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Brave New World Order, Inc.

Ever heard of this study?

Using data obtained (circa 2007) from the Orbis database (a global database containing financial information on public and private companies) the team, in what is being heralded as the first of its kind, analyzed data from over 43,000 corporations, looking at both upstream and downstream connections between them all and found that when graphed, the data represented a bowtie of sorts, with the knot, or core representing just 147 entities who control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations.

And who are these "entities?"

Look at the graph generated by the study.

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Nearly all of the controlling entities are the Banksters of Zero Liability Corporations (2Big2Fail!).

Most assuredly, these very same banks, are also the shareholders and owners of the stocks in every Central Banking Entity around the globe.

Consider again:

"...analyzed data from over 43,000 corporations...

...just 147 entities who control nearly 40 percent of all of monetary value of transnational corporations."

This is the nuts and bolts of what constitutes BIG BUSINESS.

Want to take an even closer look at the interconnected framework of corporations who OWN our Brave New World Order?

In the article The Global 1%: Exposing the Transnational Ruling Class, published by an Occupy Movement entity that takes a closer look at the close connections between the Transnational Corporations in our Globalized, Corporatist-Fascist Leviathan that has it's tentacles in every corner of the world.

It's important to note before we dive into the content of this article, that just like the Tea Party, any entity seeking to expose the truth about the Owners of the Company Store, MUST be channeled into the false left-right dialectic, so as to maintain the divided and conquered detente of mass distraction amongst the 99%.

Thus, in the following article was written by Marxist ideologue academians, whose entire piece is presented in terms of distribution of wealth, common good, social justice, blah blah blah. But pay careful attention to what the article's most important point here - explicitly pointing out the interlocking architecture of the 1%...the people who are in control of these 147 entities and how they exert power over the entire global economy and political structures of the entire planet.

Primary example number one, of what this report calls "The Extractor Sector," of the 1%.

The Extractor Sector: The Case of Freeport-McMoRan (FCX)
Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) is the world’s largest extractor of copper and gold. The company controls huge deposits in Papua, Indonesia, and also operates in North and South America, and in Africa. In 2010, the company sold 3.9 billion pounds of copper, 1.9 million ounces of gold, and 67 million pounds of molybdenum. In 2010, Freeport-McMoRan reported revenues of $18.9 billion and a net income of $4.2 billion.[xi]

FCX, a transnational corporation who operates precious mines all around the globe. Who runs this entity?

The board of directors of Freeport-McMoRan represents a portion of the global 1 percent who not only control the largest gold and copper mining company in the world, but who are also interconnected by board membership with over two dozen major multinational corporations, banks, foundations, military, and policy groups. This twelve-member board is a tight network of individuals who are interlocked with—and influence the policies of—other major companies controlling approximately $200 billion in annual revenues.

More specifically:

Freeport-McMoRan’s Board of Directors
James R. Moffett—Corporate and policy affiliations: co-chairman, president, and CEO of McMoRan Exploration Co.; PT Freeport Indonesia; Madison Minerals Inc.; Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans; Agrico, Inc.; Petro-Lewis Funds, Inc.; Bright Real Estate Services, LLC; PLC–ALPC, Inc.; FM Services Co.

Richard C. Adkerson—Corporate and policy affiliations: Arthur Anderson Company; chairman of International Council on Mining and Metals; executive board of the International Copper Association, Business Council, Business Roundtable, Advisory Board of the Kissinger Institute, Madison Minerals Inc.

Robert Allison Jr.—Corporate affiliations: Anadarko Petroleum (2010 revenue: $11 billion); Amoco Projection Company.

Robert A. Day—Corporate affiliations: CEO of W. M. Keck Foundation (2010 assets: more than $1 billion); attorney in Costa Mesa, California.

Gerald J. Ford—Corporate affiliations: Hilltop Holdings Inc, First Acceptance Corporation, Pacific Capital Bancorp (Annual Sales $13 billion), Golden State Bancorp, FSB (federal savings bank that merged with Citigroup in 2002) Rio Hondo Land & Cattle Company (annual sales $1.6 million), Diamond Ford, Dallas (sales: $200 million), Scientific Games Corp., SWS Group (annual sales: $422 million); American Residential Cmnts LLC.

