Thursday, January 3, 2008

Feminism Fragging Our Soldiers

It's no big surprise to those of us that are informed on the various issues of the MRA movement that feminist no-fault divorce laws have had a deleterious effect on marriage and society as a whole...but it is even more egregious when one looks at the effects radical feminists and the laws they have passed that have had in destroying the lives of our soldiers overseas, serving their countries.

From David Usher's Divorce and Child Support Are Eviscerating Military Recruitment

Consider the advantages of marrying and divorcing a military man. If a woman is married to a military man for merely one day, she can collect up to half his pension if she divorces him. And there is no limitation on how many times a woman can do this.

Secondly, the best time to divorce a man is when he cannot defend himself because he is on the other side of the world. It is quite simple to seize the family, get a hefty (temporary) support order, and move on. That’s the beauty of no-fault divorce. You do what you want while the husband pays the costs and assumes the fault by default.

A man on duty overseas can be hit with a surprise divorce, lose everything he owns, and have a “temporary” child support order levied against him. There is nothing in any federal or state law or the SSCRA requiring that child support orders be based on real contemporary income.

Courts are quite likely to base the child support order on imputed civilian pay – which is commonly much higher than military pay. It is not exceptional to see military men paying over half of their pretax income as child support.

It is worse for reservists. A divorced male reservist can end up owing more in child support than he earns on his military paycheck. And there isn’t much he can do to change it.

Nice system we got here, huh? Military men, more than any other type of man in the modern Matriarchal West should avoid marriage like the plague.


Uncharted Thoughts said...

One of my friends joined the army.
While he was overseas in Haiti helping to restore order in a 3rd world country, she was in university getting drunk banging every dude in sight.

Its like men die and suffer while the women get to play and live the good life. What the fuck!

Anonymous said...

When are Military Men going to wake up to the fact that they are fighting & dying for a country, government, & women that don't care about them? MILITARY MEN, YOU ARE SPREADING THE FEMINIST MATRIARCHY AROUND THE WORLD. THE SAME FEMINIST MATRIARCHY THAT DESTROYS YOU AT HOME! Again I ask military men, when are you going to wake up? A country that treats soldiers this way simply doesn't deserve to survive. But then again, men are so stupid that they continue to fight & die for their own enslavement by the feminist matriarchy. The combination of (Women + Government) is definitely showing itself to be smarter than MEN.

G M said...


Anonymous said...


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