Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Plundering the MRA Archives

More and more we're seeing new MRA blogs pop up all over the Internet. The message is getting out and it's great to see more and more people opening their eyes to the reality of how corrupted Western society has become due to the influence of feminist ideology.

I think now is a good time to take a little trip down memory lane and highlight some of the more memorable MRA blog posts of the recent past for all of the new people to the movement...these are what I would call "Essential Readings of the MRA Blogosphere."

Without further ado, we'll start with the classics, who for whatever reason, are no longer blogging:

This a classic post from the late, great MRA Blogger, Duncan Idaho, the Eternal Bachelor - the Poster Child for MGTOW. "The Great Protector of Women Nay More" speaks to how the majority of we men feel about women when we are young, naive, and infatuated with the opposite sex, entranced by the raging hormones that render us blind to any negative attributes women may possess.

Anyway, the point is, I actually used to give a fuck about females, would feel an instinctive desire to not only protect them from harm but would feel that my ability and willingness to protect them from harm was a virtue, a measure of manliness or other…but now I don’t.

Since his archives have been removed, even from's archives, we're left with the last Q&A I posted a couple of months ago...but it reflects perfectly on Fred's rebellious attitude while dealing with the daily struggles of life in the Matriarchy-dominated UK.

There is nothing extreme about me, or about any blogger I link to.

The Men's Movement is a movement based on fairness and is just in its cause.

If people think I'm extreme, then they're confusing extreme language with extreme message.

My message is clear: men's rights are a cause every man must fight for.

Many MRA bloggers have drawn the links between Communism, Socialism and their motives to wage cultural warfare on the West by using Feminism as the Trojan horse. Zarmband makes his case in this post, entitled "Stalin Would Be Proud."

This year marks the tenth anniversary of New labour coming to power in Britain. In those years the New Labour dream of Socialism by stealth has taken place and an new army of bureaucrats now prevail.


Labour has also created an army of single-mothers dependent on government benefits. It has done all it can to encourage divorce and erode family values. The only family unit not being encourage by government is the family consisting of mum, dad and their own children. Single-mothers, step-families, gay parents all get the official seal of approval.

These three MRA bloggers from the UK were very influential in the MRA blogosphere. There contributions are missed, but the movement goes on!

Now, on to the current MRA bloggers and there older, archived posts that have in one way or another inspired me or gave me a particular insight I've not thought of before...

It was reading this post by No Ma'am blogger, Rob Fedders, that gave me my "MRA Epiphany." It was Rob's post on the connections between Marxism and Feminism that opened my eyes to the roots of our cultural problems fostered by feminism, and the underlying motives for why the feminist movement is anti-family. A very long read in terms of a blog post...but well worth the time and effort!

It is interesting to read descriptions of modern day feminism. Many times you will read that feminism has now branched out in other areas of Civil Rights and that they champion the causes of Ethnic Diversity, Gay/Lesbian/Trans-sexual Rights and they combat Racism.

It all sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? The Pink Proletariat is branching out and finally caring about others instead of their usual screeching of “ME, ME, ME!” We should applaud them… or should we?

Maybe we should have a look at the big picture.

Blogger Fidelbogen directly addressed feminists who may have been logging on and reading his and other MRA blogs with this post, For Feminist Readers: An Introduction to the Men's Movement.

When you systematically stir up hate toward a targeted population, and systematically enact laws and policies that could deprive this targeted population of wealth, health, happiness, security, a good name and other needful things, then you can expect this targeted population to "act out" in various ways, in token of its displeasure.

Kumogakure School was the rebirth of former MRA blog that had to go off line to maintain his anonymity. One of the first tasks he took on when he reopened his blog under the name Kumogakure School, was an excellent series of blog posts that reviews the book, the Tyranny of Tolerance, which is in Kumo's words, a must read for all MRA.

Is the full horror of the Cultural Marxist scheme becoming apparent yet?

Are you beginning to wake up from your daydream like existence, to see what is really happening all around you, every day?

