Monday, July 30, 2007

Patriarchy > Matriarchy

The roots of feminism have penetrated so deeply into the soil of Western society, it seems at times that the Patriarchal system that gave us the most prosperous civilization in human history is already lost. How can one combat what has become mainstream, conventional wisdom that is commonly accepted by 99% of the population?

The following are two articles that are seeking to address the problems of entitlement programs (i.e. socialism) being funded by the current work force's taxes, and the declining birthrates throughout the entire Western world. Notice how both authors fail to connect the dots with regards to feminism's radical altering of society and the results they engender:

The Cry Should Go Up in Europe: More Babies, Please!

Are Children a Public Good?

Both article recognize the problem and that inevitably the systems of socialist entitlement will no longer work as the baby boomer generation ages and their entitlement benefits are greater than the money being collected from the smaller generations of workers.

The problems are two-fold: the war on the nuclear family, and the idea that Government is the solution to the problem...when in fact it is Government that has caused all these problems to begin with! Or more accurately...Government corrupted by the Tyranny of the Petticoat, a.k.a. Feminism.

At a time when we – I mean, anyone over 35 – are all horribly conscious that there won’t be enough taxpayers to support us in gin and cigarettes in our old age, the very last thing we need to worry about is excess population growth. On the contrary: as seen from the dinner party circuit, the real crisis is the difficulty for female graduates in getting anyone to breed with. Forty per cent of women graduates don’t have a single baby at the age of 35.

Funny, isn't it? The pro-Socialists worked tirelessly to make the masses in the West accept government entitlement programs...and often times, these were the same people that supported and promoted the modern feminist zeitgeist that all women should attend college and build careers instead of marrying young and raising families. In effect, the people behind the current state of affairs, built a house of cards in their entitlement system of retirement, and the foundation was rooted in the next generation's taxes...but their promotion of feminist ideals also resulted in birth rates that simply don't provide enough workers to sustain the system they set up!

The pertinent question is, was this done on purpose...or are the pro-socialist/pro-feminists just that stupid? Useful idiots, indeed.

As MRA blogger No Ma'am chronicles, the brilliantly conceived cultural assault on the West promulgated by the Frankfurt School masterminds exploited women and feminists as the ideal useful idiots to destroy the West from within.

To those of us that see the bigger picture, it all adds up perfectly, doesn't it? Connect the dots...

1) Give women the right to short order, the focus of government as a limited entity that exists to maintain freedom for the citizenry is turned into a nanny state behemoth by women voters that value security over liberty. John Adams was right to oppose women's suffrage, as we now see just how the Tyranny of the Petticoat is the antithesis to freedom.

2) Promote the destruction of the nuclear family - change marital laws so that women have incentives to leave the fathers of their children and live off of the public sector if they are poor, or force the father through government coercion to subsidize the destruction of his family.

3) Push women into the workforce and encourage them to avoid getting married and having children until they have built a career...when they are past their prime years of fertility and are only able to have one or two children at most, and then have day care and Government propaganda institutions (a.k.a. public schools) raise them while she seeks "validation" in the world of work.

4) When the entitlement programs face pending insolvency because there are not enough workers to pay for the promised entitlements, import a foreign born workforce.

5) Encourage these foreign born workers to avoid assimilation. Any attempts to stop illegal immigration or to promote the idea that newcomers to the West should assimilate is branded "racism."

Yet the author of the column can write about this agenda's implementation while failing to connect the dots:

Don’t they realise that there are only two classes in Britain for whom three or more children are an option – the rich, for whom mortgages don’t matter, and the poor, whose children are supported by the benefit system? The increase in the birth rate this year was largely accounted for by immigrants and older, richer mothers. One reason why there's such resentment – articulated by the Labour minister Margaret Hodge – among white working-class Britons about asylum-seekers with children getting social housing ahead of them is that the system seems to discriminate against couples who postpone having children until they can afford them in favour of ethnic minority communities with large families.
Seems to? It DOES. This is done by design! The Cultural Marxists plans are being effected to perfection!

Thus, the cultural building blocks of civilized society have been compromised. The first attack was disrupting the nuclear family structure that transmit the cultural values of preceding generations. Women are encouraged to be selfish and pursue material gains and power instead of nurturing children - this is called "empowerment" and "equality."

Import a foreign born working class to prop up the entitlement socialist schemes, and encourage them to balkanize themselves and avoid assimilation at all costs (If you would like to proceed in English, press 1; Para proceder en español, prensa 2...).

As the cultural disarray continues, we are headed further and further down the path of Matriarchal oppression.

All of this can actually be expressed in a simple mathematical formula:

If Feminists = Useful Idiots, than: Cultural Marxists + Useful Idiots + Socialism + (Immigration - Assimilation) = The Decline of Western Civilization

It's time to return to the original equation that gave us the Cultural Society of Western Civilization...

Patriarchy > Matriarchy


Unknown said...

Women got the vote in most Western countries about the same time as men who didn't own land did. So universal suffrage was more about giving the vote to the landless, rather than the female.

What I can't help wondering, is why did women take so long to turn their vote into feminism? Why wait up to 80 years before electing more than a handful of women?

In fact, women, like men, were pretty politically disengaged until the 1960's.

The decade that brought in television. The decade government, corporations and busy-bodies walked into everyone's homes in the form of a little innocuous box.

And it's still there, glapping away at us, telling us that Domestic Violence, Rape, Child Abuse, Women's Health and Women's Pay are the only issues that matter.

Just how dumb are we, really?

Anonymous said...

One interesting contradiction with step 5 is that they actively discourage assimilation while at the same time actively embrace globalization. They want Americans in general to embrace multi-culturalism, the other is better than the familiar. They encourage looking to Socialist European governments for guidance in our legal system(see supreme court case Lawrence v Texas).
This is also seen with their statements "Act Locally, Think Globally" which really goes against self-reservation and doing what it best for one's own family, and would further erode our own culture as a result.

I really enjoy your blog by the way!

jpbenney said...
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jpbenney said...

Pat Buchanan in The Death of the West says the Frankfurt School developed their tactics because the working class was to socially conservative.

However, if you actually look through biographies of people born in the half-century before Lukács' plan, what one sees is a consistent pattern among families of every class involving liberal, even radical fathers and pious, ultraconservative mothers.

It often seems as if women, even without the vote, were what prevented socialist revolution occurring in Western Europe. If this is correct, the Left would have concluded women were naturally socially ultraconservative and their radical masculinisation was necessary to permit the changes the Left wanted. Whether they knew suffrage, by requiring women to be more judgmental than compassionate, would achieve this masculinisation, is far from certain but certainly possible.