru bags in tow. Women have placed their looks and appearances above the time they spend with their children and far above their children's health...

Perhaps, deep down, the modern American Woman havingitall realizes her self absorption and unwillingness to serve her family to nurture and care for them makes her an ugly person. So she focuses on her outward appearance so she can look in the mirror and convince herself she's not really ugly afterall.

 But no matter how she looks, the ugliness and unhappiness of her status-driven, consumerist existence infects not just her, but her entire family.

When I was a child, every night the entire family used to sit around the kitchen table and eat dinner together. Imagine that.

 Thanks to the pursuit of havingitall, dinner is now eaten on the run, in the back seat of the car, or from paper bags or plastic wrapped, microwaved FEED, in front of the tell-a-vision. But outsourcing the feeding and nurturing of children to the industrialized, corporate feed system is not the worst the modern American Woman is doing to her family.

Children talk about their mothers to a far greater extent than their fathers, and children seem to learn communication skills from their mothers. They definitely learn the rules of behavior and eating habits from their mothers. Sadly, they also learn the beginnings of neuroses from their mothers' nueroses. Tiredness, hunger, intensity, sadness, irrationality, anger, sarcasms and bossiness, sullenness, mood swings, compulsions and obsessions - they so oten come directly from maternal lines. And one more thing - an inherent disrespect by children for fathers also seems to come directly from moms. With that said, I offer more quotes from my daycare children.

“My dad is stupid.”
“My dad doesn’t like to be with us.”
“My dad doesn’t like it at home.”
“My dad is a control freak.”
"I'm not allowed to talk to Dad when he's working."
"I'm not allowed to talk to Dad when he's watching TV."
"Dad never does anything."
"I don't know my dad's first name."
"Dad never talks to Mom."
"Dad likes his car better than us."
"Dad never takes us anywhere."
"Dad doesn't like to sit with Mom."
"Dad likes his computer more than Mom."

On and on... Do you think three, four and five-year-olds come up with this on their own, or do you think they heard this from someone?

All this time I swore I'd never be like my old man...

So, I put my children's pieces together, and a picture of family life evolves. I see a man who is purposefully disengaged from his family. I see a woman who is tired, neurotic, and bored.

Where does this familial-killing ennui come from? I say it's just our Brave New World Order's regularly scheduled programming.

...magazines and television showcase women in their new roles - beautiful, free, affluent, entitled and under fed. But the most beautiful, free, affluent and entitled are "stars." And stars live like royalty with their make-up and hair stylists, clothing designers, architects and interior decorators, big cars, professional landscapers, and servants. And America's women find the examples they desire to mimic called perfection through wealth. And the more perfection needed, the less time for anything or any one else.

Yes, in order to realize the havingitall dream life women are told they need to have to achieve happiness, they must become breadwinners and career success stories so they can indulge every materialistic whim and urge through consumerism and materialistic acquisition. If all that time spent on consuming and perfecting their appearances doesn't allow for time to cook, feed, and clean up their offspring and spouses...well, there's all of the convenience of ready made products and services provided by the transnational corporate conglomerates, to take care of all that.


kurt9 said...

The book may be good on everything else. But criticism of physical fitness is WAY OFF BASE.

Consider the following:

In a world where obesity is rampant, anyone who is critical of physical fitness should have their head examined for mental illness.

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who asked about Hawaii in the other thread. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to research it on my own a bit-Kauai looks really cool.

Stg58/Animal Mother said...


It doesn't require the focus of every fiber of your being to the exclusion of your children to be fit. Unless you are eating the crap you feed your kids.

Rachael said...

I tend to become shrill on the matter, and it's impossible to know the circumstances of other families, but the few resentments I have of other parents is their seeking sympathy when their children are harmed while in the care of others, or that their giant Augustus Gloop kids have the syndrome of the day as they pull through yet another drive thru for supersized suicide.

When a father or mother, irrespective of career, try to convince me that their "work" or "happiness" is more important than their childrens well being my eyes pretty much glaze over. I wonder why they wanted to have kids at all. Why they wanted to be married even. If I spent all my time with another man, my husband would not believe for a minute that he was the center of my concern. If I farm my kids out to someone else twelve hours a day, I am not mothering them, only sheltering them at night. Those are the facts of the matter. I am not disputing that in some instances it is absolutely necessary for survival, but it
doesn't change the facts.

It occurs to me that feminism ultimately brings out the worst in everyone. I know plenty of men who require their wives to work, not out of necessity but as a lifestyle choice, leaving the children languishing in daycare despite the negative return. It's horrifying.

Unknown said...

Mythologically (which means the distilled truth of thousands of years) women are either nurturers or destroyers. If they don't nurture, then they destroy - themselves and others.

kurt9 said...

It doesn't require the focus of every fiber of your being to the exclusion of your children to be fit.

No, it doesn't. I lift weights 4 times per week (standard 2-day split) and swim laps 3 times per week for a total of around 6 hours per week in the gym and pool. It is the best investment of my time I can possibly imagine.

Resistive weight training increases muscle mass, bone density, and strength of tendons and connective tissues. All of these things are adversely affected by the aging process, more in women than in men. Natural body building increases HGH and IGF which are beneficial to prolongevity. Aerobic training (swimming), in addition to the well-known cardiovascular benefits, may in fact help to maintain telomere length in chromosomes. Telomere shortening may actually be a cause of aging.

Given the the fact that in this country we face mostly the opposite problem, increased obesity and the age related conditions that result from it, such as diabetes and the like, to criticize anyone for the pursuit of fitness strikes me as way over the top.

Need I remind you that increased fitness actually increases energy levels that make it possible to do the other things in life, such as raising kids?

