Friday, February 11, 2011

Feedlot USA

Look at this photo. These cows are eating corn and soy. Look at the food labels from the products you buy in the grocery store. Do you like your feed?

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free" - J.W. Goethe

I was at the feed store the other day buying chicken feed (non-soy based feed, of course).
While I was waiting for the store clerk to see if a certain kind of feed was in their warehouse, I was standing around and looking at all of the other products they had on display for animal husbandry.

My eyes fell upon a castrator up on the wall. What do farmers, ranchers and herders use a castrator for? To emasculate the males so as to regulate the breeding of your animals, and to make the males less aggressive and easier to control.

This is especially important when you put a large amount of animals into a feedlot to fatten them up for slaughter. Emasculated males don't fight over access to females. They simply eat and get fat, increasing their profitability for their owners when it's time for harvest.

That's when I realized that our current society is nothing more than the ordinary citizenry being treated as animals confined to a feedlot system to fatten us up for slaughter...all for the lucrative profit of our owners.

Instead of a physical pen keeping the sheeple herded into close proximity with each other so our owners can give us specific feed to fatten us up...

...instead of physically emasculating the men with a castrator to control their behavior...

...our feedlot owners have erected the barriers to this virtual feedlot within our minds.

The feedlot we inhabit is a mental construct. The barriers were erected by our institutionalized education system and our mass media driven culture. The largest section of fencing is "conventional wisdom." That is the strongest means of keeping the herd in strictly controlled confinement.

It keeps the herd eating their fattening, health-destroying feed. It keeps us from naturally procreating offspring in the normal numbers we would if we lived in a natural state in the wild. It keeps us from forming self-contained and self-sufficient units called "families." It's much easier to control one giant, homogeneous herd than it is to control a large amount of loosely affiliated family units.

They are fattening us up to profit off of the problems and dysfunctions that their feed and health programs for the herd invariably cause for each individual.

They want us to eat like grazing ruminants, contrary to nature of the predator species that we really are.

They use societal programming like feminism and all of the legal ideas, legislation and enforcement regimes that it entails to castrate manifestations of male virility in society.

To control the herds population growth, you castrate the males.

To control the herds behavior, you control the female behavior and the castrated males will follow suit.

Yes, we are all sheeple, confined in this feedlot we call "Civilization."

The one thing you must learn though, is that being stuck in this feedlot is your own choice. You can ignore the barricades they've erected to confine us. You can step out of it's confines and live life in it's natural state...uncontrolled, un-herded, and free of castration.

But you need to be able to recognize the barricades for what they are, in order to escape it.


Simon Grey said...

That's a very powerful observation. The important thing to remember is that the power "society" holds over us is very tenuous. To combat the effects of the virtual feedlot, all one really has to do is think for himself. I realize that this is often easier said than done, but once you free yourself from the shackles of conventional wisdom ad its ilk, you are able to live freely and wisely as you see fit.

Anonymous said...

Meat is expensive. Eggs are cheap. I eat eggs every day for my protein and most of my calories.

I eat a lot of beans, though - that prevents me from being paleo.

*** ******** said...

imagine how happy the matrix programmers were when they got phone technology to access the internetz and marketing, and advertising through "smart"phones.

i bet the man had a massive erection and cried tears of joy.

ElectricAngel said...

Castration isn't done to control breeding, it's done to remove the "muskiness" of meat from male animals that course testosterone through their bodies, HL. Also, there is an increase in body fat, which is preferable in mouth feel. The extreme is corn fattening.

The desire for fat is not a bad thing, of course. However, corn fattening is a "shortcut" to true marbling, which is a lengthy, expensive process that reflects a high quality of meat. We've bought a bill of goods, and the consequences are in our health in many places.

Anonymous said...


You'll get a kick out of this. WMD's coming into the country? This guy says they've found some, DHS says he mispoke and was nervous. The PR flack off camera is priceless.

Anonymous said...

"To control the herds population growth, you castrate the males."

If social engineer's are using this principle on humans, they are wasting their time. All effective population control methods - both those aiming at growth as well as reduction - focus on the females. Miss one or two males and all your efforts are for nothing, but every female you act on has a tangible effect on population.

If you want to reduce populations, you reduce the size of the breeding herd. In humans, that is most easily done by reducing woman's desire to reproduce. Putting her to work and filling her with desires that conflict with child-bearing is probably as good as it gets. Abortion on demand mops up the lapses in resolve and judgment.

Keoni Galt said...

EA - You think it's not at least some of that? I thought they only kept a few breeder studs to sire calves, the rest are castrated for both tamer behavior and for the taste and texture of the meat as you pointed out?

Anon - I don't dispute a thing you said, but I also don't think the social engineers have focused on just the females for population control. They've attacked both genders...the cultural emasculation of males is certainly one of the ways in which they control women's own desires to reproduce. The more males who are emasculated, the less women will want to reproduce with them.

Anonymous said...

Is there a shortage of humans I'm unaware of?

It would be cool to live in a universe where this was true but the conspiracy theory often falls short do to the real complexity of nature.

Giovanni Dannato said...

If we read ingredients lists on processed food products, we will find most of the time that they are made entirely of corn and soy byproducts with MSG to add flavor.

Soy is particularly pernicious because it contains phytoestrogens and is thyroid depressant(facilitates obesity by slowing metabolism).
It pretty is a chemical castrator by itself.

Also, our appetites are never satisfied when our bodies aren't getting the necessary nutrients. Thus a population of people who easily become obese as they're consumed by their cravings.

As tragic as our present feedlot is, we must consider that an agricultural society could be considered to be by definition a great feedlot wherein humans are confined and bred.
Since the first kings discovered that control of the grain supply meant absolute power, the serfs under their dominion have been little more than livestock ever since.

Abu Tsaqiif said...

ancient people can live more than a hundred years because they have not been tainted food whatsoever. Now more and more types of food so the more ways we fool to give low price with various types of materials that contain chemical.

Obat Sesak Nafas said...

Is there a shortage of humans I'm unaware of?

skripsi said...

in this day and age many foods that are not natural and therefore human beings die sooner.