Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Conspiracy Without the Theories


Don't count on your major media corporate news networks and their newspapers, magazines, websites and TV shows (both mainstream and alternative); nor your publicly funded, government-approved broadcasts on regulated frequencies for TV or the radio, to give you the truth.

They all either broadcast total fabrications or, worse yet, half-truths to make the lies seem more credible...and they ALWAYS misdirect the attention of the masses. This is how they keep we the sheeple plugged into the matrix and overdosing on blue pills from understanding what we are seeing them do before our very eyes.

But don't worry -- one need not concern themselves with the Illuminati - the Council on Foreign Relations - the Bilderbergers - the Tri-Lateral Commission - the Jewish Bankers implementing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or even about recognizing the Brave New World Order Matrix of feminist-socialist fascism gradually taking over all cultures and countries of the world. You only need to recognize that all of these things are theories.

Theories that seek to explain the motives of the rich and powerful oligarchy who don't even bother to hide their actions from public purview any longer. It is the way in which we who are their serfs, debt-slaves and chattel try to comprehend the logic and reasoning behind their socio-pathic psychosis.

They are plainly and openly sheering the wealth, freedom, labor and very lives from this herd of sheeple we call humanity, as they laugh at the inability of most of the sheeple to even recognize what is being done to them.

So effective, so devious, so enticing is the illusion they weave with their mass media and government sponsored, institutionalized indoctrination, they know they've got the masses domesticated, pacified and ripe for harvest.

What does it really matter trying to understand why they do it?

Whether they are Jews trying to institute a centuries old plan for world domination, or they are 33rd degree-freemason satanists doesn't really change the easily observed actions of those who are the highest levels of power in this world... need no other explanation than the good old sins of coveting the accumulation of power and wealth. That theory is good enough to explain this "Conspiracy."

Know why the Arab world is in revolutionary mode right now? It really has nothing to do with the reasons your sexy FOXNews Neo-con feminist parading her legs and tits in skimpy "business attire" tells you.

Nor the reasons an effete, measured and reasonable-sounding, emasculated voice of a Mangina SWPL Journalism Grad-school drop-out reads into an NPR microphone.

Nor the corporate sponsored patriotism of right-wing, Neo-Con bombast flooding the AM airwaves.

Nor any other media outlet financed by either corporations or the Government.

They are all playing their own role in sowing confusion and making everyone focus on "the left" and "the right."

One gigantic, sophisticated game of pin the tail on the, on the, on the donkey...the elephant...donkey...elephant...donkey...

It's much simpler to point out the real culprits, because they do what they do, and they are quite open about it.

Bankers. Wall Street. The owners of the real wealth and power in the world.

They've set up the game, they know all the rules, and they are running away with it because the majority don't even know the game is being played.

Just look at what the Federal Reserve Policies are doing to the price of food in the global economy.

Educate yourself on exactly what inflation, fiat currency, fractional reserve banking and the policies and actions that have been enacted by the Government and the Federal Reserve in the name of "fixing" this economy they've deliberately created. The truth couldn't be more obvious.

I just came across this article, Growth or Hot Money: What's really affecting food prices?, regarding the role that "Ben Bernanke's policies" (he's just the puppet for the owners of the Federal Reserve Cartel) of "printing" all that fiat currency and what it is doing to the global economy. In short, it's driving up the price of food. This is the real reason why revolution is now occurring. The hungry masses will no longer tolerate repressive, authoritarian regimes when they can no longer afford to feed themselves.

Sound crazy? Read.

And now comes Ben Bernanke, chairman of the US Federal Reserve, former chairman of the Princeton Economics Department, with a claim so dumb that we don’t what to think. What’s the matter with Princeton? What’s the matter with economics? What’s the matter with the Fed? What’s the matter with Ben Bernanke?