Marx said that the first steps of glorious revolution were to abolish inheritance, and to destroy the family. And lo and behold, the family and inheritance has been all but utterly wiped out, save a few hyper rich families.

The family unit is still alive only through the great will and perseverance of those who still believe in it.

The government has long since withdrawn its support for these ancient ideals.

Pete Patriarch highlighted a news story last month that has largely been a non-story in terms of the national media...but he made a great point about this story that shows just how badly the feminists have screwed men with their misandrous child support, alimony and no-fault divorce laws, driving some to lash back with extreme behavior...

When a man controls his wife's finances, its domestic violence.

When a woman controls her husband's finances, its child support or alimony and it is business as usual.

Another blogger who was influential to me when I first began blogging myself, went by the name" Rebel Against the Feminazi Blitzkrieg." He has since changed his blog name to "Truth For Men." I liked his original name better though, which is why I never changed the name in my blog roll. :)

Anyhow, Rebel has been blogging about MRA issues for awhile now, but one of his posts that I always remembered was written shortly after Michael Noer caused a minor kerfluffle when he penned his article, Don't Marry A Career Woman. Rebel went on to make his own blog post, describing a host of other types of women men should avoid, should they consider risking their lives in the game of modern Russian Roulette we call "marriage."

First - let me restate a basic premise: Men, if you feel you must marry, do not marry a woman who places the marriage itself any lower then #1 on her list of priorities. Even as far as Children go, their needs should be the #1 focus of the marriage partnership - but the partnership needs to be preserved. Your children will grow up. Being their caregiver is temporary. After they are gone - what are you left with?

So despite the misinformation spread around Mr. Noer’s article, what he is saying is “Never marry a woman whose career is the most important thing in her life.”

So - what other types of women should men avoid?

Rebel goes on to list and profile the following types of toxic women to avoid: The Feminsit (obviously), The Sexual Neurotic, The Professional Dater, The Single Mother, The Cheater, The Post-Abortionette, The Biological Clock-Watcher, The Bi-Sexual, The Body Issue Babe, The Goddess Worshipper, Nitro-Women, and the Jockette.

Funny thing is, once you read through all of Rebel's profiles of toxic women, one realizes that it encompasses most modern western women of the day. In other words, finding a Western woman suitable for marriage is increasingly rare in this age of Matriarchy.

My final MRA Blogger I'd like to highlight is the Outcast Superstar. Outcast's blog is a virtual cornucopia of MRA-related resources. He's painstakingly written synopsis' of a wide variety of MRA related books...not just quick ones, but often chapter by chapter reviews of some great books. He's also created an archive for some of the more prolific MRA blog readers' comments...people like "Christopher in Oregon" and "Anonymous 65" who don't have their own blogs, but contribute to the MRA blogosphere with well thought out and comprehensive comments.

Outcast has recently started a website and forum called "Happy Bachelors" so he hasn't been blogging much lately...but his last blog post, Thank You American Women! I couldn't have done it without you! contains a brief history of how he came to be an MRA, and it also has links to all of the indexes of commentary and book chapter synopsis' he's done. are some other powerful reading materials I have read or wrote.

From Courtship to Courtroom (What Divorce Law is Doing to Marriage Index)

Cultural Devastation of American Women index

The Manipulated Man Index

Sex Ploytation (How Women Use Their Bodies to Extort Money from Men) Index

Predatory Female Index

Frauds and Scams Index

American/Western Women Behavior and Confessions Index


Misc/Other Index

Words of Wisdom from Anonymous 65 Index

Christopher from Oregon’s Comments Index

Each one of these entries in this post is, in it's own way, what I would consider to be "Essential Reading" for anyone who wants to learn all about what MRA is all about.


Anonymous said...

Great tribute HL - these were the constellations in my sky when I started taking an interest in other men's experiences as well. I would have also added Harry, ACLAF and Davout.

Rob Case

julie said...

This post HL, will go down in history. You are really stepping up to the plate. Well done.

It is also a great reminder for me to check things out and stay on track myself. Thanx for writing it and for the time it put into the pictures. (if you call them that)

It is easy to get lost sometimes.