Friday, June 24, 2011

Winston Smith Works for Wikipedia

From the Wikipedia page on Winston Smith:

Winston Smith works as a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth, where his job is to rewrite historical documents so they match the constantly changing current party line. This involves revising newspaper articles and doctoring photographs—mostly to remove "unpersons," people who have fallen foul of the party.

Removing "unpersons" Thomas James Ball?

Anyone reading my blog, no doubt already knows the sad and maddening story of this man who could no longer take being treated like a slave by the Family Court system and burned himself to death.

You all know that his story has largely been ignored by the mainstream, corporate media...after all, the details of the story and his last will and statement don't jibe with the overriding narrative of the huge problem of "deadbeat dads" and the law enforcement and courts that have been created to deal with this "problem."

I personally did not bother posting about this event when it first hit the headlines in the alternative online media and the manosphere.

Reading his last statement Mr. Ball mailed to the press was a bit painful to read for myself. In many ways, it resembles the situation of my long time high school buddy who killed himself last November. Kids alienated by a vindictive ex, crushing child support obligations and official sanctions despite unemployment...desperation...finally suicide.

We live under a system for which men are chewed up and spit out...and it actively seeks to conceal the truth about this system and the horrible toll it extracts from mankind to prop up the status quo.

Which is exactly why we have some person going by the handle "Master of Puppets" doing Winston Smith's job for Wikipedia.

Re-writing history to suit the ruling party's meta-narrative.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever

To paraphrase Mr. Orwell...

If you want a picture of the present, imagine a man setting himself on fire because he could no longer stand being oppressed by society - and nobody cared.


Rick said...

It's a sad thing too. Wikipedia started off as geek's greatest gift to the world: Free information. Information that presented every side of an argument, information that was included down to smallest things in life. It was going to be a snap shot of our entire civilization.

I work in academia and for a long time Wikipedia was never to be used as a source or cited in student works. When they had enough progressive editors to remove the geeks the teachers did a 180 and are now perfectly fine with Wikipedia as a source. It's truly become our ruling class's propaganda source of record.

Thomas James Ball.
Thomas James Ball.
Thomas James Ball.

Only in death do we know your name. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten. RIP.

Jack Dublin said...

Imagine how different this story might be if he had come across just one of the many sites that discuss Game.

Tell everyone you are comfortable telling. You might save a marriage, maybe even a life.

Anonymous said...

The whole thing breaks my heart. Imagine what his lovely ex is telling his children about him now.

I don't know about game, but what I do know is a corrupt legal system that deliberately separates fathers from children, and and educational system that institutionally seeks to suppress anything "male".

God save us.

Anonymous said...

Delusion Damage is right. If you kill yourself, they win. Now they can dismiss him as a nutcase, and dismiss his arguments about the vicious injustices of the divorce-industrial complex along with it.

Anonymous said...

Relax guys. The government is getting so far out of touch on other fronts that a tax revolt is likely to happen sooner rather than later. And when it does breakdown, you can rest assured that the system is going to have on its hands one angry populace that cannot be controlled with threats of imprisonment anymore. That's when we fight back, and not behind screens but behind the barrel of a rifle.

I have no faith in the government of the USA. Nor will I participate in the political process that keeps the corruption on all sides going. But I also know that the Constitution is above it and it was always meant to be. And unlike those that think the government will protect them, in reality the government should fear us as is written in the Constitution.

Go read the article on Captain Capitalism's blog to see just how out of touch the Fed is.

Anonymous said...

Jack Dublin said...

Imagine how different this story might be if he had come across just one of the many sites that discuss Game.

Tell everyone you are comfortable telling. You might save a marriage, maybe even a life.

That's treating the symptom but not the cure. Stop playing an alpha in order to get laid and find your balls and start being men.

Anonymous said...

First: May Thomas James Ball find the peace in death that was denied to him in life.

If guys set themselves on fire outside a courthouse today, could tomorrow bring guys with bombs strapped to their chests inside courthouses?

I'm not saying I'll do it. I'm happily single, and plan on keeping it that way.

I'm just saying that sooner or later.

Some poor guy is bound to do just that. He will have nothing left to lose, he will realize that no one is going to help him, that the system is against him 100% and he'll decide to take a crap-load of innocent people down with him.

Knowing our luck in this society, that future suicide-bomber incident will be covered up as well.

Covering this incident up is dangerous. It sets a bad precedent. It's kicking the can further down the road.

dannyfrom504 said...

" a boot to the face."

more like a curb stomp, ala "american history X."

never been married, probably never wiil. i've seen too many examples of what can happen. besides....

i have a WONDERFUL dog.

Anonymous said...

Instead of sitting around thinking this is "sad" and "unfortunate", the manosphere could have descended upon the article and the deletion debate and voted "keep", it may have made a difference.

I made one of the few comments on the discussion page about how we should keep it, and I was wondering where the hell the rest of the manosphere was (there were a few who put up a great fight, but not enough). I guess too busy analyzing and dissecting female psychology to death. The Winston Smiths, the liberals, leftists, "progressives", feminists, whatever we'd like to call these people, GET SHIT DONE. Like maniacs. Tirelessly.

While the manosphere sits around and naval gazes about how marriage sucks, or how to save marriage, or how wild and wacky chicks are.

Funny, many red-pill folks in the manosphere are just as obsessed with women as blue-pill folks.

Just do me one favor, take "sad" and "unfortunate" out of your vocabulary at least people. They are weak words of resignation and defeat.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:25AM

Don't actually expect conspiracy theorists do actually do anything except whine on a blog. They know what's really going down, and these pathetic excuses for men refuse to take direct action against it. They can't even get a few people to stop a wikipedia page from being deleted. Do you actually expect conspiracy theorists to stop the depopulation agenda?

If conspiracy theorists had any balls they would taking the fight right to the Rockefellers and everyone else that's involved. They would be storming the UN in New York exposing what's really going on and putting a stop to it. What do we get instead? Whining on web pages.

I used to call myself a conspiracy theorist, but I don't anymore even though I agree with most of what they say. Understanding what's really going on is meaningless unless you are willing to take direct action against it. Conspiracy theorists are nothing but another type of sheeple.