Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Longevity "Paradox"

Lorna Gobey celebrated her 100th birthday with a glass of whiskey and a cigarette.

It is inevitable. The system THEY have set up, is designed for long term economic and social system that is nothing more than a civilization wide, multi-generational, incremental implementation of a convoluted, and deceptive control grid - aka MATRIX - that appears too complicated to understand. But when you strip away all the extraneous deceptions and misdirections, it really is nothing more than the largest COMPANY STORE scheme ever instituted in the history of humanity. And what is the name of this COMPANY STORE?

Brave New World Order, Inc. Of course.

At the top of the executive board of this Zero Liability corporation (TOO BIG TO FAIL), we have Central Banking Cartels, and their monetary system based on fractional reserve lending and fiat currency; combined with a large, pervasive and invasive taxation system, and a multitude of centralized bureaucracies designed to create mass dependency.

In conjunction with the socially engineered population control measures of widely available birth control, abortion, and the normalization of feminism, promiscuity and homosexuality, you end up where we are today - large numbers of people dependent on Government entitlement spending to subsist, with less and less successive generations being born to grow into productive working classes to actually produce the tax receipts for funding of the re-distribution programs of entitlements to the dependent classes. This is the real root of "deficit spending."

This "forces" the Government to "Borrow" money from the Central Banking system to keep issuing those entitlement funds more and more citizenry are depending on for basic subsistence.

The more entitlement payments that have to made, the more has to be borrowed.

The more that is borrowed, the more the "National Debt" exponentially increases. The more Demographic decline, the less productive workers produce taxes for redistribution, the more has to be borrowed to keep the status quo of dependency expenditures going. This is not just what is happening in USA Inc., but in every country on the planet that has a Central Banking System.

Debt and dependency, the twin tools of the elite for the mass enslavement of humanity.

THEY know this. What THEY are doing, is trying to extend the scheme for as long as possible, to extract as much wealth and assets from the masses that they can, before the inevitable collapse occurs. Once that happens, then we get the naked and outright imposition of the Police State Orwell predicted. But until then, they've got one overriding objective: keep the gravy train rolling for as long as possible.

One of the primary tactics they are using to delay the inevitable, is to promote behaviors that kill off as many sheeple as possible before they hit the age for which the majority of entitlement benefits become due - aka Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare.

In other words, the more people who die before they reach the age to collect their "entitlements" the longer they can keep the COMPANY STORE running.

This is why it is official Government policy to promote diet and lifestyle behaviors that are health destroying.

This is in part, why THEY have instituted propaganda campaigns to instill fear in our minds. Unreasonable, false fears of the very things that would ensure we live long, happy and healthy lives of fulfillment and productivity. This is why they want us to fear eating saturated fats, red meat and natural sea salt. Why they want us to avoid the mid-day sun and to use sunscreen whenever we happen to be out in it. Why they have adulterated our water and  food supply with all sorts of poisonous and toxic substances. Why they want us all trapped in a health care system that is too expensive and gives us limited, false choices in dealing with health issues. THEY own the companies that both produce the FEED and produce the medications to treat the symptoms caused by eating their FEED. This is also why the only officially recognized treatment for cancer -- which develops after a lifetime of nutritional deficiencies based on following all the other proscriptions THEY dictate -- is radiation poisoning that kills more people than it saves.

So too does it explain why they want the normalization of gender androgyny, broken homes and the destruction of marriage as an institution. When both parents must work, they are far more likely to depend on the fast, convenient FEED of the processed food industries subsidized by Big Ag. A lifetime of eating the FEED, will drastically shorten the average lifespan - from the perspectives of THEY who have engineered it this way, hopefully short enough to kill the majority of us before we hit entitlement collection age. As most long time readers know, I've come to the conclusion that this is all being done quite deliberately.

Once you truly understand these motives, you can then begin to question other directives and assumptions of the conventional wisdom they promulgate through mass media influence. More specifically as I'm going to cover in the next few posts here, the social and institutional demonization of smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol.

EVERYONE knows smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol are bad for your health, right?!?!!!!?

Of course. We are all familiar with the stories of those who've been killed by drunk drivers. Of alcoholic parents who were abusive and neglectful.Of lifetime chain smokers who died of emphysema and lung cancer.

What is not commonly recognized however, is the role that these substances play in extending the longevity of most folks, when used over a lifetime of sensible moderation. In the statistical long run, the moderate consumption of alcohol and usage of tobacco products actually extend the lives of those who are able to do so without crossing the line of use into heavy overuse and abuse.

Statistically speaking, if we were to live in a world in which Alcohol and Tobacco were completely unregulated and ONLY controlled by social mores, MOST would not cross over into the threshold of addictive abuse...which would lead to increased longevity of the populace on average. Like anything else, you will always have a certain sub-section of people with addictive personalities and self-destructive tendencies who will eschew moderation. But overall, I believe most people wouldn't. And it would be even less harmful and destructive on a larger scale, if the large corporations that have gained control of the production of these substances did not exist to produce their corrupted fare for mass consumption.

