Friday, September 28, 2007

More MRA Reading: The War Against Patriarchy

When I first began this blog, I had been inspired by a number of MRA readings, and probably the most influential was Dr. Daniel Amneus' two books, The Garbage Generation and The Case For Father Custody.

At that time, I did a little more searching for other writings by Amneus, and found references to an article called "The War Against Patriarchy." However, whenever I tried to find it, any links or references I found for it never connected to the article itself.

After awhile, I forgot about it.

However, reading Rob Fedder's No Ma'am blog and his review of "The Case for Father Custody" the other day, I remembered that I never found that article, so I did another search for it today, and voila!

After reading it, I'm sure glad I found it! It offers the perfect synopsis of the main arguments he expounds upon in greater detail in The Garbage Generation and The Case For Father Custody. It can be read relatively quickly (compared to the two previously mentioned books -- it is a long article) and contains the main points, and is a great "introductory" reading to share with other people who are ignorant of what the MRA movement is all about.

I won't excerpt too much here...because if you haven't by now, you should definitely read the whole thing. Nevertheless, here's one cut that sums up the entire basis for Amneus' arguments:

The woman's primary contribution to the marriage is her willingness to share her reproductive life with a man and thereby enable him to have a family. The woman's willingness to make this offer and the man's willingness to make the complementary offer to love, honor, protect and provide for the resulting family are what make civilization and social stability possible. The condition of the ghettos shows what happens when the marriage contract becomes meaningless or irrelevant. The new law makes the woman's offer to share her reproductive life meaningless by declaring that she may renege on her offer at any time she chooses. It makes her a moral minor who cannot enter into a stable and enforceable contract upon which a man--and society--can depend. Granting the woman the right to renege on her contract makes the contract worthless and deprives the woman of most of her bargaining power in the marriage marketplace. It is hard to imagine anything more damaging to society--or to women.

Of course, those of us who are aware of the consequences like social chaos, generational poverty and increased crime and social pathology, correctly look at the state of affairs and realize that what Amneus writes is truth.

Then never forget that the feminists look at the casualties of the war against patriarchy -- the millions of divorces, broken homes, emotionally scarred children, alienated fathers, rampant promiscuousness, millions of aborted fetuses and a society coarsened and cheapened with rampant sexualization of our mothers, sisters and daughters -- and they call it "progress."


Anonymous said...

Excellent reference HL.

It's heartening to see so much material appearing, and all of it saying much the same thing - namely that while Patriarchy may be unnatural, so too is agriculture, clothing and hygiene.

MikeeUSA said...

The women are trying to shut me / my blog down now: