Thursday, November 15, 2007

Feminized American Television

Were American television was once subtly promoted a pro-American, pro-family reflection of the American experience, it is now absolutely saturated in the modern day, mainstream religion: secular, anti-American, feminist-liberal socialism.

American TV is nothing more than a virtual, 24-7 vagina-centric appeal to the female fantasy; a cynical, lowest-common denominator product; an estrogen-saturated broadcast designed to promote materialistic and shallow consumerism of the American female psyche. (And from what little I did manage to watch while on vacation, I can say with some confidence that UK TV is in the same state - if not worse!).

Even a few of the most liberal, feminist minded creatures in America - the pro-feminist, female media journalists are starting to recognize this fact; albeit they still don't see the big picture, some of them are still starting to be a little troubled by the more obvious manifestations.

Case in point:
On TV, men are the new weaker sex

This is the strange state of ABC's female-friendly Thursday night lineup: It has become a night of emasculated men and emasculating women. If the classic male pinup was the strong, silent, unattainable type, tonight's TV dream man is addled and fawning. And the empowered woman - once a happy departure from older stereotypes - has become not just self-sufficient, but kind of mean.

Uh...hello Ms. Joanna Weiss...this particular meme is not "new." It's been the overriding theme of the standard fare of American TV for decades now. Before the ascendancy of feminism in mainstream culture, the typical TV show usually depicted a competent, decent father figure that had the respect of his wife and family. But that particular character trait is all but gone...replaced by the ubiquitous depiction of the bumbling idiot who barely ties his own shoelaces without his super-competent, do-it-all-know-it-all wife/girlfriend/mother/daughter to tell him how he's screwing everything up.

In one sense, this is gender-bending stuff as old as Shakespeare, imagining what things might be like if men were more like women, and vice versa. But on ABC, role-reversal is pursued with such vigor that it feels like a social mission: a feverish, wholly off-putting attempt to break free of the boy-meets-girl formula.

Ha! Only now is it starting to feel like a social mission? It's been one all along! Ms. Weiss only begins to recognize the feminism-as-social-mission theme of modern American TV because it has been getting more and more blatant. Where it once a subtle, undercurrent of one or two emasculated male characters or super-capable females in a few commercials or one or two TV shows, these caricatures of feminist fantasy are now ubiquitous! And this indulgence in feminist folly is driving male viewers away from TV in droves.

Only now are women themselves beginning to realize how off putting this distorted portrayal of an entire gender is.

There's something unsatisfying about watching rich guys wallow in their powerlessness, perhaps because it puts us in the odd position of wondering who to root for: the venal women or the men they can so easily crush.

There's something unsatisfying you say? No kidding...American television is merely the reflection of the current, confused state of the American female mind. Women feel they are entitled to it all. They've been raised by an education system that tells them they can do anything a man can do...and that they should forsake getting married and raising children to pursue careers and compete with men to show that women are "equal."

And yet the phenomena of the dissatisfied, mid-life, unmarried feminist minded career woman lamenting that there are "no good men" to get married and take care of them happily ever after appears to be growing.

In contemplating the current state of Western pop-culture, the age old question: "Does art imitate life, or life imitate art?" has been rendered irrelevant...television most certainly reflects the attitudes and ideals of the modern American feminist-centric mindset, but it certainly would be an insane stretching of the imagination to call the present day programming "art."

Even the last bastion of celebrated masculine expression on television -- male dominated sports -- has been corrupted.

Sports like NFL football are popular because it features the tension of high quality competition that sets the stage for feats of achievement that rely on excellence and striving for the perfection of execution...the higher the risk of failure, the higher the level of competition, the greater the sense of accomplishment when victory is accomplished. This is what drives Men to strive for excellence.

Yet the NFL broadcasts on all channels still feel like they HAVE to give prominent face time to women to try and "attract the female demographic."

Women fans, just like men, stand up and cheer when their favored team scores a touchdown...I've never seen a women football fan stand up and shout "YOU GO GIRL" whenever a female sideline reporter corners a player to ask him how he feels about something. And the female pablum and celebri-tard interviews in middle of on-the-field action seems to be taking up more and more time in every NFL broadcast.

How long before we see the "first woman" playing in an NFL game...and the endless glorification of her "accomplishment?" My prediction? They'll have to change the rules first, so that men are not allowed to tackle her. Then we'll see how the genders really are equal on the gridiron!

Feminists have ruined television programming, and it's corrupting Sports. But at least there are still a few areas that are a last bastion of masculine portrayals left on TV. and were it not for NFL football and a couple of shows that fly against the conventional norms of feminist indoctrination (shows like House), I would never watch network TV at all.


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Anonymous said...

BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO. Excellent piece. Maybe your best yet. And so true.

As bad as it has been teh past few decades, it's during the past 5-10 years that one can see an NOTICEABLE and BLATANT negative depiction of men in TV.

there were still some positive man on sitcoms as father figures such as in The Cosby Show, Full House and 7th Heaven. Each of the fathers had their quirks but they were STRONG and IMPORTANT fathers in the lives of their children.

Now you have the so-called fathers of today's sitcoms. I HATE the show According to Jim. Jim Belushi puts hiimself as a sort of man's man and I even read his book "Real Men Don't Cry". After watching a couple of shows He is perpetuating the same stereotypes of the Idiot man and all-knowing woman.

but I could care about sitcoms and dramas anyway. It is THE CORRUPTION OF SPORTS that bothers me.

1) I cannot STAND the fact that women "journalists" are allowed inside the men's locker room- ESPECIALLY when he isn't dressed. Imagine the reaction if it were the other way around?

2) I can't stand women journalists like Christine Brennan. All they do is talk about either themselves or they bring up some stupid feminist issue in sports. And when it comes to making sports can tell it is a woman who wrote it.

3) Women sideline reporters for the same reasons you've mentioned.

4) The feminists are dumb enough to try to force women in the leagues. They know what would happen. HOWEVER, they WILL force their way into the booths and on pre-game shows as analysts and color commentators.

And THIS is my biggest problem. Sports is a man's way to GET AWAY from a woman's YAPPING. I don't CARE about a woman's opinions on sports- especially when the opinion is simply going to be "oh he is cute" or "I like the way he dresses". And women will use their time calling games to enforce their feminist aganedas and SHAME men.

Mark my words. In but two or three years (maybe sooners) we will see women calling some NFL games. It is ALREADY begiinning to happen now. Every saturday on ESPN2 there is a woman calling a college football game. It will soon spread to them calling games for MAJOR college programs and then the NFL and all other sports.

Women are already doing pre-game shows for MLB and (last year) a couple of basketball games. I don't watch NASCAR or MLB pregame shows because they have a woman on it. I love watching the Sports talk shows on ESPN but when they have a woman on it, I switch the channel (Same thing with SportsCenter). And Now ESPN Radio has a woman co-anchoring shows every once in a while with Mike Tirico.

Suzy Waldman is the PRIME example of why women don't need to be commenting on MALE sports.

Women should the opportunity to prove themselves in any field they wish so long as they arrive their of their OWN effor and abide by common rules of decency.


Hell, I don't mind if they get rid of the cheerleaders too

When I have the money, I intend to purchae passes so that I can watch the games online istead of on Television. There is NO PLACE a man can go to to get away from women every once in awhile. SPORTS is the LAST PLACE and I'll be DAMNED if they take away my last allowed MALE SPACE.

Anonymous said...

I just had to get that off my chest. Heck I even find myself watching less and less NFL and instead watching stuff on YouTube.

Keoni Galt said...

Though the feminization of the broadcasting of NFL games is driving me nuts, it hasn't gotten to the unbearable point with me where I'll stop watching it...yet.

Uncharted Thoughts said...

Has anyone else noticed all the news anchors are no longer old crusty men, they are young attractive women, only?

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING on television is young attractive women. when they started having young attractive women giving the weather and calling them "meteorologists" (yeah right- because young attractive women REALLY do care about studying the weather) well it became OBVIOUS what they are doing. Which is why I barely watch televison except for sports, Jeapardy, and some political talk shows on t.v.
If you watch long enough you can TELL that these women dont' know what the HELL they are talking about but are simply FED information via the teleprompter and the producers telling them what to say in their ear phones.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how in the past I didn't really understand the reason sports were so popular with males but since becoming aware of the feminization of society I see that it is one of the few places men have left.

Sports, History/Discover/National Geographic/Science/Military channels, and video games are the last bastion of male entertainment.

MarkyMark said...


I thought I was the only one who noticed the 'vagination' of sports-ugghh! Though I'm not a hard core sports nut, I do like to watch them, especially this time of year when I can no longer ride & enjoy my bikes...

Out of all the recently featured female reporters (sideline & pit reporters) & broadcasters, there is only ONE who is worth a fuck; there is only ONE who knows what the fuck she's talking about-one! The others-my goodness, where do they FIND them?!

The one who's worth a damn is Wendy Venturini. She's does a feature from inside the garage on Speed TV's 'Raceday'; she also works as a pit reporter in other races that Speed broadcasts. The reason she's worth a damn is because she has been at the race track since she was shittin' her diapers-literally!

