Friday, November 30, 2007

Isn't this THRILLING!

From the latest issue of Feminist-infested drivel, Glamour magazine's Best and Worst of 2007 feature:


Gutsy new moms

Melanie Brown and Bridget Moynahan remained thrilled about their pregnancies even after their relationships fell apart, just like’s Storked! blogger, Christine Coppa, did. Are their lives Christmas-card perfect? Nope. Are they proud mommies? Absolutely.

Proud of what? That these Hollywood Harlots managed to shag a noteworthy male celebrity? That they now have 18 years of child support coming from rich, famous and successful men? Proud that their publicly chronicled slutty behavior and resulting illegitimate offspring who are celebrated by the mindless cult of fame worshipers?

The worst part is that there are no doubt millions and teenage girls that read this mindless drivel and accept the notion at face value that having kids out of wedlock is an act of "Glamour."

Hey girls! You too can get knocked up by casual sex with a man! And if it doesn't work out, and your life is not Christmas Card perfect, don't worry! As long as you are proud, that is all that matters! Never mind the fact that having a fatherless child will result in a long life of financial hardship for you, and that your kid that you are so proud of is far more likely to develop learning disabilities, become a drunk or druggie, and much more likely to become a criminal! The important thing is that you are the BEST if you are PROUD MOMMY and THRILLED to be pregnant out-of-wedlock!


Uncharted Thoughts said...

If she can't even have a successful relationship with someone, how is she going to be a successful parent?

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