The Telegraph has the report:

Ben Bernanke…has dismissed the idea that the central bank’s policies are to blame for the rise in global food prices to a record high…

Now, let’s see. The Fed adds $2 trillion to the world’s supply of “hot money.” Maybe that has no effect? What do you think? The Telegraph continues:

Mr. Bernanke said that the rapid growth of developing economies was behind the increase in food prices, rather than the Fed’s decision to embark on a second, $600bn (£371bn) round of printing money. “Clearly what’s happening is not a dollar effect, it’s a growth effect,” Mr. Bernanke said in a rare question and answer session with journalists at the National Press Club in Washington on Thursday.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UN FAO) has warned that high prices, already above levels in 2008 which sparked riots, were likely to rise further.

The FAO measures food prices from an index made up of a basket of key commodities such as wheat, milk, oil and sugar, and is widely watched by economists and politicians around the world as the first indicator of whether prices will end up higher on shop shelves.

The index hit averaged 230.7 points in January, up from 223.1 points in December and 206 in November. The index highlights how food prices, which throughout most of the last two decades have been stable, have taken off in alarming fashion in the past three years. In 2000, the index stood at 90 and did not break through 100 until 2004.

Well, how do you like that? It’s growth that it driving food prices to records. Not money printing.

But wait…hold on…is the emerging world growing faster now than it was two or three years ago? Nope. Hmmm… Is the growth a big surprise? Did something happen to make investors and traders suddenly realize that…well…hey…the world is growing!


Then, how come prices are shooting up now? Why didn’t they shoot up 4 years ago? Or 2 years ago? Or last year? What has changed?

Well… How about the $1.5 trillion of brand spanking new money that the Fed put into the world’s money supply in 2009-2010? And how about the $600 billion more it’s pumping in now?

That’s new, isn’t it? So, here’s a wild and crazy idea. Maybe…just maybe…the fundamentals of supply and demand really do work. Maybe…just maybe…if you increase the world’s hot money supply (hot money does not come from an increase in real wealth or consumer demand…but from central banks’ low interest rates and money printing)…well, maybe prices on global, auction-priced goods – such as food – go up.

Just look at what is happening to other global, auction-priced goods. Oil, for example, soared above $100 over the weekend. And look at gold. Put oil and food in terms of gold and what do you find? That they haven’t gone up at all! What does that tell you? That the “growth” hypothesis is nonsense.

In other words, yes…the developing world is growing. It has been growing at a high rate for the last 20 years. Nothing new there.

What’s new is that central banks are printing money at a record pace. They are creating more bubbles.

Isn’t this going to end badly? Why would governments play such a dangerous game? Aren’t they putting their own credibility, currencies and solvency in jeopardy?

Yes, of course they are.

Why are they doing this? Why? WHY?!?!!?

Because they can.

And as I wrote earlier, they are not even trying to hide it.

But there is something you have to understand. Governments always look out for the elite groups that control them. They’re not necessarily concerned with the betterment of humankind…or even the best interests of their own people.

Here’s an example, from The New York Times:

Public deficits and debt relative to gross domestic product have ballooned in the last three years for one simple reason – the big banks at the heart of our financial system blew themselves up. On this point, the conclusions of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, which appeared last week, are very clear and utterly compelling.

No one forced the banks to take on so much risk. Top bankers lobbied long and hard for the rules that allowed them to behave recklessly. And these same people effectively captured the hearts, minds and, some would say, pocketbooks of the regulators – in the sense that a well-regarded regulator can and often does go work for a bank afterward.

Meanwhile, Barry Ritholtz says the feds are using Fannie and Freddie as another way to shovel taxpayer money to Wall Street. As you know, the Fed already plays Sugar Daddy to the bankers. If the bankers have some trash mortgage-backed security that they lost money on, the Fed buys it from them at an inflated price. Of course, just having the Fed in the market buying MBSs inflates the markets.

But it turns out, the Fed isn’t the only one. The US Treasury also gave Fannie and Freddie a blank check to save the housing industry. But they let the housing industry go bust. Instead, they took the money and saved the housing industry’s creditors. The big banks, in other words. Wall Street. The richest of the rich.

Why should taxpayer money be used to bail out the rich?

Well, they’re not just rich. They’re powerful. They’re the people the government was set up to protect. Give the feds a break; they’re just doing their jobs.

The private sector innovates. Government procrastinates…hesitates…and vegetates.

