Monday, September 10, 2007

End Paternity Fraud: Mandatory DNA Testing for All Live Births

One of the greatest injustices that regularly happens in the United States of Matriarchal America (USMA), is Paternity Fraud. Reading Angry Harry today brought me to this article written by Lea Anna Cooper in the American Chronicle, Paternity Fraud Will Punish the Blameless.

What kind of a country or judicial system can condone deception, trickery, betrayal, unfaithfulness, adultery and all within the sanctity of marriage?

The kind of country in which misandrist feminists have lobbied successfully for 30+ years to codify and legislate favorable treatment for one gender.

The kind of country in which lawyers and members of the Family Court system make entire careers, thriving off of the bitter fruits of broken families.

The kind of country that enforces contracts and penalizes parties for breeching their contractual agreements...except for the most fundamental of all contracts, the marriage contract.

So what's the solution to this particularly egregious act of fraud and deceit?

I would propose a congressional bill to be brought forward in Washington, D.C., which would take affect immediately upon passing. I believe it would be fair for ‘mandatory DNA testing’ with all new births. It would prove to be less expensive and far less explosive in the long term.

Though I am fundamentally a Libertarian in political philosophy, and having mandatory DNA tests for all live births strikes me as another hall mark of an overbearing, intrusive government, it might be one of the few short term measures that could be realistically passed and work to immediately aid in preventing the kind of fraud regularly committed by conniving women on unsuspecting innocent men.

The current system of divorce, family court custodial rulings, child support agencies and law enforcement have grown into a behemoth of bureaucracy that acts as a cancer on the state of the American Family, and it is a behemoth that is always seeking more men to feed on to continue to grow. Of course, this is achieved by the continual perpetuation of the "single mother-as-martyr"stereotype, victimized by the "deadbeat father" caricature.

As Cooper points out in her excellent article,

What justice is there for a man, when women are provided with ‘free counsel’ to obtain a financial reward for ‘fraud?’


julie said...

Hi HL, great article.

Do you want the good news first or the bad news first.

I will give the good news first. If enough pressure is put on Governments either for father's rights or for tax payers rights, this law will come into effect. I say tax payers because it is a lot cheaper to DNA test all babies at birth en mass than it is to do it one at a time when women on the DPB give DNA because they pay (Govt) yet the father pays for himself.

The bad news is that the Government has no interest what-so-ever to bring this bill forward. Children's welfare comes first and the definition of a father is anyone who lives with the child and acts as a father. In fact, just being at the birth makes a male a father. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought there was some hope that the Government would care. Been there, done that.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post HL, on an issue that is fast becoming a defining one for men's rights.

Paternity fraud is deceit bankrolled by the state. Governments that think the matter isn't important aren't seeing how much the average man is holding the state's authority in absolute contempt.

Why respect a court that is party to fraud? Why revere law when it bears no resemblance to justice? Why condemn any criminal when the judiciary that convicts him colludes with other criminals?

The state better get wise, or get another job. It doesn't have a choice in the matter.

Rob Case

Keoni Galt said...

julie - I have no illusions about the government "caring." The only thing government cares about is to continually grow and expand it's reach and scope...and the child support industry doesn't care if a man is innocent or not, only that their is a child or children in their name for which the government can rope him into wage slavery to continue funding those agencies.

Rob - I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the state to get wise...

Thanks for the comments kiwis! :)

Anonymous said...

Children need their NATURAL fathers. We all know the problems that adopted kids have - they just don't fit and have very troubled teenage years... simply because they 'know' they don't fit.

Pregnant in grade school!
There are fundamental genetic reasons for this... for example girls who grow up with a man who is NOT their natural father reach puberty too early. Often these innocent girls reach puberty in Primary School! They are 5 times more likely to become pregnant as teenagers...

What about the medical needs? When today's Stem Cell research becomes tomorrow's life-saving medicine, kids will need their NATURAL FAMILIES for gene therepies, even for blood transfusions and transplants.

Childrens innocence and health is damaged by PATERNITY BETRAYAL

Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the Fed Gubmint will not see the passage of such bill as in its own best interest. The status quo permits this type of fraud because in the long run, the gubmint don't have to pony up the cash for welfare, it just need to stick someone with the bill. As for state, the welfare money needs to come from somewhere, bastardy be damn, they will have you pay for the kid, no matter the paternity.

As long as the current system feeds money into the gaping maw of the matriarchal welfare state, no change will come. The momentum to change must be huge, undeniably huge, for them to even considering establishing paternity with DNA before sticking you with child support payment.

ChicagoMan said...

No problem guys. We can figure other ways around this little problem.

If testing ever becomes illegal, mark my words I will start providing it at cost for "entertainment purposes"

I have my PhD, setting this up is really not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

Mandatory DNA testing isn't needed to correct this problem. A much easier fix could be used.

The Federal government need only pass a law stating that if man can prove non-paternity via DNA testing he can end his child support obligation immediately and sue the mother for the amount of child support he payed out, plus interest, plus any non-economic damages such as mental anguish.

Also make lieing to the father for the purposes of collecting child support criminal concealment and have it carry the same penalties as lieing to the government about a childs paternity or maternity for the purpose of collecting government benefits.

That way if you don't want to know then you don't have to. But if you're unsure and want to know the truth you can find it out and justice can be served.