Lastly, fitness increases your chances of making it to 2030 or 2040 in good health to benefit from the SENS therapies and other anti-aging bio-medicine. In other words, it really may be a life and death issue (I know it is for me)

There is no such thing as too much fitness.

Anonymous said...

On the Daycare Maven's observations:

1. 'They are too tired' (from being too busy chasing the kinds of thugs they spawned their kids with)

2. 'They are not cooking' (because they spent their education in Woymns Studies instead of Home Economics)

3. 'They are self-absorbed.' (Just talking to her single male friends could have told her that).

I agree with you that deficient nutrition during pregnancy does contribute a lot to the rise of obesity and the psych-disorders you mentioned in kids (FYI, the CDC reports that 1/8 kids under 12 now are on head-meds). However, I think three other contributing factors:

1. The Bitches listen to their femihag overlords who tell them that 'motherhood is instinctive' and that women are the 'owners of reproduction' hence they have ZERO training for motherhood.

2. The number of previous abortions and the level of narcotics ingested by most Ameroskanks can't help but damage their reproductive capacity; and

3. The fact that most women today seem to spawn kids with the least biologically and mentally fit males.

The bad diet exacerbates it all, but until the Bitches change their attitudes, better diets won't help much.

rycamor said...

Re: fitness,

My simple approach to anyone worried about time spent on fitness vs. other quality of life is this:

It is well known that exercise reduces risk of illness in just about all areas. In fact, the common cold is 50% less likely when you exercise.

But just for the sake of argument, let's say that baseline fitness can save you from just ONE day a year of illness.

OK, so that is the equivalent of 96 15-minute workouts. You could do a high-intensity workout every 3 days and it would be bought and paid for by that ONE DAY of less illness. And of course most likely it would be much more than one day saved. My experience when starting to work out again in my mid-40s was that I went from at least a week or two of bedridden illness a year to almost nil. Even when I get a cold or feverish I just get a little extra rest for 24 hours and I'm fine. I have not had to miss a day of work to illness since.

Let's say in addition that being fit adds another 2 years to your lifespan. This is not at all spurious. Most likely it would be 5 or 10, according to research. 2 years adds up to 17,520 hours of your life! That amounts to a FULL HOUR of exercise every day of your life for the next 48 years. An hour a day is of course unnecessary for even extremely good fitness. reduce it to 15 minutes a day or a half hour every other day of intense exercise plus two hours a week of walking, and it would take you 86 years to add up to 2 years of your life.

And this is just the life expectancy and health factors. Exercise also helps you prevent injury, gives you more energy, promotes clearer thinking, and the fact of sticking to your workout also helps with daily self-discipline. And as a benefit, women get clearer, healthier skin, and of course better figures.

And, it doesn't require a cent of equipment or a gym membership. Anyone wanting simple fitness can get more than enough exercise from bodyweight calisthenics, sprinting, running and walking.

So, what's it worth to make a health choice that has a better track record than any medication, with practically zero side effects, that literally pays for itself and then some, over the course of a lifetime? The only reason not to exercise is if you have a job that already forces you to exercise.

Keoni Galt said...

people, people, I'm the last guy you need to convince about exercise and

Let's remember the context Nancy is referring to. She was babysitting a children of career woman who spend 10-12 hours a day working, and then calling her and asking if she could pick up her children later so she can go and do things like get her hair done or exercise etc.

Exercise is good, but Nancy's point is that these women treat their children as nothing but accessories, and EVERYTHING ELSE comes first to them.

rycamor said...


Agreed and wasn't arguing that point. Let's put it this way: the "hour at the gym" thing is most likely a complete farce. There is no need for either, especially if it involves a 15-minute drive each way, thus using up 1.5 hours of a day on what was probably 5 minutes of changing, a 10-minute treadmill session, 5 minutes of stretching, and 40 minutes of gossiping or flirting with other gym members.

In other words, the 'sacrifice' is not even providing what it is purported to provide.

Trying to lead the glamorous single life as a married mother is the problem.

HanSolo said...

Great post and it's tragic how many women follow the herd while neglecting their own kids.

rycamor said...

In fact, if you put together all the costs of

a) Getting hair/nails done "because I'm too busy to do it myself"

b) Restaurant, fast-food, and prepackaged foods "because I'm too busy to do it myself"

c) Day care, of course "because because because"

d) Needing two vehicles, or at least a "presentable" vehicle for the brave career Mom

e) the additional gas needed to ferry Mom to/from work, gym, hair appts, and of course day care

f) Needing an extended wardrobe of horrid modern female officewear (the pantsuits!)

g) the extra doctor's visits, medications, vitamins, prescriptions, etc... required because of the dangers to Mom and child's health from all he above

h) etc...

I'm willing to bet that it would be far better even from a simple monetary basis for 95% of the career Moms to stay home. For those few making enough money to truly offset the above obstacles, the husband might just want to consider becoming the stay-at-home parent, and then if she (almost inevitably) divorces him, he will end up with custody and a nice fat support check from her every month. Win/win.

Aquinas Dad said...

rycamor, did the math and estimates that for a working mother to offset her costs (i.e., for the formula of [her paycheck - the costs of being a working mother] to be *even* a mother of 3 would have to earn $113,000+
Even a woman without kids needs to make north of $23,000 to break even - and that isn't including opportunity costs!
For the vast majority of working women her job is a net LOSS of income to the family - which is why couples with a working wife are three times more likely to file for bankruptcy than a couple with a SAHW

DeNihilist said...

For those of us exercising, this is a very interesting item.

MizuBob said...

Alice in Chains..nice!
It is good to see that you are writing more often lately. Please keep up the good work.

Cane Caldo said...

Just saw this post. Good stuff.