That’s just the way it works. That’s what government has always been for. The government of ancient Egypt protected the pharaohs. The government of the Ottoman Empire protected the Ottomans. The government of Genghis Khan looked out for Genghis.

And who does the US government look out for? Naturally, it looks out for the elite groups that control it. Who’s that? The big banks, of course.

We live in a world run by Bankers. Don't take it from me, just follow the fiat money and the politico-whores in government it enslaves.

We are all buttthexed now.


Simon Grey said...

You're right: there are no secret conspiracies. Those who want power are remarkably open about it, and the useful idiots in the MSM go out of their way to spin it for them, presenting the power-hungry's behavior as the application of higher principles. This isn't a conspiracy at all; just the convenient collusion of evil and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Great post Keoni,

As I know from personal experience, the trouble with holding any anti-establishment views is that some crazy people will latch onto you.

Not only that, but trolls and provocateurs will never be far away either.

It can't be helped. Just keep telling the truth as you have been doing and know that some people will listen, take things on board and spread the word.

Hestia said...

Prudence also demands individuals educate themselves on the practicalities of food storage and get to the store to set the plan in motion. With the way oil prices are rising and the general atmosphere right now, jumping right into this research may prove more useful than any other research, whether that be political, economic, or conspiracy, will.

A two week supply of food, water, and basic life necessities is a good way to start. This serves to keep you fed and taken care of in the event of a disease pandemic, natural disaster, or political event that causes a loss of social order. Focus on food items that need little water to be cooked/consumed in this initial purchase and also items that can help you live without tapping your water supply for much beyond drinking. Think hand sanitizer, some paper plates & napkins, baby power/powder shampoo, that sort of thing. (Our community had a major water main break last month, one that required boiling water for five days. The ordeal was MUCH less stressful thanks to our emergency supplies.)

Once this basic emergency pack is set up then one can branch out to purchasing items for more long-term storage as well as squiring skills that allow for gardening, true from-scratch cooking and food preservation at home. These supplies not only keep an individual/family safe during a time of discord but can offer tremendous savings on living expenses as well. Purchasing bulk grains, legumes, and healthy sweeteners through a co-op or bulk buying source is significantly less expensive over time than purchasing pre-ground whole wheat flour, canned beans, and the like from the supermarket.

The necessary tools for proper food storage seem pricey initially but also save money with time. They are good investments when wisely researched before purchase. Our grain mill paid for itself within the first six months of purchase and has now more than paid for itself over five years of almost daily usage.

Keoni Galt said...

Hestia...while you speak much wisdom with your comments, I do believe one of the best foods to store is canned meats. I'm not crazy about the preservatives in them...but the caloric density is far more efficient.

Grains are literally a slow poison...and if you find yourself in a SHTF situation and can only eat your food storage for an extended period of time, having the majority of your food as grains and legumes will actually start to deplete your bodies nutritional reserves.

Canned meat, on the other hand, will give you adequate fats and proteins, and will take up less overall food storage space.

While trying to avoid preservatives is nearly impossible in canned can at least avoid buying canned meats that have MSG in them.

Anonymous said...

You do know this is extremist speech? That the powers that be, will put this into the same category of (shudder...) "Hate" speech -- thus possibly arresting your heretical ass sometime in the brave new future. Yep! Crafting little fuckers they that control the matrix. We can always dream of a time where men will charge in death-defiance at the puppet masters throat, with blood-lust that would make the baddest viking old shriek with horror...

The Realist Report said...

Great article!

Bernanke must think we're all totally ignorant when he claims the central banks aren't causing global food prices to rise. Of course they are! I'd argue that is the exact policy they were pursuing in the first place! It's truly amazing the level of criminality we are witnessing right in front of our eyes.

Penny said...


I wanted you to know, and I am assuming you will not mind, but I reposted this most excellent piece over at my blog.
One of my readers left it in the comments, and I just felt that it needed to be brought to the direct attention of those who may not wade through all the comments.

With credit back to you of course!
With much thanks

Unknown said...

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go to "blog," "articles" and "videos" sections.