This, in my humble opinion, is the ultimate rationale behind why it is official Government policy to allow the adulteration of these substances with harmful additives, why it discourages the sensible and moderate use of these substances, and why it produces deceptive and dishonest propaganda to keep the masses from discovering the long term health benefits of sensible, moderate usage. 

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

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I have included her personal email, the email of her academic advisor, link to her Facebook account, link to her two blogs, and her pictures as well.

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finndistan said...

What everyone who goes "come on man don't be a conspiracy nutjob", needs to get in his mind that there are private people able to lend money to whole countries.

and you are pretty much owned by whom you owe

Once that fact gets into one's head, then they might consider that there is a group of people functioning at a totally different level than the people we get to know in our lifetimes.

Johnycomelately said...

The odd thing about sun tanning is that I have an auto immune condition known as vitiligo (bleaching of the skin) that is apparently incurable.

The only known cure is going to the dead sea and getting a tan for a month!

Anonymous said...

I am completely on board with whiskey being at least benign when it comes to health and maybe even beneficial but I am still uncertain about tobacco.
I switched to Paleo after contracting pneumonia and found out I don't produce sufficient IgA (immunobody found in lung mucus). As a general rule I am of the opinion that acting the opposite of what CW health dictates is the right course, and has worked for me so far. However, I am worried about doing further damage to my lungs and I am trying to find out whether smoking would be beneficial, benign or still a really harmful move.
As far as I can tell modern cigarettes are full of nasty shit that nobody smoked before the modern age. I wonder then whether the connection between cancer and smoking has nothing to do with tobacco and is in fact caused by the additives?
Also, I remember reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration where Price noted that people living in smoke filled houses only developed TB after switching to a modern diet. By that line of reasoning then smoking would be harmless on a paleo diet?

What are your thoughts on this? Have you done any research on this? I think you could do a whole post on the subject.

sunshinemary said...

Great article, Keoni, thanks for this.

By the way, I don't know if she/it will try to comment here, but T is back and posting as IAW. I've already banned her from my place. Be forewarned.

Sundance said...

I like your post and agree with what you said. But, I am hoping you can have a few citations to back up you claim about tobacco and alcohol use? I am not aware of any except the two glasses of wine study.


Anonymous said...

I'm not certain if this is one large conspiracy or many smaller ones (perhaps the food companies are creating poisonous food for their own profit, while the government rewrites the legal system for their own profit).

I do agree that much of this is planned, but at the moment, I'm still on the fence. However, I agree with everything else in this post. What would be a great blow to those in power would be us to find hard links between them - emails between government and big business, etc.

Rex Little said...

Please do give some documentation regarding smoking. Obviously moderate tobacco use is less harmful than heavy use, but I don't have any reason to believe that there's a level of use that's actually beneficial.

Rmaxd said...

Off topic:

“The pressure cooker acted as the timer, the source said, and attached to the board was a bottle filled with nails, ball bearings and BB’s. ”

So, how exactly does a pressure cooker stuffed inside a garbage bin, have that kind of radius?

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the second half of this post. It makes a hell of a lot of sense that good, pure tobacco (sans additives) and good alcohol would be beneficial, but I'm interested to see what you've come up with. Peace

Unknown said...

You've got to do a post on the Boston Marathon and investigation that followed!

Keoni Galt said...

To those that have asked, I'll provide linkage in the follow ups to these posts next week.

However, I would warn ya'all not to expect some sort of iron clad, proof beyond a reasonable doubt kind of least when it comes to smoking. This is more about a case I've put together in my mind regarding a lot of circumstantial evidence, rather than one research paper that convinced me of this point of view.

I've got plenty of linkage however, to make the case that the moderate consumption of alcohol is a health benefit.

- As for the Boston Marathon bombing....

...I suspect false flag attack for ulterior motives, but that's just my conspiratorial cynicism.

I'll wait until more details come out before I jump to any conclusions.

Orion said...


Even worse are is the fact that most think conspiracies never happen. They fail to understand that the word wouldn't exist if there wasn't such a thing. Not to mention that history is full of conspiracies. Revolts, regicides, treasonous acts, and more have occurred on many occasions. They believe today that they are too "well informed" to not hear of them while the truth is that the mass media is an active spreader of disinformation.

Anonymous said...

Andre & Keoni:
Since both bombing suspects were in a government hospital, do they qualify for Obamacare? Also, if the survivor gets the death penalty, does Obamacare pay for the lethal injection?

MarkyMark said...


My great grandmother smoked (not a lot, but she did smoke), yet she lived to 95...


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