Friday, February 8, 2008

How to Turn A Free People Into Slaves

Many MRA bloggers have researched and written about the root cause of the gender wars started by the feminist movement were based on the deliberate, planned subversion of Western Culture by Communists.

When one looks at the current state of marriage and the Divorce industry, the proverbial proof is indeed in the pudding. The corrosive effects of the divorce industry on the entire mindset of a people is an insidious threat to a free society that has largely gone unrecognized by the mainstream.

Dr. Stephen Baskerville has written an excellent column entitled How to Turn A Free People Into Slaves, in which he plainly makes the case that the no-fault Divorce industry is a significant front in undermining a free society by empowering government authority to intrude into the most personal area of any individuals life; their family.

Divorce sends many harmful messages to children and future citizens: that we can break vows we make to God and others; that family members may be discarded at will. But among the most destructive are about the role of government: that government is their de facto parent that may exercise unlimited power (including remove and criminalize their real parent) merely by claiming to act for their greater good.

While feminists push divorce-on-demand as a “civil liberty,” in practice divorce has become our society’s most authoritarian institution.

I'm sure any man who has been through the system would certainly agree that the machinery of the family court and child support system is about as authoritarian as it gets.

And while most divorces that happen in the West directly affect Men for the most part, one of the most deleterious effects the system inflicts upon society as a whole is the instilling of a mindset in children of a divorcing family with regards to the role government plays in one's own private life.

Using instruments of public criminal justice to punish private hurts turns the family into government-occupied territory. The children experience family life not as a place of love, cooperation, compromise, trust, and forgiveness. Instead they receive a firsthand lesson in tyranny. Empowered by the state and functioning essentially as a government official, the custodial parent can issue orders to the non-custodial parent, undermine his authority with the children, dictate the terms of his access to them, talk to and about him contemptuously and condescendingly in the presence of the children as if he were himself a naughty child – all with the backing of state officials.

Eventually the children understand that the force keeping away one of their parents is the police, who are the guarantors of the custodial parent’s supremacy. Thus the message the children receive about both the family and the state is that they are dictatorships, ruled by an arbitrary power which can be marshaled against private enemies and even family members for personal grievances.

Oh but it gets even worse than that. The system also takes a woman who takes advantage of her position of power granted by the courts and law enforcement, and encourages the children to take an active part in reducing their father into a role of nothing more than a wage slave who's only involvement is the monthly child support check.

While many children are materially impoverished by family breakdown, in other cases the systematic bribery dispensed by the divorce industry extends to the children themselves, who may be rewarded for their cooperation with material opulence, forcibly extracted from their father and used to corrupt his children and give them too a stake in his plunder and exile.

The term "wage slave" is really a fitting one in describing a divorced father being crushed under the gears of the child support machine. But Baskerville makes an even better point that shows just how apropos it is to call it that:

It is not difficult to see that this is a highly unhealthy system to have in a free society. In fact, the logic is reminiscent of another system of domestic dictatorship that once tried unsuccessfully to co-exist with free civil government. Politically, the most powerful argument against slavery – and what eventually did more than any other to bring about the realization of how threatening it was to democratic freedom – was less its physical cruelty than its moral degeneracy: the tyrannical habits it encouraged in the slaveholder, the servile ones it fostered in the slave, and the moral degradation it engendered in both. Such dispositions were said to be incompatible with the kind of republican virtue required for free self-government.

Slavery was an institution that was antithetical to the tenets and ideals that founded America, and for the United States to continue to exist under them made a conflict with that institution inevitable. If only more people would wake up to the reality that the Institution of Divorce is in the same place today - as the very antithesis to a free people as a whole.

Divorce not only damages individual men, but society as a whole...for it plants the seeds of a mindset in each successive generation that increasingly accepts authoritarian rule of an ever-expanding and intrusive Government without question, and at the expense of the freedom and liberty of what was once a free and prosperous civilization.


Anonymous said...

"one of the most deleterious effects the system inflicts upon society as a whole is the instilling of a mindset in children of a divorcing family with regards to the role government plays in one's own private life."
Excellent observation!!

Kate Millet declared that "the family must go" (and presumably be replaced by the state.) She envisioned a society wherein children were raised in collective nurseries by professionals. Her 'Sexual Politics' is more about making America ripe for communism than freeing womens' lbidoes. She just used that as a front.

Marx and Engel knew the family, with it's natural loyalty, hierarchy and exclusivity, was an obstacle to communism.

The current gender war was invented to distract us from the full frontal assault on Western civilization and the liberties, capitalism and democracy that we in this culture love so dearly. Feminism was a trick of the collectivists, based on the myth of zero sum economics but applied to social/sexual/ familial relations. Multi-culturalism is a dangerous offshoot of this view.

Somehow Westerns are being convinced to kill off our own culture, auto-genocide if you will. Modern 'liberalism' is essentially anti-Western/European/American and those in this country embrace it out of a misguided sense of guilt for alleged past wrongs. Intelligent Western men and women(behaving as traditional women and not the men the feminists would have then be) need to work together or our culture is history(repeal no0falu divorce and VAWA, abolish the NEA, abolish social aid at the federal level and let states take over, roll back the New Deal). And frankly we(people with Western values regardless of skin color) need to reproduce in much larger numbers or none of this matters.

The NEA is a socialist organization with an agenda to teach the glories of collectivism to our kids. They don't even teach how wealth is not a fixed amount to be shared, it is CREATED by the wealthy, who can then create jobs and thus wealth for others. Kids today(and unfortunately many voters) believe that the wealthy horde some of the fixed amount of money available thus denying others access to the good life.

In the Western world, Europe has already allowed the state to take over speech, religious and social life. If America doesn't wake up, our liberty and wealth with be flushed down the toilet in the next generation.

Anonymous said...

Good article HL, and considering the history of these policies, there is no wonder Society is lacking Male Role Models, (of course carefully avoiding the direct reasons)

G M said...

And these meme weapons all have a common origin.

MarkyMark said...


You are one of the FEW women who get it; you're one of the few who know the TRUTH behind what's happening, i.e. the real reason relations between men & women were deliberately poisoned. I like your comment so much that I might feature it on my blog. Bravo!