Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Iceman vs. the Axe Murderer

I'm on an extended holiday vacation I'm in Las Vegas for my first ever, live UFC event, UFC 79: Nemesis. I'm a long time martial artist, and a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts, and I've waited a LOOONG time to see these two fellas get into the ring and settle it once and for all.

Both of these men, Wanderlei Silva and Chuck Lidell are knockout artists, and I expect this one to be a real slugfest!

As Chuck is a Hawaiian Kenpo practitioner, and so am I (though I train a differnt style than he does, our schools come from the same roots), I'll be rooting for Chuck to win...however, I still admire the sheer brutality of Wanderlei's Muay Thai style!

I can't wait til this Saturday!

(MRA blogging will resume once I get back to Hawaii for the New Year!)

Happy New Years everyone!


Sociopathic Revelation said...

HL, you are one lucky devil. I waited for this clash for over year and it finally manifested. I definitely want to hear about the experience. I like both fighters a lot, although my background isn't totally dissimilar to the Axe Murderer's; Muay Thai and BJJ. Liddell gets panned a bit, but his training for the octagon worked well---I'm surprised he got rocked so early by Rampage in their second fight, but you can't underestimate Jackson. Strange that some of the Pride fighters (a la Shogun and Cro Cop) received losses in the UFC, but it's a different animal and the competition is stiff---like PrideFC used to be.

On my own front I'm going to try to take a date off to see a local cage fight with some of the guys I train with. The keep asking me to fight professionally, which is flattering, but since I work almost all weekends without fail, that's going to be a tough call; I'm not afraid to get hit and have done contact grappling for two and a half years. You never know; I may do a few cage and Muay Thai fights just for the hell of it in the next couple of years. Time and opportunity will tell.

Keep training,

Anonymous said...

I like my chuck/silva picture!

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