H. Devon Graham Jr.—Corporate affiliations: R. E. Smith Interests (an asset management company; income: $670,000).

Charles C. Krulak—Corporate and governmental affiliations: president of Birmingham-South College; commandant of the Marine Corp, 1995–1999; MBNA Corp.; Union Pacific Corporation (annual sales: $17 billion); Phelps Dodge (acquired by FCX in 2007).
Bobby Lee Lackey—Corporate affiliations: CEO of McManusWyatt-Hidalgo Produce Marketing Co.

Jon C. Madonna—Corporate affiliations: CEO of KPMG, (professional services auditors; annual sales: $22.7 billion); AT&T (2011 revenue: $122 billion); Tidewater Inc. (2011 revenue: $1.4 billion).

Dustan E. McCoy—Corporate affiliations: CEO of Brunswick Corp. (revenue: $4.6 billion); Louisiana-Pacific Corp. (2011 revenue: $1.7 billion).

B. M. Rankin Jr.—Corporate affiliations: board vice chairman of FCX; cofounder of McMoRan Oil and Gas in 1969.

Stephen Siegele—Corporate affiliations: founder/CEO of Advanced Delivery and Chemical Systems Inc.; Advanced Technology Solutions; Flourine on Call Ltd.

Note that every last one of FCX's board of directors are also members, affiliates and executive officers of a number of other boards of Transnational Corporations. Other extractor corporations (Oil, Gas, Precious Metals)., financial sector, and military-industrial sectors.

Of course, as I stated earlier, it's the Banksters who own everything, and it is what the Occupy article identifies as the Investment Class of the 1% who own all the controlling shares of the Extractor Class of the Transnational Corporations.

The biggest of these is BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock, based in Manhattan, is the largest assets management firm in the world, with over 10,000 employees and investment teams in twenty-seven countries. Their client base includes corporate, public, union, and industry pension plans; governments; insurance companies; third-party mutual funds; endowments; foundations; charities; corporations; official institutions; sovereign wealth funds; banks; financial professionals; and individuals worldwide. BlackRock acquired Barclay Global Investors in December of 2009. As of March 2012, BlackRock manages assets worth $3.68 trillion in equity, fixed income, cash management, alternative investment, real estate, and advisory strategies.[xxiii]

In addition to Freeport-McMoRan, BlackRock has major holdings in Chevron (49 million shares, 2.5 percent), Goldman Sachs Group (13 million shares, 2.7 percent), Exxon Mobil (121 million shares, 2.5 percent), Bank of America (251 million shares, 2.4 percent), Monsanto Company (12 million shares, 2.4 percent), Microsoft Corp. (185 million shares, 2.2 percent), and many more.[xxiv]

BlackRock manages investments of both public and private funds, including California Public Employee’s Retirement System, California State Teacher’s Retirement System, Freddie Mac, Boy Scouts of America, Boeing, Sears, Verizon, Raytheon, PG&E, NY City Retirement Systems, LA County Employees Retirement Association, GE, Cisco, and numerous others.

This is how 147 entities exercise control over 43,000+ corporations. They all own shares in each others companies, and they all appoint the same pool of elite executive officers to their board of directors. As the Occupy article points out when it cites the same study I referenced at the very beginning of this post:

Notably, for our purposes, BlackRock board members have direct connections to at least seven of the top twenty-five corporations that Vitali et al. identify as an international “super entity.” BlackRock’s board has direct links to seven of the twenty-five most interconnected corporations in the world. BlackRock’s eighteen board members control and influence tens of trillions of dollars of wealth in the world and represent a core of the super-connected financial sector corporations.

 This is the architecture of the fascist system of power and control that spans the entire globe.

 As seen in our extractor sector and investment sector samples, corporate elites are interconnected through direct board connections with some seventy major multinational corporations, policy groups, media organizations, and other academic or nonprofit institutions. The investment sector sample shows much more powerful financial links than the extractor sample; nonetheless, both represent vast networks of resources concentrated within each company’s board of directors.
The short sample of directors and resources from eight other of the superconnected companies replicates this pattern of multiple board corporate connections, policy groups, media and government, controlling vast global resources. These interlock relationships recur across the top interconnected companies among the transnational corporate class, resulting in a highly concentrated and powerful network of individuals who share a common interest in preserving their elite domination.

