Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Example of Female Selfishness

This is why Marriage in decline in the West...the mentality that the female is entitled to all the benefits of a male spouse to provide for her and her children...but does not even have a clue about her marital responsibilities to meet her husband's needs.

Sorry, but Marriage and Sex DON'T Go Together

Carrie Jones hasn't had sex with her husband Hal, a City banker, for the past four years. Nor does she want to. Sex is something she can no longer summon the effort to endure - with the man she married, at least.

She admits she stays in her sexless relationship for the sake of her children, aged nine and 11, and will remain celibate until the day they are grown up and she feels able to leave. At which point, she confesses, she will probably abandon her husband and begin a sexual odyssey to find the satisfaction that eludes her.

Hopefully, her husband grows a pair and dumps her before she gets the chance to leave him.

"I've made my choice. For now I'm caught up in marriage's net, bound up with responsibilities to my children. My interest in sex with the person I was supposed to be closest to has died. I could leave but for now I'll wait because of the desolation it would wreak on my family.

Oh how admirable of you...

"I want to maintain the family unit because it makes other things possible, like doing things together with the children. But one day, when they are older and I can think about my own needs again, I may leave and start all over again.

Other things having her sorry sap wage slave of a husband pay for everything, give her everything she needs, while she feels NO sense of obligation to the man that is fulfilling his role. This is the mindset of female entitlement at it's worst, and it's THE reason why modern marriage in the west is in so much trouble.

"Like most successful long-term partnerships, our relationship wasn't built on sex or passion. At best, sex was simply fine."

But even the "fine" sex Carrie recalls was soon replaced by despondency once the couple's first child was born.

Oh yes, once the ATM and sperm donor functions were performed, her husband is now almost useless to her.

"I did the middle-class mother thing in a big way," she says. "I gave up my career, breast-fed each child for a year and spent my days in a dizzy whirl of playgroups and coffee mornings.

"I'd flipped from wife to mother, and it gave me excuses - often genuine - to cold-shoulder my husband's sexual advances. He knew I was tired from the children and was always very understanding. He's an unusually kind and tolerant man." Indeed he must be.

Nah. He's either banging prostitutes or lovers on the side...or he's a total mangina pathetically masturbating to relieve himself and hoping to one day "recapture" his wife's desire.

Certainly, once the first flush of love and lust gives way to familiarity, domesticity and parenthood, few would argue that making love is the wanton adventure it was. But Carrie goes one step further. She believes that marriage and motherhood are simply not conducive to having a sex life at all.
"Providing a stable home for children is totally incompatible with having an exciting sex life. The two things are violently at odds," she adds.

This woman is clueless. If she were married to a man with an ounce of self-respect, she would find herself a single mother post-haste. A strong sexual bond between a husband and wife is the true glue that holds a marriage together to create the kind of happy and loving home that is best to rear children in. She is obviously naive, ignorant and stupid if she thinks her children are going to grow up in a sexless marriage household and not pick up on the non-verbal communications and atmosphere, and how such dynamics are going to screw up any normal sense for her children to learn what a true, loving relationship is supposed to look like. She is consigning her children to years of a frustrated, resentful and most likely bitter husband poisoning the atmosphere in their home, while teaching them to view their future partners with contempt and utter selfishness

For when asked whether she worries that Hal may seek sexual gratification elsewhere, she says: "I'm not concerned. I don't think that would happen. It's not Hal's fault that I wish to remain celibate; it's nothing he's said or done. He's a good man and a great dad. It's just that I don't want to be intimate with him any more."

What a sad, disgusting woman.

Before the advent of "no-fault" divorce, this frigidity was called "abandonment" and a man could rightfully give this frigid bitch the boot without losing half his wealth and custody of the children.

No wonder marriage is in such a severe decline in the West.


Out of the Box said...

I read the article and there's many things that come to mind. Selfish, naive, pathetic? 100% selfish. Yes, your needs, lady, those are important, but guess what? It takes a man and a woman for a marriage, so that means his needs matter just as much. Naive 100% also, husband celibate too? For 4 years and they sleep in the same bed? Naive isn't a good enough word, STUPID! sounds better. And 23 men BEFORE him, no wonder she's so messed up, she can't understand the difference between a casual one-night stand and a commitment such as marriage. That said everything to me. Lots of marriages aren't celibate after babies, and going strong. Over 50% aren't and this is why. All I see is, " Me, myself and I", no one else. Martyr, I don't think so, not in the least. You are right, the children will suffer. But she's so clueless, I doubt she could grip it harming anyone else, it's all about her, right?

Anonymous said...

If the guy's got any amount of testosterone left, he's getting some on the side. The dude is "unusually kind and tolerant" because he got another outlet somewhere else. The lady needs a clue, each man has his limits, if she said no a certain amount of time, he'll get it from somewhere else.

"I pity the fool" as a great man once said.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he's "kind and tolerant" because giving this shitbird the kick to the curb she rightfully has coming will create more problems than it would solve?

All it takes is one allegation of abuse, and he's a fucked duck. All it takes is one allegation of child molestation, and not only is his duck fucked, but he also will lose everything he achieved in life.

Cases like these are not a question of whether a man has a pair, they're a question of whether the man wants to risk everything else to reclaim them.

Kim said...

"I'd flipped from wife to mother, and it gave me excuses - often genuine - to cold-shoulder my husband's sexual advances.

Maybe that should clue her in that she's largely to blame for the state of her sexual relations with her husband. Do you see her doing anything about it? Any efforts to improve things? No, of course not, instead she invents ludicrous theories on how being a mom is incompatible with having a healthy sex life. All so she can feel vidicated in neglecting her husband and her role as his wife.

Anonymous said...

I personally think she's doing the guy a favor. Who wants to be intimate with a woman who looks like a wet sack of mashed potatoes...with a self-satisfied expression pastered on her face?

Anonymous said...

She is a worthless woman, wife and mother. This mindset needs to be rooted out from Western society but it is unfortunately so far entrenched in the minds of so many.

In a sane society would qualify as breach of the marriage contract. Wouldn't it be logical for marriage to be dealt with like other contracts? Party A does x, y, z and party B does U, V, W. If one doesn't uphold their duties, they must pay the other and the contract is void(unless the other person wants to work it out.) The person who broke the agreement does not get the kids. The government's only involvement would be if both parties broke some agreements, and then only minimal.

You only get one marriage license per life unless widowhood or some grievous breach of contract occurs(not by you.)

Anonymous said...

Okay check it out.

If that woman thinks she'll succeed in her plan by merit of having a pussy alone- she's in for a shock considering our society has devalued women to the point that the only use they serve to men is sex- and only if they are pretty and young enough.

She needs to lose weight and get a face lift before she can even hope to have a chance.

By the time she puts herself out on the market she's going to be in her early 50's. Perhaps even her late 50's if her kids take a little longer to become "independent". She's going to find that young men have little interest in dating or sleeping with 50-somethings, and she'll find that men in her own age group either
1) are already marriage-slaves
2) have already been fucked over by divorce and have no interest

So she's going to be an example of the end result of a lifetime of gynocentric Entitlement Feminism: a lonely 60 year old fat bitch living in a house full of cats.

Good job lady. You've fucked yourself out of the market without actually having a single penis penetrate your gaping selfish cunt.