Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Good for the Goose, Is Good for the Gander

Since the early 2000's all 50 States in the US have created Sex Offender registries. I've looked at my own State's registry several times, and it's not surprising to note that 99% of all the registered offenders are men.

Now some of these men certainly deserve to be on that list...rapists and pedophiles who were convicted and served time for their crimes. But you also have guys on that list who are convicted for crimes like "Sexual Harassment, 3rd Degree" aka a guy may have grabbed a girl's ass or something trivial like that which has now become a criminal offense, branding the unfortunate man with the 21st centuries version of the Scarlet letter for the rest of his life.

We've also seen the emergence of sites like Don't Date Him Girl, in which women could upload photos and info of men they've dated to supposedly warn their sisters of the players and cheaters who pumped and dumped them.

To date, there has not been a comparable registry for women...until now.

Paul Elam at AVoiceForMen has just unveiled his latest plan for anti-feminist activism...striking back at the FemBorg's insidious Vagenda (I picked up that clever pun up from a commenter over at Alte's...not sure whom) by giving them a dose of their own medicine. Paul and his cohorts have used wiki-media software to create

Upon announcement of the site on A Voice For Men Radio Show, some pro-feminist asshat emailed the following complaint to wikipedia:

Subject:  Anti-feminists using Wikimedia software to paint women as rapists and child molesters
Hello.  I'm wondering if you could please check out whether the following Web site is in compliance with the terms of use on Wikimedia software.  It's an anti-feminist Web site that posts names, pictures, addresses, phone numbers, and even "routes to work" of women that the site deems to be false accusers of rape, among other designations.

The owners of the above Web site announced the launch of it on a broadcast of their internet-based radio station today, June 28, 2011.  In this broadcast, the host, Paul Elam, claims that the contact information, place of residence, place of employment, personal phone numbers, work phone numbers, and even routes from their home to place of employment will be placed on this site which uses Wikimedia software.
Here's the radio broadcast where the above statements were made:

Please advise on whether this is a permissible use of your software, and if not permissible, whether or not you intend to revoke their license to your your[sic] software.  Thank you.

" paint women?" As far as I can tell, most of the women registered are infamous and widely recognized and/or convicted for their Debra LaFave, convicted of statutory rape of a 14 year old student, or Mary Winkler who shot her husband in the back with a shotgun and got away with a reduced conviction for claiming he abused her.

Almost one week after having wikipedia unjustly delete Thomas J. Ball's page, it's a rather fitting tribute to use basically the same software to do an end-around against the pro-feminst wikipedia editors and create a registry to expose the worst female offenders of our Brave New World Order.


Anonymous said...

And in an odd turn of events while listening to the radio yesterday, John Tesh of all people mentioned how "experts" now are noticing the declining birth rates. Of course he blamed it on the economy which has a big part in it but lets who else is responsible.

You reap what you sow America.

Anonymous said...

The last part should include let's not forget who else is responsible.

dannyfrom504 said...


as much as i take away from you site, i'm starting to think i need to stay away from it lest i find a cave to inhabit and simply read my books and stay away from women all together.

i'm 37, career military, and never married. the more i trudge though the "manosphere" the more i'm dissuaded from considering marriage. i was sketchy on it before....after going through blogs...EFF marriage. i'm better off reading my books and taking my dog for a run.

Anonymous said...

It's called the Red Pill Danny.

I'm 40, never married and no kids. My paid off house sits empty for the most part. And unless women start opening their mouths and realizing the damage they are doing to us all, the house will continue to stay that way. I simply will not risk my hard earned life for a woman, for the nation, or for this society.

Put me down and call me a loser all you want out there. Make fun of me and shame me on Manboobz too for all I care. But feminists and jerkoffs like Futrelle, it's not just me. I know too many men IN REAL LIFE who are living the same way because they not only realize the risks are too great, but that the women are of such low quality and aren't a benefit, but a burden. It's a given that most of us will remain single. How sad.

Keoni Galt said...

i'm 37, career military, and never married. the more i trudge though the "manosphere" the more i'm dissuaded from considering marriage.

It's tough, isn't it?

I don't know what to say....I'm sure as a military man that you know of plenty fellow soldiers who've been ass raped by divorce.

When I was a young man, I used to be mover. Here in Hawaii, we have all bases on all four branches of the military and a lot of our moves where military families.

I moved many many houses in which the wife was taking the kid(s) and going back to her home state, leaving the man who was stationed here. Most of these men were simply broken and helpless in the face of it. The military completely gave everything to the divorcing spouse.

As I've said many, many times in the past...should I end up widowed or divorced, I would never get married again.

Jack Dublin said...

Any bets on:
1) when someone will try to take the site down.

2)what the excuse will be for attacking this site while leaving man-focused sites alone.

dannyfrom504 said...


i refernce you often in my blog, i acknowledge your making a marriage work, yet i'm all too keen as to the pit-falls of said union. maybe i just need to "game up" (which i'm doing).

as much as i adore women and relationships, is tough out there. i do however, feel i'm blessed that i've atleast taken the red pill. asskeptikal as i am, i do feel more informed than many of my single and never married bretheren.

i need to quit bitching and "game up".

dannyfrom504 said...

i forgot to's somthing i found. i'd like to hear your take on it Keoni. i posted about it on my blog.

Dulantha said...

All of these law schemes are working in favor of feminism and feminists.

There are lot of homosexual sex offenders. But these laws are not for punishing them. Actually these are for bashing heterosexual orientation.

Feminists are concealing homosexual offenses deliberately from the society and letting the law scheme to track only heterosexual offenders.