Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Captain Zarmband Returns!

Thanks to Davout for bringing this to my attention...

It appears that the good Captain is back in business, this time with his own website: CaptainZarmband.com.

Captain says he's got an interesting and amazing story about why he suddenly quit his blogger account, deleted all the archives and "disappeared" for a bit.

Can't wait to find out why...and perhaps he will give us some insight as to why he and a few other UK based MRA bloggers seemed to go offline around the same period of time this past summer.

Welcome Back Captain!

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MikeeUSA said...

"Do you think we live in a democracy?

Think again!"

We do live in a democracy: one where women can vote. Women are the majority.

Democracy with women is the problem.

Men can never be free in the company of freewomen.