Thursday, February 3, 2011

When You Take the Red Pill, You See Things Oh So Clearly

I DVR a few tv shows I like to watch, and get around to it at my leisure. So yesterday I ended up watching last weeks American Idol episodes. So far, I've been pleasantly surprised with the two new judges and the chemistry they have with Randy Jackson...while no one can ever replace Simon Cowell, I've always been an Aerosmith fan and Steven Tyler has been fun. Jennifer Lopez has always been pleasant eye candy to behold and I'm enjoying no longer having to endure the patronizing and drugged out Paula Abdul, the "by the way, did you hear I'm a lesbian" Ellen Degeneres or mouthy "empowered" Kara Deogardia.

When idol announced the departure of Simon Cowell, I thought that was it for me, I would no longer watch the show. Kudos to the producers, the new panel seems to look like it's gonna work out.

Anyways, back to my point - last week, one of the auditions included a dual audition between two ex-lovers, a guy and a girl, who despite being broken up, still perform a music act together as a duet.

Here's the audition of Chelsee Oaks and Rob's almost painful to watch, and you feel for Rob Bolin. He's got a wicked case of blue pill oneitis, and Chelsee offers us a glimpse into her furiously sprinting rationalization hamster...

"We have something together...but, we tried, and we tried and it just didn't work out."

Translation: "We have AMAZING chemistry singing together. I LOVE what we have...musically. But he's SO beta, and he's got me on such a high pedestal, he's absolutely killed ALL 'gina tingles I first had for him. As a singer and musical partner, I love him...but I cannot STAND his supplicating beta-tude!"

And of course...the boyfriend waiting for her outside? The way he looks at Rob Bolin, you can almost hear his thoughts: "you're such a chump!"

Perhaps someone will point this poor, lovestruck sap to the Chateau. He needs the red pill...bad.


Anonymous said...

Hi Keoni,
Besides the things you pointed out, what I noticed was that the guy seemed kind of soft, where as the new boyfriend looked more masculine. I'm sure if the guy hit the gym and stop being such a suck-up, he could probably win her back. Not that he should want her back.

Anonymous said...

Poor guy.

He probably told this girl that she was too good for him.

She probably thought "yes...I AM better than you, aren't I?"

Betas are their own worst enemies.

Master Dogen said...

I agree with everything you said, except where you call this "almost" painful to watch.

It's just flat out painful. Wow.