 One World Governance is already here. The illusion of democracy and nation-state sovereignty is maintained by regularly scheduled programming via mass media broadcasting and institutionalized brainwashing to keep the 99% from realizing and comprehending the true nature of the beast.

Indeed, the only answer controlled opposition and shills for corporate mass media ever offer we the sheeple, is the idea of "more regulatory controls" over Big Business.

In other words, the only solution we are ever offered is for us to support throwing Brer Rabbit into the Briar Patch. Note the interlocking board of directors, executive officers, and political appointees of the Transnational Corporations and the US Government:

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The Governments of all the world's nation-states, the global mass media conglomerate, the Transnational Investment and Extractor Corporations, Non-Profit Foundations, the entire UN structure including NGO's, the World Bank and IMF, as well as the members of Global political groups like the ...all of these entities and organizations are interconnected and interlocked in a similar manner as the two examples of FXC and BlackRock are highlighted in the Occupy report.

There is no conspiracy theory. There is only an interconnected and interlocked conglomeration of entities conspiring for the maintenance of total global control. Control to maximize shareholder profits by managing the exploitation the world's vast natural and human resources.


So, considering you've made it this may be asking yourself, what's the point of all this then? Simple. I want more people to wake up to the reality of our 21st century. To stop wasting so much time and energy on all the propaganda and mass media distractions. To stop investing in the charade of Democracy and "grass roots" politics. Grass roots movements based on authentic people trying to effect real changes do exist. But the moment they start to gain any real traction, they will be subverted, co-opted, infiltrated, and/or marginalized by mass media propaganda controlling the narrative.

It's ALL a game of divide & conquer and diffuse & distract with bread and circuses.

Stop trying to "FIX" the system. It isn't broken. It's doing precisely what it was designed to do.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...for this has become the Raison d'être for why I have blogged for the past 7 years here:

"We have only one thing we can do, and that is to gain awareness and embrace the truth. Recognition of true reality and how to do the best you can to avoid the worst experiences of our feedlot system."

Find ways, both big and small, to starve the beast. Refuse and resist as much as humanly and humanely possible. Be vigilant in observing and protecting you and yours, and avoid the worst aspects of this system of interconnected and interlocking transnational corporations that rule our fallen world.


Unknown said...

I have for ten years called them Cosmodemonic Transnational Megacorporations.

Edwin Calais said...

Here's proof that the media is a one-system, top down propaganda machine, courtesy of Conan.

Johnycomelately said...

The real eye opener for me were the wars in Iraq and Kosovo and the seamless cooperation between Religious Institutions, Media, UN, NGOs, Humanitarian organizations, Political Parties, Spy Agencies, Nation States, Militaries, Banks and Corporations.

The level of cooperation was mind boggling and to my then naive mind didn't make sense. If these entities were so disparate how did they cooperate on such a vast level?

Of course posts like yours show how easily it is done, all it takes is for several men to come to agreement and the control apparatus follows in lock step.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, I can't believe you don't get more comments. Anyway, keep up the good work. I want to take my girlfriend to Hawaii sometime this year. I've always wanted to go. Any suggestions on which Island to go to?

Keoni Galt said...

@ Bob - Yeah, I know, I read your blog daily!

@ Edwin - Thanks, didn't see that before, but certainly knew about it.

@ Johnny - Yeah, the neo-conned wars were definitely a major piece of the puzzle in grasping the scope and size of the "conspiracy."

Anon - Thanks. I don't get a lot of comments frequently because google spam filter/captcha system discourages it. I've had numerous complaints over the years about it and why people don't comment more because of it. A lot of mobile device browser's don't seem to work with my google comment system either. But I once turned off the spam filter/capthca system and had over 300 spam comments in less than 12 hours.

If I really wanted to promote a lot of comments, I would just switch over to Wordpress, as that format seems much more friendly to commenting.

But I'm already 7 years deep with what the hell.

As for what island to visit, depends on what you like to do.

If you like shopping or surfing, or other water sports like jet skiing, scuba diving etc., than O'ahu.

If you like charter boat fishing any of the other neighbor islands is better.

If you like hiking, Kaua'i.

In any case, if you do come to O'ahu, just get out of Waikiki as much as possible.