Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Unintended Consequences: There is ALWAYS a price to pay.

One of feminism's anchor issues was the absolute right of women to have control over their sex lives without judgment, and that they should not be criticized or discriminated against for "acting just like men" and being promiscuous.

The so-called "Free-love" 60's were supposed to unleash a golden age of freedom for women...the results are now in.

U.S. sets record in sexual disease cases

There is no such thing as "Free Love."

Isn't it great that the model of monogamous Patriarchy that oppressed American Women for so long is now being overthrown?!?!?!


Davout said...

Nature finds a way to cull off the stupid whether they be career women who have no time to reproduce or sluts/bad boys who play sexual russian roulette and continue to do so even after they get shot.

There is no reason for the taxpayer should fund either STD remedial programs or 'flex time' programs and delay the inevitable decimation of these demographics.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

They still won't get it.
Maggots could be falling out of every American girls cooch, and they'd still support feminism and promiscuous sex.

As daveout said, its good to know nature is culling the stupid.

HL, with proof like this, do you think any of these feminists would stop and rethink feminism?
There was a good article here http://www.onenewsnow.com/2007/02/feminism_labeled_a_society_kil.php

Says feminism kills countries, by the stats.

There is so much proof, and no one will listen. Frustrating!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Davout. If women want to collect STD's like Pokemon cards, that's their problem.

Taxpayers shouldn't have to fork out to continue to convince them they're 'empowered' and give them another dose of Dioxycycline.

STD's through the roof, birth rates plummeting, families collapsing, crime rate through the roof, consumerism is rampant, complete reliance on government and media.

Yeah, I'd say feminism was a success.

If you're a sick fuck that is.

Anonymous said...

Heh, and I get laughed at for being an ascetic. I know that at least two guys in my circle of associates/friends that are abstaining from sex because of the fact that many females are no more than disease carriers. Just wait until the combination of abortion on demand and various STD's take a toll on their fertility, then you'll hear about how much of it is the patriarchy's fault. The whining is just beginning, brace yourselves for it.

Hell, I'm bracing for it, and will be laughing my ass off at the stupid girls that got themselves into it.

W00t, gentleman, w00t.....

G M said...

Yup, read this.

Anonymous said...

Sexual freedom and sexual carefulness are not incompatible. Your equating of sexual freedom with sexual diseases is illogical. It is sexual carelessness, and not responsible sexual freedom, that leads to sexual diseases, and anti-sex attitudes can just as easily lead towards sexual carelessness.

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