Her father, Bill Venturini was a long time competitor in the ARCA ReMax series; her brother, Billy, competes in ARCA now. If I'm not mistaken, Wendy was BORN at the track! If she wasn't, then I know for sure that she's been there ever since her parents brought her home from the hospital. IOW, she's spent her whole life in racing, and it shows. She clearly knows the sport, and, because she's been around the personalities for so long, they know & trust her. She gets stuff no one else does. But-and this is key-she achieved her status the old fashioned way-she EARNED IT.

Other than Wendy Venturini, I wouldn't give you one of my fresh steaming turds for the other female journalists; good grief, they SUCK!!!!! There's a chick on the 'Speed Report' (Nicole Manske), which runs @ Sunday evenings after the races. I don't normally watch it, because I'm either @ my place, or if I'm at my mom's, I'm getting ready to leave. I have watched it on occasion, though. Why is Nicole there?! I think she got her job because she has a pretty face, not to mention a vagina. My mom watched it with me a couple of times, and she couldn't stand the woman, either!

There's another woman who's even WORSE; I'm talking about Nikki Alexander. She & Beau Estes (columnist for host the 'Jack Daniels Post Race Show' on after every race. If I stay at my place, I'll watch the races online (I have Race View, which allows you to watch & listen to your favorite driver; it's neat!); after the race is over, I'll watch the post race show so I can see what else happened. Race View is neat, but you cannot watch the whole race. Not only that, it's computer generated. They have GPS in the cars; they use that information to show your driver, along with the other competitors who are near him. There's also the scanner, so you can listen to your driver and team talk to one another during the race, talking strategy, when to pit, etc. After Race View, I'll watch the highlights on the post race show, so I can SEE the wrecks that my driver was warned about during the race.

Sorry I got off track, but this chick, Nikki Alexander, is absolutely WORTHLESS!!! Shit, she makes Nicole Manske look good-something I thought was impossible!! It's clear to any pea brain watching that she doesn't know JACK SHIT about racing! If it weren't for Beau Estes carrying her worthless, skanky ass every week, I couldn't bear to watch the Jack Daniels Post Race Show. Mr. Estes has some good insights on racing, along with some cool guests, such as Larry McReynolds last week; he makes the show tolerable and worth watching. He's a classy pro to not only put up with Miss Alexander, but by making her look somewhat competent too.

I've gone on long enough! I'm getting sick & tired of women being put on sports just because they're women-sheesh! There's only one who's worth a fuck, and that's Wendy Venturini on Speed Channel. Other than her, the rest of them are fucking WORTHLESS...


Anonymous said...


I feel your sentiments. I won't even watch a NASCAR pre-game show on TV so long as Bonnie Bernstein is there. And WHY HECK is Sarah Fisher still racing? So doesn't do crap in the races and is ALWAYS at or near the bottom.

As to other female racers, I think Danica will FINALLY win a race next year because all of the talented drivers in the Indy League are moving to NASCAR (JP Montoya, Sam Hornish, Franchiti, etc). I don't remember if Helio Castroneves jumped ship as well. The only one left of the talented Indy driver seems to be Dan Wheldon.

From the races I watched last year, I was actually beginning to RESPECT Danica Patrick because, although she never won, she was always competitve in the races. NOW she is going to mostly likely win a few races because all of BEST drivers are leaving. This will definitely TAINT her victories. Maybe she knew that other drivers would be jumping to NASCAR and that was the reason why she didn't go herself?

G M said...

Gotta love how that TV screenshot is missing MEN & KIDS.

Remember, the politics of exclusion...


Anonymous said...

Indeed. I stopped watching TV about 8 years ago, and I don't miss it at all.

If there's a good show that I get nostalgic for, lots of times I can find it on DVD at some point anyway.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the men are to blame. They have abdicated their authority and chosen to follow rather than lead "Eve" as usual. Also, the brutalities towards women by men today and in the past and discrimination has led to a culture of no respect. Brutal force never commands the respect it thinks it has.

Anonymous said...

i agree tv has become or is becoming feminized and it sucks, its killing tv. shows that are popular with male stars are being hijacked by no talent female actresses acting like men.fighting better . its just stupid.a case in point is elementary, great show now their trying to make lucy liu the she stinks as an actress, another example person of interest.great show now suddenly to bit female actors are corrupting the show, who the hell is doing this. my opinion a woman in a powerful position in tv wants to kill of any male roles that are substantial.get your own shows stop stealing mens shows, example sports. these women dont play sports, dont care about sports.they think a woman has to be on every tv show.i dont want to see them. dont you have enough to watch with all the mindless morning and afternoon shows?wendy williams,the talk,all the housewives of every where shows.rachel ray, the view.just a wkole lot of mindless crap.ellen.